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Maturity is not when we start speaking big things, it is when we start Understanding small things..
Have another month until Lap Band Surgery and I'd like for anyone to share their positive experiences with me.  I fully understand the risks to this surgery and had lap rny surgery in 2004 but slowly began to regain.
I'm open minded but please do not share with me your horror stories because I can read some of them openly in the forum, I understand that the results of this surgery are as individual as wel all are so results will vary.  Are you continually losing weight?  How do you stay motivated?  How does your family, friends feel about your success?  Looking for some postive feedback. I have never been a fast loser but I think that has a lot to do with hormonal and isulin resistance issues related to PCOS. I have no doubt there is more, but I can truly say I have no regrets and couldn't be happier with my decision to have the Lap Band surgery. Loved your post, but I wondered how you manage to not let your family know that you had surgery? ObesityHelp is dedicated to the education, empowerment and support of all individuals affected by obesity, along with their families, friends, employers, surgeons and physicians. This ‘mind wandering’ often takes the form of thinking about events that happened in the past, may happen in the future or will never happen at all. Meaning even if you dont choose to track calories, or exercise (which I hear some can pull off) you have to remember to chew well, and eat slowly. Anyway, any tips for when people see you eating DRASTICALLY less at first and say something?

Rather, people in the study were happiest when their minds were focused on the activity of the moment. You may also be one of many who will pretty much be giving up breads and pastas (or eating them only in tiny bites). I have mostly had them gone for 2 years until a recent complete unfill and I can't say that I feel all that bummed about it now that I have been able to eat some of them again, it just becomes a lifestyle change.
I think after 5 years at a lower weight, my body has finally decided that it doesn't want to gain weight like it used to.
I absolutely know that she will take it as a personal affront if I don't pile the food on my plate.
Because you have already been through RNY I won't tell you to research it closely as you probably just need renewed restriction at this point and lap band will probably be perfect for that.  Best of luck!! When I've tried to eat less in the past, she's said, "I guess my food was not to your taste." and hystrianics follow. I am going to paste my blog post of my one year bandiversary (though I am currently 2 years post op). I'm not going to change myself to avoid her dramatics, but I'm afraid I'll say what's truly on my mind and it will hurt my husband.
Now that I feel that I won't put on weight like before the surgery I have eased up a little.

He has a right to his feelings, but I certainly don't want to hurt him, he's a great guy, who doesn't realize how mean and hurtful his mother can be. Engagement FLOW: Becoming more engagedPeople report the greatest satisfaction when they are totally immersed in and concentrating on what they are doing. People who more frequently experience flow are generally happier.Flow = state of intense absorption. Oh, I also want to mention I was in no hurry to lose the weight fast and got the smallest fills possible.
It is an ‘ultimate concern’ that provides a deeper reason for the immediate goals and motives that drive most of our daily behaviour. You go into flow when your highest strengths are deployed to meet the highest challenges that come your way. Actually using signature strengths, however, significantly increased happiness and reduced depression for six months.

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success stories of positive affirmations

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