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In the meantime, if packing up your childhood room, making countless runs to IKEA, and scrutinizing your new roommate on Facebook sounds familiar, then this is the blog post for you.
No knickknacks a€“ not your trophy from the 11th grade science fair, not your signed poster of Justin Bieber, or your first edition book collection.
You're going to meet a lot of people, from all over the country, much less the world, and it's going to be overwhelming, riveting, maybe nerve-wracking, but all in all, fun.
Getting too entrenched in an academic discipline early on may narrow your options when it comes time to finding a major.
What they dona€™t tell you when it comes time to choosing courses is that the professor matters, above all.

Perusing a course catalog, you might choose your courses based on how they fit in your schedule, or based on subject matter.
Keep in mind that in a month, youa€™ll ask yourselfa€¦a€?Why was I so nervous about starting college?
Those factors are important, but the secret to a fantastic academic experience is the teacher. Bloopers are the tales of triumph and catastrophe that come from our early college years a€“ inevitable, joyous, unforgettable. Before signing up for a course, talk to an upper classmen about his or her favorite teacher.

But stay true to yourself! You don't want to be the person with a rap for two-facedness or binge-drinking a week into your college career.

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study skills college level uk

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