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If you fall down, you treat the failure as a lesson, get up and move towards the next goal. Just think about why some people keep steaming forward – goal after goal, while others just keep stumbling not reaching where they want to be. Without a doubt, self motivation is one of the strongest personal traits you can have behind you in order to achieve success. The stronger you feel you need to achieve a desired state, the stronger your self motivation.
And even better, Dan Pink explains the unseen intrinsic drive at it’s best in the work environment.
Self motivation is really a trait that comes from a strong inner drive towards something better – something more, something higher. Stephen Covey does a great job showing you the skill sets needed for highly effective people (affiliate link opens in a new window) Of his list of 7, I feel 3 of them form the cornerstone of the motivational forces within you. The sharper and clearer you are about your end goal the stronger your desire and motivational forces are within you.

Start peeling away the layers and you’ll be able to identify the traits necessary for strong motivation. About Gary HymanI'm a strategist, coach, and consultant, helping business professionals build a solid online and social media presence. A really useful and thought provoking article, bringing together a number of ideas from a number of sources on this topic.
Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker whose Secret to Success Speech is another speech I am inspired by. It is literally the force that keeps you moving from one goal to the next until you reach your destination. As weird as it sounds, it is rooted in a basic impulse to optimize your own well-being, minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure.
For others it’s a lot of hard work, dedication, and results tempered with self doubt. Basically, being proactive is the single most important determining factor that shows the consequence of your actions.

As long as the end goal has real meaning it should contribute towards your sense of motivation. When you prioritize, plan, and execute against your list of tasks you create a sense of priority. Taking time out to think about what will & how to motivate yourself and others is critical for success.
It’s just a matter of pulling them together in an organized fashion and present them in a way that makes sense to you. Once you ignite your inner fire of desire and focused on your goal, motivation will do the rest.

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success secrets of the motivational superstars pdf

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