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The days is an easy-to-use task manger app developed by Naim Choudhry, and designed for iPhone and iPad. With the debut of iOS 7, the world of Clear became available to all the sizes and shapes of Apple devices with Clear+, the new universal installment of the app. Perhaps the biggest reason Clear got so much attention when it first came out is because of its interface. To be honest, before Clear+ came out, I was worried how well the developers over at Realmac Software were going to use the iPad’s real estate to their advantage, as they did with the iPhone version of their app.
Space is used very effectively: the addition of the sidebar not only keeps the app clean, but rids the need of any additional gestures that would make the app annoying to use. If you’re looking to create a visual hierarchy of tasks, be sure to choose a color scheme like Heat Map that has a high contrast in colors.
The colors of the themes as well as the flat UI in Clear+ makes it seamless with iOS 7’s new stylings.
Since Clear+ is stripped of most of the bells and whistles other to-do list applications boast, it is a valid assumption that the app won’t aid your productivity. I have found that in getting rid of all of the clutter that comes from tags and boxes and windows and settling on an app that offers a streamlined, simple interface increased my productivity. Besides, the clutter created by these unnecessary checkboxes and tags and notes slapped onto tasks in the typical todo app makes things look much more daunting and stress-inducing than they actually are.
Clear+ uses iCloud to sync your tasks across all platforms, whether it be to your iOS devices or your Mac. Of course, the app is not for everyone — many of you may find that you need an app a little bit more fully featured than Clear+.
A minimalist todo list app that promotes productivity without all the baggage typical todo apps carry.
Whether you’re a student, business person or have a job of any type, a calendar can be useful to schedule your time and plan out your day. Calvetica became famous in the App Store by focusing on quick event creation and holds true to that claim as events can be added with just two taps.
Calvetica stands out from the competition by including a lot of features but not making it feel like the app has feature bloat. Some features that make Agenda stick out in this crowded market is that like in Calvetica, event creation is really fast.
Tempus also supports quick event creation like in Calvetica by tapping and holding on a day. For fans of the typical Day Timer there are a few apps available to provide that experience in a digital format. For people who liked the idea of Pocket Informant Pro but think it has too many options, miCal HD might be a better option. Awesome Calendar supports a monthly and list view, and also includes the ability to create notes and tasks. Awesome Calendar seems like a great app for people who like to look at the month view of their events and to customize their calendars. ICalendar is one of the cheapest options on the list, and that is because it is actually just a calendar. Calendars is advertised as a Google Calendar client and the documentation does not specifically say you can use the iOS calendars synced to your device as well. Calendars have been around for a long time and even in the digital age, a calendar proves to be great resource to stay on schedule. I don’t know if this is intended, but the Daring Fireball link under Agenda calendar links to the Agenda calendar app page in the iTunes Store. Task management is such an essential part of everyday life that Apple included Reminders on your iPad. It really was like no other task management interface at the time, and its simplicity was shocking to the masses of people used to the cumbersome interfaces of their favorite todo list applications. It is evident that a lot of thought and work was put into making the interface stellar on the iPad end of the spectrum as well. Ample space is given for tasks, so you can even go into some extent of detail without breaching into the awkward-looking second line. Some themes, like Sunflowers, have hardly any contrast, which can make it hard to establish a visual prioritization of your tasks.
It’s pretty straightforward — along the lines of swipe right to complete a task, swipe left to delete it — but there is a short little tutorial that walks you through the rest of the gestures after downloading the application.

There is no limit on how many lists you can make, as well as how many items you can put in each list. By swiping with two fingers on a list in the left column, you’re able to quickly look at all the tasks in that list. I have found that this feature works flawlessly, with the apps updating tasks within a few seconds after being edited on a different platform. The app is very efficient, minimizing the amount of layers that you need to sift through in order to get to the guts of what you need to do, offering a clean way to keep all of your tasks in check. Some of you may find that you need notifications to remind you to complete a task, and some of you may need more organizational tools than Clear+ provides.
Most iOS users probably rely on the Calendar app because it is built in, but are they missing out on the extra functionality that a third-party calendar can provide? To limit the list, it was decided to have some basic criteria: all major calendar sync services should be supported within the app, including Google, iCloud and Exchange. To add customization to an event will require more work, but adding details to events is easier and quicker than within the standard Calendar app. The main theme is a black and white calendar with dots to depict what events go to each calendar synced through Agenda.
Some people might prefer to have more detail shown on their monthly view, such as the weather for the day. It’s the ultimate minimal calendar and was released after many users complained when a major update to Calvetica was pushed out. Pressing the plus button to create an event will allow the user to utilize a more detailed event creation window. Pocket Informant Pro brings together all of the features of a Day-Timer into one app which includes calendar, task, notes and contacts. If you are person who likes to integrate your calendar with your task manager as well as with your notes, then this app seems like a perfect fit. The premise is similar to Pocket Informant Pro by including a calendar, task manager (through in-app purchase), and notes with one app, but there a less customization options and also there is not a way to manage contacts within the app. For example, when creating an event there is a feature named Checklist which shows tasks related to the event. That said, these items are hidden behind the list view and may not be easy for users to navigate to or find. If you use a huge month calendar on your desk and cover it with stickers relating to differing events, I think you will love this app.
If you spend a lot of time viewing your calendar throughout the day and not creating events on the iPad, this app might be preferable. I think the main feature that gets me to that thought is the separate months listed horizontally across the bottom. The calculation will be derived by looking at the time scheduled on your calendar and determine how much of it is already booked — this could be a depressing statistic. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the events of my calendars all came across just fine. The apps included on the roundup are some of my favorites and popular calendar apps on the App Store. We both get notifications when a schedule is made and an automatic reminder before the meeting. Although Reminders has its strengths, there are many other apps available in the App Store to help you manage your tasks more effectively and completely. The task manager app also features three main tabs including Annual, Days Gone and Days To Go in order that you can conveniently add tasks or important events by time, and the category filter allows you to check your tasks via category.
And, of course, there are themes that can be unlocked either by reaching certain milestones in the application or by having other apps, like Tweetbot, installed on your device as well. However, the more tasks you put in the list, the harder it becomes to find them, so I’d recommend keeping your lists on the shorter side. This eliminates a need to constantly switch between lists in order to get a wider view of what you need to get done. You save a lot of time by just jotting down the task itself and not having to fill out fields full of notes and other information that you don’t need but is often asked for.
But if you have found these additional features, usually standard to todo apps, annoying in the past, Clear+ may be the solution for you.
There is also a good chance that they could be missing out on using a better looking calendar!

The layout in Calvetica focuses on a scrolling calendar on the left with a more detailed week view on the right.
For example, below the week view will be funny or clever statements to add a smile to your day.
The goal view, which only works in portrait mode, is a way to setup events milestones for the year. That is what makes iPlan stick out from the competition — they add extra little features that enhance the experience ever so slightly. Tempus brought the Mysterious Trousers team back to their roots with a new code base to make the app even faster. If you can get on board with this system then you could possibly take away four apps off your homescreen and just use Pocket Informant Pro. The calendar resembles a Day Timer, even including rings to give the appearance of having a six-ring calendar binder. These items can be attached to the event so it is easy to see what items need to be done beforehand. The app has several different theme colors in which to help customize the views to your preference.
CalPad brings some unique features to the calendar arena and there is a light version available to check out and see if it can fit your needs before committing to it full time. My current favorite is Calvetica but I was pleasantly surprised to see the functionality and design of miCal HD and Calendars. Apart from that, the task manager app also comes with built-in date calculator and password function, and you can also export or share your tasks and events via Email. Switching between the views is easy enough thanks to being able to swipe horizontally left and right on the main screen.
If you want your calendar to be minimal and distraction free, Tempus is a good choice to look at. In the settings there is an option to use the Franklin Convey, Getting Things Done, Standard and Simple Tasks method to complete all of your actions.
Some users might not like the appearance, but I feel it was done with the right amount of skeuomorphism. Event creation is not as fast as on Calvetica or Agenda, but it does include more features such as Favorites.
Also in the left corner is a sticker button, which enables the user to put stickers on the calendar so it’s easier to communicate information.
It features task support and several different calendar views including day, week, month and year views. For this AppGuide, we’ve investigated task and to-do list managers to find the most feature-rich yet straightforward apps available for the iPad.
Also, an inspirational quote is within view at the top of the calendar to give you a boost through the day. Other than the standard entry panel, iPlan is a solid choice to view events on your calendar. This includes common words for setting up events on a calendar, which helps you establish common events quicker. For people looking for more polish than the stock calendar option with extra features, Calendars is an excellent place to start. The status taps are a clever way to have a custom message sent to attendees of the event to update your status for the meeting if you are running late or on time. If you like the feel of Pocket Informant Pro with all of the necessities and not all of the extras, miCal HD is definitley worth a look. The event creation window is slightly customized from the default calendar entry pane, and even includes a unique look at start and end times. While it’s active it shows the active task, notes and events on the left side of the screen. A timer and scheduler is also available for helping keep track of items that you are currently completing.

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