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A crucial area of study, the extreme importance of communications has been evident throughout the ages.
Covering a wide range of aspects, our school offers a pleasant variety of courses based in communications.
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Caro Communications was appointed in 2006 to promote the Savill Building and has since worked carefully to establish Glenn Howells Architects’ London base without losing sight of the practice’s strong links and presence in Birmingham.
Our high profile campaign to launch the Savill Building, a structure defined by a delicately undulating timber roof that stands in Windsor Great Park, culminated in the building being shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2007. Since then, Caro Communications has continued to sustain the practice’s profile commercially as well as supporting Glenn Howells to contribute to the London architectural community within professional organisations such as the BCO, RIBA and New London Architecture. Housed in the former home of Central St Martins School of Arts and Design, The Saint Martins Lofts development is a joint venture between property developers Aquila House Holdings and Noved Property Group. Working with a focused group of high-end media in consumer and trade sectors to generate awareness, Caro Communications has been instrumental in creating a network of cultural and interiors advocates and collaborators for the project.
The Sir John Soane’s Museum approached us in 2013 to help connect its core message with a wider, culturally engaged audience. Established by Marc Peridis, creative director of the design studio Montage,this six-floor Victorian townhouse in the heart of London’s Soho is a centre for distinctive design narratives bringing together handpicked pieces from international design studios. Caro Communications was commissioned to launch 19 Greek Street as the capital’s hub for craft, excellence and socially responsible design, and its director, Marc Peridis, as a spokesperson for design and sustainability.
In 2013 Heal’s underwent an extensive rebranding led by new chairman Will Hobhouse, and Caro Communications was asked to help repositioning the 200-year old retailer by attracting new and established customers to the store. Alongside using Will Hobhouse as spokeperson at a series of lunches and dinners with key editors and designers, we communicated core messages to the media in the approach to the official launch during London Design Festival, for which we coordinated a party for 200 press, opinion formers and press, a collaboration with the Evening Standard.

We also presented key buyers as experts to the media, enhancing Heal’s public profile as a place for carefully curated product ranges, and used other launches and collaborations, such as Heal’s Discovers, to generate regular news stories resulting in greater footfall and maintained interest in the store. As always, we did not simply provide press support but helped to further develop various initiatives with exhibitors and media titles from the Blueprint Awards through to the Architects’ Journal’s Something to Sit On competition, which invited architects to come up with chair concepts for Tacchini and Modus. Such was the prominence of 100% Design that the London Design Festival chose its calendar dates to benefit from the UK’s largest trade design show.
Caro Communications began working with British designer Bethan Gray in 2012 when she was working in high-end design but wanted to move into luxury. Caro Communications was proactive in creating a number of opportunities for Bethan that included collaborating with stone specialists, Lapicida, for Wallpaper Handmade, an annual exhibition in Milan of one-off commissions. In 2013, Bethan Gray was awarded Elle Decoration Best British Designer in its British Design Awards, demonstrating her increased profile and influence in response to the work undertaken over the past year by the agency. In November 2013 Caro Communications was appointed to launch the extraordinary new Terminal 3 of the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport by Studio Fuksas, just three short weeks before the airport opened.
The brief comprised overseeing press trips for the official opening as well as acting as the international press office for all Fuksas Shenzhen airport related enquiries. Our aim was to gain significant coverage in as many regions as possible with specific attention to Europe, South America and the Middle East.
From an airport over 1.5 km long to designs on a considerably smaller scale, Caro Communications was further tasked with promoting a mixture of projects including a range of jewellery and a publication. Critically analyzed first by the Greeks and then by the Romans, communications has grown into a truly expansive subject, extending its influence throughout many other fields of study, from business to linguistics, therapy to economics, forensics to history. Students can look into either survey or more focused courses in the areas of visual and mass communication, which expand upon ethical journalism and advertising, such as electronic technologies like the computer, television, and radio.
From short-term options, such as one month Summer and January Intersession programs, to semester and academic year programs of study, students are certain to find a program that suits their specific needs, budgets and interests. Their current CMO, Mark Greatrex, is a firm believer in a strong analytical approach to marketing.
To learn about our customer success stories, browse our Case Study library or sort by keyword, industry, or capability. High-profile coverage secured by Lovell in regional and national publications generated calls, emails and the attention we wanted.
Our fun and engaging video lessons are the easiest way to learn workplace communication concepts.
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Founding Director, Glenn Howells, plays a prominent role in the city not only as an architect but also as an ambassador for the West Midlands, Chair of the IKON Gallery and of Made (Midlands Architecture in the Designed Environment) and is more broadly an advisor to Birmingham Council.
This gateway to the park attracts more than half a million visitors a year, twice as many as expected when the Crown Estate commissioned the building in 2006.
We have promoted a range of high profile projects including the inspiring Triangle housing development in Swindon for Kevin McCloud’s Hab Housing development company, the highly sustainable Severn Trent Water’s new headquarters in Shropshire, and the National Arboretum project currently in progress in Staffordshire. Caro Communications was brought in to develop a PR campaign raising awareness of the development in property and lifestyle press in the UK and internationally, with a particular focus on audiences representing prospective buyers. Positive publicity surrounding the unveiling of a building wrap, designed by Rebecca Hendin and celebrating the building’s ongoing status as a cultural landmark, was a highlight in the first stage of the strategy.

Our focus was on storytelling, craft and social responsibility, which we communicated through a broad range of initiatives. Thevent was complemented by a major press and influencers lunch at the Marc Jacobs cafe in Milan, and a press and consumer launch party in the evening. Starting as PR support for clients such as Bute Fabrics, SCP and Dornbracht, in 2000 we took over PR for the entire event.
We stepped down in 2008 due to management changes but were reappointed in 2012 following the Media 10 buyout, and visitor numbers reached a record high of 27,033 in 2013. We devised a strategy to debut her G&T collection, which included the launch of her eponymous brand at Clerkenwell Design Week. This project catapulted Bethan Gray into high-end media and exposed her to new markets in the US. This demanded the immediate creation of an international press campaign and set up of in-depth features on both the airport and the practice. Caro Communications was successful in achieving 188 pieces of coverage, comprising six front covers and items appearing in every continent and across a total of 34 countries. The resulting publicity focused more on the people behind the projects, gaining coverage in UK based publications including Telegraph Luxury, Blueprint and Alto Magazine. Especially in the Renaissance of Italy and then in the North, with the introduction of the printing press and the consequent outpouring of books and other literature, mass communications catapulted this art to an unforeseen importance in the world. Documentary photography, visual semiotics, and public relations are treated as highly communicative tools, and film - both Italian and international - is an object of great critical and analytical attention. Named the #1 CMO in America for a private company by ExecRank, Greatrex reached out to Marketing Evolution, having worked with them previously when he was the SVP of Global Still Beverages at Coca-Cola. Caro Communications has worked hard to achieve substantial profiles of Glenn Howells in Building, Property Week and the Financial Times, maintaining a balance of the practice’s important role in Birmingham whilst ensuring the work of the practice in London has equal exposure.
Maximising exposure on the cultural heritage and astonishing array of Central St Martins alumni, Caro Communications has been pivotal in coordinating press activities with Jones Lang LaSalle and Foyles PR. In addition to more traditional media liaison, Caro Communications has developed a sophisticated social media presence and advised on the content of The Saint Martins Lofts website.
Through a series of networking and press events, high-profile collaborations, and wider reaching media exposure, Caro Communications is involved in the shaping of the museum’s public profile to peers, patrons and the public. From organising a high-profile launch party during the London Design Festival in collaboration with Wallpaper, to press breakfasts and private views of the many and varied exhibitions, Caro Communications delivered a highly successful and targeted campaign. Between 2000 and 2008 we developed the show, which expanded into two halls with the launch of two new sister shows, 100% Light and 100% Detail, as well as launching 100% East which went on to become Tent.
We also steered the development of her acclaimed exhibition, Inside Design, by introducing Bethan Gray to Professor Catherine McDermott, Kingston University’s Director of Curating Contemporary Design; the resulting student workshop created the show’s narrative. The press interest generated around the exhibition Alan Sorrell: A life reconstructed, charting the oeuvre of early 20th century artist Alan Sorrell, for example, brought to the museum a recognition never before achieved, and reached out to new audiences, increased footfall, and put the museum firmly on the map of London’s top cultural venues. We generated significant social media interest in the exhibition through inviting more than 20 design bloggers on a personal tour led by Bethan Gray.

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