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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Training in Security has a superb range of SIA licence security training courses throughout the UK.
Courses take place in Liverpool, Manchester,  Nottingham, Reading, Bristol, Brighton, Southampton and Bournemouth. We have been delivering SIA courses since 2003 and know that you will want to deal with a trustworthy, genuine training provider that consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations. Our aim is to help you to maximise your chances of employment, either as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or CCTV Operative. Our training venues are all approved, risk assessed, well equipped and dedicated to your success. Whether you want a security job as Door Supervisor, Security Guard or any other sector, you will need an SIA licence, which you can apply for as soon as you know that you have passed your SIA training qualification. By offering flexibility in courses we are able to create programmes to suit the differing needs of our diverse range of corporate clients. Our most popular corporate course include Conflict Management and CCTV which we can deliver nationwide.
All SIA Training Courses are conducted by qualified professionals with high competency in the field. We have a high pass rate of the multiple choice exams because our SIA training is offered by excellent teachers that understand the needs of the learners. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry. All HP RPAs have over 20 years experience within the field of radiation protection both in this country and abroad.
Under the Private Security Act 2001, anyone wishing to be employed as a Door Supervisor has to be in possession of a licence issued to them by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).This nationally recognised qualification is the industry standard and enables a Door Supervisor to apply for a licence to practice (blue badge). One of the eligibility criteria for licence applicants is that they must hold a relevant and accredited qualification. See all sections of the Supervisor Training CoursesPowerful supervisor training courses delivered in 4-7 minutes by Flash Video, PPT, DVD, or through a Web Course you own and control.
New Supervisor Training CoursesNew supervisor training has one goal--preventing leadership staff from forming bad habits of supervision. Recompression ChamberRecompression Chamber Standards and Operating Procedures used Commercially.
First Aid At Work TrainingFirst Aid at Work Information and details for Training Commercial Divers. ADC and Supervisor TrainingCommercial dive team Supervisor training opportunities at Puffin. Price List and TermsFull Price list for all courses offered by Puffin, and our terms of offer. Commercial Diver Training can be found in many places and at Puffin we train students to the highest of standards.
You will find it hard to find another training provider which is genuinely approved by the SIA offering such great service. We want you to have a fantastic experience from the time that you first contact us through to the day that you receive your SIA licence.
Licence application times vary but generally you should allow about five weeks for the SIA to process your application.

Drawing on the rich diversity of our tutors and specialist knowledge, we are able to satisfy the exact course content needs of clients including schools and colleges, youth services, employment agencies, Local Councils, Solicitors, security companies amongst many others.
Our trainers have sector experience and many still work as a Door Supervisors on a regular basis.
This level 2 qualification is designed for those that want to work in the industry; and is awarded to those who pass all 4 modules. This is precisely what you have been looking for--education for your supervisors focusing on skills and topics you know they have needed for so long. There is no escape from the need to manage employees once a supervisor is hired and handed the job description.
The HSE Scuba Diver course, formerly known as the HSE Part IV is the basic ticket into the commercial scuba world. Our highly experienced SIA trainers believe in only delivering the best when it comes to security training. Phone 1-800-626-4327 to arrange having this product sent to youimmediately for free preview or arrange purchase. From that point forward information and skills, and practical digestible help delivered in an equally digestible fashion is what interrupts the pattern of new supervisors becoming risks to the organization. At Puffin, the course typically ranges from 14 to 21 days in length, meaning that it is completed fairly quickly and allows divers to spend the minimum time out of work training.Our courses are still delivered to a high standard.
Our quality assurance programme means that we are able to provide the best training possible. Depending on format chosen,your supervisors access training anytime, from anywhere easily by going to your website and clicking on the relevant link.
New Supervisor Training should help those who lead understand that isolation comes with the job and brings its own energy-sapping stress.New supervisors often find their jobs lonely and isolating. We follow the PADI route up to and including rescue training, giving the divers a solid foundation in basic dive skills.
You own these educational programs and there are no extra fees, no subscription costs, nothing additional to buy or renew. They may spend theirdays managing crises and solving problems on their own—with little opportunityfor building camaraderie with peers.The stress that accompanies such isolation may not manifest itself as the morecommon type of frantic intensity, but rather a low-level sense of unease andagitation. We then progress on to the Commercial Scuba Diver course, conducted using a full face mask and commercial rig. The student is backed up by a full commercial team including supervisor, tender(s) and standby diver(s). But it’s still stress—and it can still eat away at you.Relief for new supervisors comes from finding safe outlets to share experience, discuss challenges and develop professional skills and knowledge. The course teaches the student not only how to dive as a fully qualified professional, but also how to act in all of the supporting roles that they may be expected to fulfill.Included in the course are Oxygen provision skills - in-depth training on the use and provision of O2 in diving emergencies, as well as First Aid At Work (FAW) which is required by the HSE. New supervisor training and education can help these fresh managers develop these interaction skills.The stress of feeling isolated evaporates if you can meet regularly with other supervisors in a supportive setting.
Eliminate the barrier to easy education and reduce your organization's risk.Preview new supervisor training skills here [See 14 Summaries of Supervisor Training Topics]Have you gasped in disbelief at supervisor missteps and risky practices of supervisors? Contact professional associations, tradegroups or consulting firms that specialize in serving your industry. They may offerroundtable programs—often called peer networks—in which supervisors buildtrusting relationships with their peers in non-competing companies.In most of these discussion groups, you meet monthly with about 10 othersupervisors to exchange ideas and reflect on your experiences. Ideally, you want torecruit a manager who has performed your job successfully for many years. Or you can buy any of these skills separately.Take a look at one of the new supervisor training courses here.

Join business groups such as Toastmasters to develop your public speaking and enroll in professional educational classes.
You'll be able to zip through the entire program to see what's in it, view, and listen to all 14 programs--a total of 200 slides!My name is Dan Feerst, LISW, and I am an employee assistance consultant who has worked in business and industry for over 25 years. After taking tons of notes and watching the same mistakes supervisors make over and over, I produced 14 new supervisory training PowerPoint modules on topics that help companies address the issues with untrained supervisors. In fact, supervisors whose work requires lots of one on-one contact with others (whether employees, colleagues or customers) canexhibit higher pulse readings and blood pressure than those who spend moretime alone. You will quickly have the supervisor training you always wanted, but couldn't find -- right on your Web site.Watch these short, supervisor training modules reduce risk and help prevent missteps in supervision practices.
Getting to know colleagues in otherdepartments not only helps you develop new friendships, but also enables you tofeel more connected to the organization as a whole.2.
They easily upload to your Web site.There are no log-ins, no passwords, no "subscription" costs. By participating in rich, rewarding activities outside of work, you can gain asense of belonging that you can carry over into your job. Spend at least one hourper week socializing in a group that shares an interest in something that you careabout, such as volunteering with a nonprofit organization or joining a bicyclingclub.
And they have sound! "By the way, Dan, I love the vital skills supervisor training course we purchased.
How many supervisors in your organization are trained well to write effective documentation, properly confront employees, resolve conflicts, or prevent workplace violence? What about understanding how to effectively communicate with top management, observe employee performance, or praise and inspire subordinates, or even build a team.The answer is probably very few.
They discover them on the job at great risk to the organization and always by making mistakes. But guess what, mistakes are more costly now than they were in the 50's, 60's 70' or even 80's.
Today a mistake leads to an out of court settlement!  Who can afford this nonsense when the most inexpensive solutions are one click away.
It was not that expensive for us to produce so we don't rip you off with an off the wall high price.Education and prevention are the answer to reducing the risks associated with problematic manager behavior. Here's How the Supervisor Training Courses Work There are 14 Flash videos modules (or other formats) available with this product that tackle the most important supervisor skills, especially the ones new supervisors need to grasp quickly. Just right click and choose "save as" and the button can be kept on your computer until yu are ready to use it. Awesome!Like I said, these skills are great for new supervisors, training new HR managers, and helping you become a better internal consultant. You will advance the learning curve for your supervisors by light years, and you may head off at the pass a costly employment claim.Promote these modules internally to bring supervisors to your Web site. They will be able to visit 24 hours a day and seven days a week--whenever they need the help on the spot. You can't say that about too many of these types of products.Remember, after purchase you own these supervisor training courses and course modules. That will make a the right impression internally.If you had to create or produce these 14 Supervisor Training Courses yourself, it would take forever or you would pay some company an outrageous fee.

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