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Currently more than 3.5 million college students are taking online courses or earning online degrees. In recognition of National Distance Learning Week, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is highlighting innovative uses of virtual learning as a method of instruction. With the right strategy and the right technology, faculty can meet the needs of all students. We have some of the most popular classes at the university and because of student demand, we continue to give more options.
The Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) offers health and fitness activity classes to every Texas A&M student.
Students take a wide range of KINE 199 courses, including aerobic running, archery, badminton, bowling, dancing (country and western, ballroom, or tap) weight training, fencing, soccer, golf, gymnastics, handball, mountain biking, Pilates, self-defense, volleyball and yoga.
PEAP also offers KINE 198 courses that combine health-related lectures with physical activity. At least 25 percent of Texas undergraduate college students are enrolled in distance education courses. One faculty member in particular knows just how important online courses are to the students in the College.
Theresa Murphrey, an associate professor of agricultural leadership, education, and communications, has specialized in using technology in the classroom and online.

Murphrey so special isn’t just the skills she teaches, although those are important, but the way she teaches students these skills. Murphrey utilizes in her courses include having guest speakers in both the traditional and web-based classrooms.
There are several organizations on campus successfully implementing virtual strategies to better engage students. The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications offers a Certificate in Agricultural eLearning Development for degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students. ITS promotes and enables the effective use of technology in teaching and learning at Texas A&M University.
The goal of this program is to help students develop a lifetime appreciation and commitment to physical activity so that they can live healthy lives. Our KINE 120 (one hour course) and KINE 223 (three hour course) gives students an appreciation for the fundamentals of science and exercise while making class fun! Another survey found that 51 percent of college presidents say online courses provide the same value as traditional courses. In fact, her primary focus is on the use of educational technology to improve, enhance and advance agricultural education for a broad array of populations and environments. These guest speakers are typically former students who have successfully gained employment using the skill sets of instructional design and evaluation.

For example, the University Writing Center has recently added a web conference component to their consultation services.
The certificate is an innovative program that prepares students and professionals to develop sophisticated eLearning courses and programs to serve the eTraining needs of both public and private sectors of agriculture.
They conduct a full range of help and training that complement various learning styles and fosters effective course design at no cost to faculty and staff.
The credit hours, combined with other graduate and undergraduate work and student fees generated from the PEAP division is one the main reasons that the HLKN is one of the largest program in terms of credit hours at Texas A&M as well as financially stable.
Her teaching strategies have earned her the Gold Teaching Award presented by the United States Distance Learning Association and the Outstanding International Agricultural Education Award presented by the Western Region Agricultural Education Research Conference Committee among others. Her courses are also designed so that student presentations are recorded and uploaded online to be viewed at one’s leisure versus in the classroom. When the content aligns with the technology, it can really enhance the educational experience for all types of learners,” she said. Students can now work remotely with a certified tutor by voice and video for up to 45 minutes via web conference.

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tamu online courses summer 2013

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