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I’ve recently come across a 2013 study which aimed to compare the efficiency of different study techniques.They evaluated whether the benefits of the techniques generalised across learning conditions, student characteristics, materials, and criterion tasks.
Believe it or not, you do not have to stay away entire night studying to get the grades you want. Holistic learning is the process of organizing the information you gain into easy-to-recall patterns rather than cramming at the last minute or memorizing everything bit by bit. It can be tough to memorize abstract ideas since they are so removed from the average human being’s senses. Remember that the metaphors and packets of information you organize in your mind should be connected to something else. Find patterns in the information you study, since they help make it easier to organize and identify connections linking different ideas and topics.
Models, in this case, are concepts that help you describe abstract ideas, even if they are entirely true or accurate.
It may feel nice to have a notebook or textbook with well-organized notes, but what is the point if you do not understand it?
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Well my honey is making his way through the first year of med school, and I do NOT envy him his workload. Another method that works really well for a lot of the study groups is to take turns being the teacher. The group gets the benefit of going over notes again, while the teacher gets to really focus on wrapping his or her mind around their teaching topic. While group and partner studying are both awesome ways to dig deeper into material, you first need to have the foundation of solo-study. A new tip we picked up from a second year med student this year was to DIY a whiteboard (shown above!). Even if you aren’t a science student, this could be a great tool for brainstorming essay ideas, diagramming sentences, time-lining historical events, and making a note-to-self so you retrieve laundry before it gets stolen.
That picture you have is absolutely fantastic for explaining glycolysis with ATP and pyruvate. Here in the Netherlands we don’t have to understand the ATP-cycle that good, but it comes close.

A study by Edgar Gale suggests that we retain 90% of what we teach in comparison to 10% of what we read.
I read this article because as a Biology Major, many of my fellow students are going to med school, or Physician’s Assistant school, or just grad school in general, so I was curious to see how accurate you were, and even as undergrads (although seniors) we as a class have utilized all of these techniques.
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Final exams are approaching and if you didn’t do well on your mid-terms, your final chance for getting a good grade is your final exam.
In this article, you will find ten successful studying tips that will help you study more and study better while saving time.
By arranging information in a way that everything interconnects with each other, you will be able to see the entire picture rather than just small parts or concepts. You can, however, come up with images, thoughts and pictures that relate to the information in order to bring them closer.
Leaving out information or keeping some ideas separate will not help you remember them on exam day.
This will help you become more flexible when finding patterns and creating metaphors for new topics.
Instead of doing this, interlink the ideas that come to you as you study and then recap everything the day before, rather than learning from scratch.
Create an experience or an image in your model and reference it when you try to understand abstract concepts. For tips about how to study on your own, check out these memory tips and consider these thoughts on how to kickstart your study habits. It shouldn’t cost you more than $10 for a huge sheet of it (enough to cover like 4 standard sized desks!). Plus I read at a useful time I have finals in a few weeks and I need all types of study techniques and all those sounded great. My roomate and I are studying the same materials so we are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. It is especially great that there are nine of us (small school) in every single class together, so we always have at least one person to study with.

I only began to study this way this year, and I really wish I had studied much more efficiently earlier on. Many textbooks have a website where you can do extra curricular activities to help with studying. Before that, however, let’s take a quick look at a highly-effective form of studying- holistic learning. If you encounter ideas and concepts too complex, think of an analogy that ties to this idea to help you understand better.
Do not worry about making a mess, just focus on getting the ideas from the books and notes into your mind. They discuss problems, hypotheses, and questions together, go over anything confusing from lecture and of course mess around cracking jokes and stuff, which helps them all stay sane on full-day study dates. We found a huge sheet of whiteboard at Home Depot and cut it down to fit on our desk (they have a saw available for free there). Many professors talk about new things that aren’t in the text that they will specifically put on your final exam. Reference on idea to explain another and jump sections to make sure you can truly connect between the ideas you have formed.
We got four desk-sized pieces for only 10 bucks, so the extras got passed on to other students. Spending a few minutes teaching a concept to someone can help you more than studying together with him or her for hours. I’m going to try this new study technique with my roomate so hopefully studying for Biology will be a lot less painful!
Essay exams may appear to be harder but can actually be easy if you know what to study for. Essay exams questions usually touch on the main theme or a main part of the course or book.
Multiple choice tests usually have 100 or more questions and will have a mix of easy and difficult concepts.

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