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1)     Improve on general skills you have always been meaning to work on.  Whether it’s public speaking or becoming a better writer, summer is a great time to start improving on it without classes to distract you.
According to a 1978 psychology experiment, changing environments makes the brain more alert since it’s not used to the new surroundings.  Thus, since the brain is more “awake” your mind is more focused, making studying more productive. You’ve been studying for a while now and have been really productive.  However, you just have one last chapter of that physics book to cover, but all of a sudden you don’t feel like doing it and think I’ll just comeback to it later. Times New Roman is the fastest font to read.  So change a web article to Times New Roman if you’re short on time and want to read an article quickly. You’re 50% more likely to remember something if you read it out loud rather than reading it over and over again. If you’ve felt this fear and loathing toward reading you may be experiencing what researchers are now uncovering: reading books is getting harder. Maryanne Wolf, a cognitive neuroscientist from Tufts University who is one of the leading experts on reading, suggests we develop our ability to be bi-literate.
Our ability to focus – that’s what (read: NOT multitask with 17 windows open, one of which is playing the latest season of “House of Cards” with your book on your lap and buds in your ear). To create an awareness of the necessity for vigour and efficiency through physical fitness. To develop knowledge and understanding of the requirements for healthy living, nutrition, exercise and relaxation.
To develop knowledge and understanding of skills relating to leisure time activities and of a recreational nature. There will be one written paper of two hours duration carrying 100 marks and Internal Assessment of 100 marks. There will be one written paper of two hours duration carrying 100 marks and Internal Assessment of 100 marks.
Section A : will consist of compulsory short answer questions on Section A of the syllabus.
Section B : Candidates will be required to answer questions on the rules, skills required and the methods of training of any two of the given team games. Candidates will be required to answer questions on the rules, skills and methods of fitness training of any two of the following team games. Cricket, football, handball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball.
Athletics, cricket, hockey, football, handball, volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, yoga, boxing, wrestling, judo and karate, table tennis, kho-kho and kabaddi.
The following tests to evaluate the physical fitness of candidates will be organised and conducted in the presence of the External Examiner. Candidates will be tested in the presence of an External Examiner, in one of the following activities listed below.
Boys – long jump, high jump, hop-step-and-jump, pole vault, shot puts, discus and javelin throw.
Boys – Front roll, back roll, cartwheel, headspring, handspring, handstand, and somersault. Mounts – The straight arm support mount, the squat mount, the one knee mount, and the crotch seat mount.

Boys – The straight arm support, the straddle seat, the back roll to a straddle-seat, the shoulder balance, the single-let flank dismount, the double-leg flank dismount. Girls – The side vault, the squat stand dismount, the straddle vault, the straddle stand, the head spring vault.
Upward swing and dismount, swinging to mount and dismount, swinging and changing hands to face opposite direction. Diving – standing one-leg dive, standing semicrouch dive, standing stationary dive, the front jump dive from the springboard.
Ugrasam, dhamrekhasan, singhasan, ultanmandhukasan, kukutasans, naunli, kapala, bhathi, shavasan, shirashasan, shalabhasan, bakasan and mayurasan.
The teacher(s) will assess the candidates, skill and performance in the two games and activities of their choice. The External Examiner will assess the performance of the candidates in the physical efficiency test in accordance with the Performance Table at Appendix A attached. The External Examiner will assess the performance of the candidates in the activity that they have chosen for specialisation (See (ii) Specialisation Tests) out of 20 marks. The candidates will be assessed in their performance in any two of the events of their choice as given in the syllabus, in accordance with the table attached as Appendix B. The candidates will be assessed in their performance in four exercises, to be nominated by the External Examiner, using any two apparatus of the candidates’ choice. The candidates will be assessed in any two of the events of their choice in accordance with the table given at Appendix D attached.
The candidates will be assessed in any four of the asanas given in the syllabus, to be nominated by the External Examiner. File of CBSE textbooks for class 11 is available at the following link you can download it from here. Other Discussions related to this topic Thread CBSE Textbooks for Class 11 Computer Science CBSE Syllabus Of Class 10 CBSE Textbooks For Class 11 Free Download CBSE Syllabus For Class 2 CBSE Textbooks Class 12 CBSE Notes Class 9 CBSE Class 9th Sample Papers From CBSE Com CBSE Syllabus SA 2 Class 10 CBSE syllabus for class 9th CBSE class x syllabus CBSE News Class X CBSE Publications for Class 10 CBSE publications for class 11 CBSE Results Class 12 Syllabus For CBSE Class IX CBSE Class 9th Syllabus CBSE Books For Class 10 CBSE Textbooks for Class 2 CBSE I Textbooks CBSE paper of class 9 Have a Facebook Account?
Ranging anywhere from teaching kids a new language to building a mobile app, volunteer work and side projects are a great way to spend a summer. While this may not seem “productive” in the regular sense, traveling to different countries can really help you learn and expose you to different cultures.
Taking time to write about how your week or day has been can really help reflect and evaluate what you have been doing this summer and what adjustments or changes you think you need to make during the summer.
Make sure to set check points throughout the summer so you can evaluate whether or not you are getting enough work done.  If you need help reaching them throughout the summer, there’s no shame in asking a parent or a close friend to help you meet these goals.
Online, we know) discusses how our brains have, from the time of papyrus to the printing press, evolved to read linearly on printed sources. Other studies have shown reading comprehension to be greater using printed sources rather than reading text from a screen. Spread of bronchitis, pneumonia, TB, VD, malaria, ringworm, athlete’s foot through contact, droplet infection, flies and other insects. He then dips or lowers the body so that the chest touches or nearly touches the floor, he then pushes back to the starting position by straightening the arms and repeats the procedures as many times as possible.

It should be placed on the floor about 15 cm from a wall so that the subjects will not take a position too far forward. A flat course of 10 meters is required to be measured between two parallel base lines. Behind each base line, as a semicircle 50 cm radius with centre on the base line is required to be marked. Some of you have an internship, research position, or summer job lined up that you are looking forward to, but for many of us, we are still clueless as to what to do this summer.
Once you enter the work force, it can be really hard to find a gap of a couple months to go adventuring. Here are some study tips for you to maximize your time and feel more prepared for the task at hand. Many classes are having midterms as early as next week!  But these next few weeks don’t have to be all study and no fun.  Here are some tips to be more productive when reviewing all the material you have learned so far this quarter. It’s best to just get that little bit of studying done out of the way right there to have a stress free night.
But now, with most of our information coming to us digitally, our brains are yet again adapting.
Since the printed page is not (yet?) obsolete, reading off paper is still a good skill to maintain.
Being able to fight through distractions (which we so often call multitasking because that’s sooo much more productive) and procrastination to accomplish a goal or finish some work is essential to not only college life, but life after graduation. Timings to be taken to the nearest tenth of a second (weather should be relatively windless without extremes of temperature). The girl should grasp the outer edges of the bench, or stool, at the nearest corners and assume the front-leaning rest position, with the balls of her feet on the floor and with her body and arms forming a right angle. Getting so used to skimming and scanning screens for key info, 140 character tweets, or blog posts riddled with ads fighting for your attention, people are now finding themselves having serious difficulty sitting down and reading from printed sources for any significant length of time. Turn off your phone, close the laptop, and find a nice place to sit and read that book your professor assigned.
Outline only in the change and composition of blood as it passes through the wall of the small intestine, liver, lungs, muscles, kidneys and skin. After making a preliminary swing with the arms, the candidate swings them forward vigorously, springing with both feet simultaneously to land as far forward as possible. She should then lower her body so that the upper chest touches the near edge of the bench or stool, then raise it to a straight arm position as many times as possible. Until reading is as pointless as your appendix, better keep that vestigial skill well-polished. The candidate then repeats the procedure with the second block. The time to the nearest tenth of a second is to be taken till the second block is grounded in the starting semicircle. If the body sways or arches, of if the subject does not go completely down or does not push completely up, half credit is given up to 4 half credits.

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