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The Summer Principals Academy is proud to announce the establishment of a southern cohort based in New Orleans. The Summer Principals Academy, New York is established at Teachers College, Columbia University.
Long gone are those days of endless hot summers, running around the neighborhood with fudgesicle stained lips until Mom and Dad call you home.
Leadership Fellows have an opportunity to serve in a public sector organization through a summer externship offered with course credit and a scholarship covering the tuition for the externship course and living expenses. The following is one in a series of self-reported descriptions of the fellows' summer employment experiences.

Legal interns in the District Attorney’s office in Guilford County work firsthand in criminal law. I assisted in running the daily docket for district court by calling the docket, issuing continuances, and researching criminal record levels.
Partaking in trials was one of my favorite experiences while I was at the District Attorney’s Office.
Hosted by Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, SPA New Orleans is designed specifically to meet the scheduling needs of the emerging leaders from the southern region.
I was kind of nervous the first day because I did not know anyone, but when I arrived and we were put into our groups, I instantly made three friends.

I interviewed witnesses and officers to assess the situation of the case, then reported the information to the assistant district attorney. Seeing how the court system works is something that can’t quite be described in the classroom.

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