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Hotter than normal temperatures this summer coupled with higher electric rates mean it's time to reconsider budget billing and especially automatic payments to your favorite electric company.
Expect summer to begin with a series of strong storms before collapsing into hotter-than-normal weather that will drive up your power bills.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Northeast Ohio consumers can expect a hotter summer this year than last, including more muggy nights than a year ago as water-drenched air from the Gulf states floods into the region by mid-summer.
FirstEnergy and American Electric Power each have rate cases pending before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio that would have customers guarantee the survival of their uncompetitive coal-fired power plants through increases in delivery rates.
It's enough to prompt vigilant consumers to reconsider budget billing, which a just-released Duke University study has found actually drives up power consumption and bills because customers appear to be unaware of just how many kilowatt-hours those air conditioning units gobble up. Weather-wise, this summer will be quite a change from the cold spring that has gripped the region and quite a change from a year ago when cooler temperatures kept many home air conditioners idle, and power companies in the doldrums.
AccuWeather released its annual national summer forecast Wednesday morning, which predicts many more 90-degree days than last year, particularly for the East Coast, where residents can expect to swelter this summer.
That average temperature of course will include more 90-degree days than Northeast Ohio saw last summer when reaching 80 degrees was a struggle before nighttime temperatures sagged into the middle 60s.

AccuWeather's forecast coincidentally comes as Durham, North Carolina-based Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy released results of a study of 16-years of budget billing for one of that state's power companies that found budget billing increases consumption -- and monthly bills. The analysis found that households enrolled in budget billing consumed 4 to 6 percent more electricity, low-income households 7 percent more and businesses 8 percent more.
Budget billing is often matched with automated payments as consumers move completely away from writing paper checks, or even clicking payments on-line, leaving them completely in the dark about how much electricity they are consuming. Energy Information Administration as power companies concentrate on rebuilding or expanding transmission lines, and many households will probably face budget-crushing summer cooling bills.
Northeast Ohio probably won't see so much rain overall, but this spring and into early summer, Pastelok thinks there could be a succession of fast-moving storms out of the northwest capable of dumping "a quick 2 inches" of rain on the region from time to time. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC.

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summer business courses nyc

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