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To optimize your supply chain management, no doubt you have invested heavily in information technologies over the past decades. Since in all likelihood your competitors are also running similar programs, what can you do to get back in the lead?
Musicians have long known that first rate results are likely if they perform from the same score and play their part to the best of their ability, while carefully listening to each other. Similarly, new media communication technologies can promote goal congruence, align incentives, allow everyone to share knowledge and synchronize decisions to improve final results. Among those who have adopted social media to enhance business processes, GE stands out for the sheer scope of integration it has achieved. Description: GE is such a large and diversified company that it defies succinct portrayals. The integration of this social information technology reduced clerical effort by 30% and saved the company $150,000 per year.
GE has also piloted an internal social media media project, an initiative brought about by Ron Utterbeck, CIO for GE Corporate and the Advanced Manufacturing Software Technology Center in Michigan.
GE Colab began with an introduction to “power users” as a way to speed word of mouth around the enterprise and encourage early high levels of activity.
Harnessing brains, yes, but also fostering good relationships, two good reasons for GE and most any other business to turn to social media for supply chain management. These initiatives are only the tip of the iceberg, GE produces videos and podcasts and engages in several other social media activities. Please feel free to submit your comments on this post or on the use of social media to manage the supply chain in your industry.
Social media can provide information not available through traditional channels, such as early awareness of potential problems, which allows businesses to intervene. A well-connected supply chain increases efficiency and effectiveness through keeping all interested parties aware of progress, changes and problems. Integrated systems and connectivity across the supply chain can save significant time and money. The use of social media connects people more closely, which increases trust, a key factor in developing collaborative communities and good business relationships.
If you have concerns as to the accuracy of anything posted on this site please send your concerns to Peter Carr, Programme Director. This entry was posted in Supply Chain Management and tagged business process improvement, GE, GE Colab, GE Energy, GE Transportation, General Electric, Helene Montpetit, Industrial Internet Predictivity technologies, Jeff Ashcroft, new media communication technologies, Peter Carr, production stages, RailConnect360, Ron Utterbeck, SCI Group, social media, Supply Chain Management, tracing, tracking, University of Waterloo.
The folks at Supply Chain Network believe there are seven activities that companies should focus on to improve their supply chain management.

One of benefits of a good cognitive computing system is that it can ingest and integrate both structured and unstructured data and make sense of it. Cognitive computing systems really shine when it comes to mining gold from unstructured data.
I suspect that social dimension of supply chain management will be tied closely to the Internet of Things, which is going to have a major impact on most of the areas discussed above.
Since the development of the supply chain management concept there has been and still is some discussion on what supply chain management actually includes?
Supply Chain Management is the integration of key busi- ness processes from end user through original suppliers that provides products, services, and information that add value for customers and other stakeholders. The process frontiers between the companies merge into one and with the help of the information flow all processes are managed (figure 1).
To come to a better understanding of supply chain management the authors used an practice oriented approach and conducted a case study of nine supply chains with over 90 in-depth interviews spanning 15 companies.
The Network Structure contains the identification of supply chain members (and non-members), furthermore the structural dimensions of the network in horizontal (number of tiers) and vertical (number of elements in each tier) terms. What are the operational definitions of the key business processes and what are the relationships among these processes? What metrics should be used to evaluate the performance of the entire supply chain, individual members or subsets of members? What is the process to take the map of the existing supply chain and to modify it to obtain the best supply chain given the desired outputs?
Of course some of these questions have already been answered in the meantime, at least partially. By now, you probably have an exact picture of your inventory, can track components, can follow your product through each stage of production and are aware of incoming orders. Take a few minutes to listen to Jeff Ashcroft, supply chain and social media industry thought leader, as he discusses how social media has improved his supply chain management. In other words, by keeping everyone informed of the flow at all times, a well connected supply chain can help you and your suppliers make beautiful music together. Here is a quick look at some of the initiatives the company has carried out over the past few years. Their Transportation Division in Mexico repairs and modernizes diesel-electric railroad locomotives, which are then put back into service across Canada and the Americas.
Fines and penalties were reduced by a whopping $2,000,000 in the first year at the first two sites installed. The network, which is called GE Colab, links together 115,000 GE employees across the world and is said to attract about 1,000 new users every few days.

As use spread throughout the organization, the network helped people of all job levels, countries and generations connect and communicate. She describes herself as a clarity junkie, curious about life, lifestyles, changes, worlds, universes and the state of becoming. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Peterson adds, “Analytics power the heart of any supply chain management solution — assisted by tools for facilitating collaboration and optimization in a workplace.
As a result, companies can operate from a single version of the truth which helps generate both synergy and corporate alignment.
Unfortunately, in multi-tiered supply chains, few companies are going to find standards that reach into all tiers.
An enterprise cognitive system, based on the principle of management by exception, can help keep things synchronized and can alert decision makers whenever an intervention is required.
It’s about reducing waste and procuring resources in a way that is both good for the company and good for the world. Mankins and Lori Sherer, “Creating value through advanced analytics,” Bain Brief, 11 February 2015. But to understand the risks within supply chain management, one has to understand the supply chain part as well. The interviews were guided using a 36 question interview guide and lasted between one and three hours. But I wanted to highlight this general framework since it shows several important aspects for risk management as well. RailConnect 360, is a connected suite of customizable software solutions created by the company to help solve the industry’s most pressing problems.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). And, as I have repeatedly written, I believe that cognitive computing will be found at the heart of every digital enterprise.
Cognitive computing systems, like the Enterra Solutions® Enterprise Cognitive System™ — a revolutionary approach for coordinating data throughout an organization — are able to analyze the massive amounts of data necessary to provide good supply chain visibility.
More than that, they can provide decision makers with actionable insights that help them overcome paralysis through analysis.

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