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ON COURSE: STRATEGIES FOR CREATING SUCCESS IN COLLEGE AND IN LIFE, STUDY SKILLS PLUS EDITION was created for educators who would like to promote student growth and self-awareness, while providing more extensive instruction in study skills.
ON COURSE: STRATEGIES FOR CREATING SUCCESS IN COLLEGE AND IN LIFE, STUDY SKILLS PLUS, 3rd Edition, empowers you with the tools you need to take charge of your academic and lifelong success. Skip Downing is an international consultant in the field of faculty development and student success strategies. Study Skills Summer Course If you have met your English language requirements for your degree programme but still wish to further develop your study skills and academic English, you may wish to consider taking our two week Study Skills Summer Course (also known as Pre-sessional Course E ).
If you are a current international student and would like support with your English, please click here. If you are a current home student and would like support with your English, please click here. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Downing's powerful guided journal entries have been retained from the original ON COURSE text to encourage students to explore essential life skills such as personal responsibility, self-motivation, interdependence, and self-esteem.
Dyslexia Action is the working name for Dyslexia Institute Limited, a charity registered in England and Wales (No. A self-assessment at the beginning of the text helps you identify behaviors and beliefs you may wish to change in order to achieve more of your potential in college and in life.

The Study Skills Plus Edition engages students in a learner-centered construction of study skills knowledge, and gives students practice in applying empowerment strategies. Through short articles and distinctive guided journal entries, the author encourages you to explore and develop eight keys to your success: personal responsibility, self-motivation, self-management, interdependence, self-awareness, lifelong learning, emotional intelligence, and self-esteem.
Downing has earned degrees from Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Santa Monica, and Carnegie Mellon University. The 2nd edition highlights the very process of learning how to solve academic challenges with improved study skills. As you develop these skills, you'll find yourself making more effective choices and achieving greater success.
Students engage in critical and creative problem solving that will enable them to achieve greater success in all parts of their lives.
The 2nd edition also features expanded coverage of diversity, emphasizing the many ways in which people are different and how these differences often influence the choices they make. As you learn these new strategies, you'll have the opportunity to practice applying them to solve academic challenges.
Other new topics include a discussion of academic integrity, how to thrive in the college culture, and a research-based section on the importance of developing a growth mindset. With improved critical and creative problem-solving, you'll be able to achieve greater success in all parts of your life.

Downing created and coordinated BCCC's Student Success and Learning Community Programs.
Plus, a new Annotated Instructors Edition guides instructors to relevant exercises and materials in the ON COURSE FACILITATOR'S MANUAL. These programs teach students how to apply proven success strategies to achieve their full potential in college and in life. The College Success Program resulted in a significant increase in both student academic success and retention. Downing has made numerous presentations at national conferences and conducted faculty development workshops at many two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands. Downing's teaching, writing, and consulting are all guided by his belief that the greatest mission of any educational institution is to empower its students to live rich, fulfilling lives. Since 1996, he has facilitated the On Course Workshops, intensive four-day retreats for college educators focusing on proven strategies for helping students become active, responsible partners in their education and achieve greater success in college and in life.

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