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One of the most important trends in corporate learning and development today is the integration of learning with talent management. Integrated talent management encompasses processes for performance management, compensation reviews, succession management, leadership development and recruiting. As our “High-Impact Talent Management” framework shows, learning and development is the foundation for all of these processes. One of the key ingredients for an integrated talent management strategy is competency management.  As Fig.
L&D professionals usually have a deep understanding of the core competencies that make a company work. The second major role for L&D in an integrated talent management strategy is the creation of strategic development programs, most of which are focused on talent-driven learning. Too many training organizations focus — sometimes exclusively — on performance-driven programs. In most companies we’ve analyzed, leadership development is highest priority for talent-driven learning. When an organization embarks on integrated talent management, L&D must create the career learning tracks and other development programs to support the company’s overall talent strategy. The third major role for training professionals in an integrated talent management strategy is the development and support of e-learning, informal learning, and on-demand learning programs.
For example, consider what must happen when a company starts refining its performance management and appraisal processes.
Your job as a training professional is to build and facilitate an informal, on-demand learning environment. Informal learning content should be organized around the competencies and development goals established as part of your company’s integrated talent management strategy.
One of the most immature parts of integrated talent management is the process of development planning. For example, at British American Tobacco, a very successful global marketing company with a wide range of consumer products, the training organization developed an integrated career development program for marketing managers.
Data shows that organizations which develop people at the manager or business unit level have far greater outcomes than those which leave career development up to the employee. People engaged in talent management are often given very broad responsibilities and must create and implement processes that impact all levels of the company.
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Talent Management Process in an organization typically involves areas that are pertaining to recruitment, learning and development, performance management and compensation. One of our clients realized that providing mere classroom training to employees is not adequate for effective knowledge retention.
Take a look at the case study of how classroom training material of a manufacturing company specializing in building materials was effectively converted into eLearning courses for the reinforcing knowledge. In our 2008 research into high-impact learning organizations, we found that more than 45 percent of learning executives rate integration with talent management as one of their top training strategies. These core processes span an employee’s lifecycle — from recruiting and on-boarding to establishing goals, from managing current performance to career development. As companies focus more and more on effective talent management, training professionals need to understand their role in developing and executing an integrated talent management strategy.
Most likely, you have the background in organizational development to build competency models, and you likely have experience using competency models to build training programs and interventions.
In order to accomplish such a goal, it’s imperative to teach managers how to coach employees, how to evaluate and assess people, and how to help employees develop skills and capabilities. In today’s world, formal training is becoming less and less important — and less cost efficient. Some of the important tools you should consider include expert directories, communities of practice, rapid e-learning (in which content developed and published by experts), and wikis. While the talent management team will likely focus on establishing key new career paths and capability models, you should be spending your time building and promoting the informal learning systems, content and communities to support the talents and skills required. Managers must gain a clear understanding of the organization’s needs as well as an individual’s capabilities and desires. This program takes young marketing trainees and develops them into senior marketing managers over a three-year period. The “manage your own career” model works only in fast-growing companies where opportunities abound. You, as a training professional, have the skills in change management, communications, and program design and delivery that are critical to the initiative. But learning organizations that can successfully support talent initiatives and even assume leadership in related projects will position themselves — and their companies — for the future.

Over 400 research-based programs including accreditation & certification from ESI, CMI, GWU, BIFM, PMI, CILT & more. A second delegate attends the same course free of charge when the Full Final Fee has been paid. It will help you to create a program that enables you to understand the whole Talent Management concept and process. The school has a 75-year history of preparing men and women for leadership in both the private and public sectors. With the white sand beaches of the Arabian Gulf just a stroll away, and the hotel's direct link to the stylish Dubai Marina Mall, The Address Dubai Marina gives you every reason to extend your stay and unwind. Recruiters and staffing analysts use core competencies, common to all employees, in their recruiting and evaluation processes. These are the programs that teach people how to use systems, adopt processes, comply with regulations, and run the company. They often must be multi-tiered to encompass employees at all levels, blended with coaching and other forms of training, and potentially continue throughout an employee’s tenure. The broad availability of corporate portals, wikis and social networks has made it possible for employees at any level to learn on-demand.
4 shows, development planning is the merger between an individual’s career goals and an organization’s business goals. Training professionals should participate in the development of this process and help make sure tools and programs are available to make this process easier for managers and employees. When the talent management team is ready to roll out a new performance management or succession process, you should be there to help.
It will help you create methodologies to measure talent, and to decide how to help people grow and prepare for their own futures while supporting and growing the organisation by applying the most current research in Talent Management for our ever changing marketplaces. Known internationally for its dedication to academic excellence, the school draws students from all parts of the US and around the world. They are transforming their organizations to move into new products and services and they need people to develop along specific career paths. If you can use your skills and expertise in e-learning and training to help these programs succeed, you will be playing a vital role in your organization.
And finally, leadership competencies define the unique characteristics for leadership within the organization and are used to assess and develop leaders at all levels of the organization. Your job as an L&D professional is to understand these development needs, build the career paths, and work with the talent management team to make sure they are embedded in the talent management process.

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