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Below you will find a resume example for an individual with experience in the manufacturing industry. Transferable skills include process improvement, team leadership, inventory management, scheduling, maintenance, root cause analysis and investigations. The experience section lists the tasks for the job with key accomplishments in bullet points such as improving productivity, reducing customer complaints and consolidating suppliers. Extensive experience directing Production, Quality, Safety and Cost Control for large production area. Proven ability to design and enhance processes in support of continuous improvement programs. Managed various root cause failure analysis investigations in response to safety and equipment failures. Excellent interpersonal skills, recognized for seamlessly working with customer teams to identify and resolve quality and process issues.

Expertise in production includes inventory management, safety, quality improvement, operations, scheduling and preventative maintenance.
Demonstrated track record in training, mentoring and motivating teams to improve overall productivity and performance. Resolved customer complaints by visiting client plants and collaborating with engineers to identify cause of issues.
If you are a UVM employee who has had a work-related injury or illness (a condition that develops over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis), report it immediately to your Supervisor. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We offer a PROACTIVE management training series that addresses The Cost of Accidents, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, The New Supervisor and setting, tracking and maintaining goals & objectives.
The summary outlines specific qualifications including the management of production, quality, safety and cost control for chemical manufacturing company.

This helps the Risk Management department to follow up with injured persons swiftly so they can help them get the proper care that they might need.
Other safety and general management topics are also included based on the needs of the organization. A hazard identification workshop is included in the general management and safety training sessions.

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supervisor safety training ppt

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