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Nurses learn communication skills best through practice, say researchers at the School of Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The VCU study and a review of the nursing education literature conducted by Patient Education and Counseling (PEC) suggest that previous studies of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education are lacking in sound research design and are therefore of limited comparative use. Another innovative approach to teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education comes from the Nursing Division at the University of Bradford, UK. The available research lends credence to the idea that "practice makes perfect." Hearing about a skill in a classroom, with no opportunity to demonstrate or be evaluated on the skill, is arguably not effective. While interpersonal communication is necessary in all aspects of life, it is especially crucial when it comes to nursing. The course is for human services and non-profit professionals who are looking to develop their communication and people skills in an accredited programme developed specifically for the human services and non-profit sector. The course uses a ‘blended’ approach which combines online learning, virtual tutorials and face-to face workshops. Our online learning materials are explicitly designed to accommodate the pressures that come with trying to balance work, life and learning.
Each workshop focuses on extending your understanding of the subject matter and helping you apply it in your working practice.
Facilitating the application of knowledge and skills acquired during the course to address real world challenges in a practical and effective manner.
This course is valuable because the specific skills developed within it can be applied to both front line and managerial responsibilities. Teachers know: students need a wide range of skills to be successful for college and careers in the 21st century. Employers have identified many skills that students will need to be competitive in the 21st-century workplace: including critical thinking, effective communication, information analysis, and global citizenship.
These new tools for teachers were designed by teacherpreneur Rob Kriete, a teaching veteran of 20 years in Hillsborough County, Florida.
Read this blog post by creator Rob Kriete with tips for using the poster and evidence sheet. Share the resources below with parents, including this blog post about the standards, written by a teacher who is also a parent. This spring CTQ bloggers are exploring the theme: How do VLC’s (Virtual Learning Communities) impact our profession?

As part of the theme "How VLCs impact the teaching profession?” members of the CTQ Collaboratory tackle topics around sharing, learning, and collaborating with virtual learning communities.
The VCU study, published in the Journal of Nursing Education, outlined an innovative practical approach to teaching communication skills to nursing students. The lecture-lab model is the traditional method to deliver nursing education, including communication skills. The studies do, however, provide some early indicators of the potential value of simulations and role playing as instructional methods for teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education. Both the control group and the intervention group received the usual instruction in communication.The intervention group also received additional training on communicating with family members and participated in a role-playing exercise. Researchers conducted a study of adding a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) module to communication skills training for nurses. Using role playing and simulation as instructional methods seems to be a more effective direction for the future of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education. This is made up of tutors who have extensive first-line experience, learning support staff who understand the human challenges people can face when attending college and our learners who are defined by their commitment to supporting each other. You’re encouraged throughout to reflect and take the crucial step of applying the learning to your own working practice, with a clear view of enhancing your ability to deliver. Successful participants will be awarded a single subject Certificate in Effective Communication & People Skills. The Common Core State Standards, which have been adapted for use in numerous states, were designed for student success in the 21st century.
In his teacherpreneur role, Rob taught students half time and used the rest of the week to share information about the Common Core standards with parents, others teachers, and state lawmakers. We invite you to join us here in our own VLC, the Collaboratory, with your thoughts and comments, and share ideas using the hashtag #CTQCollab.
Introduce the topic by explaining that good oral communications are an essential life and career skill. Ask them to look again at the list of typical interactions and give themselves a mark out of 10 for how confident they feel about each one. Debrief by asking the groups to comment on how confident they felt in taking part in their chosen language activity. While there is no accepted "best" method of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing, scholarly literature supports a practical hands-on approach over the traditional lecture-lab method. While variances exist between instructors, the lecture-lab model is premised on the teachers giving, and the students passively receiving, knowledge.

The PEC literature review concludes the outcomes of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education are better where skills practice has taken place. At the conclusion of the study, students from the intervention group rated higher in the standardized assessment of all four domains of communication than those in the control group.
While writing it you will have access to expert advice and the input of professional contemporaries. These are accessible through our learning centre which provides a platform for you to study, collaborate and communicate with your fellow learners. Rob discovered a shared need: parents who wanted to know more about the standards and teachers who sought resources explaining how the standards relate to 21st-century learning.
This poster explains several 21st-century skills that teachers are helping students develop for college and career success. Each person is to make a brief self-introduction to their group, giving such information as their name, where they live, where they were born, composition of their family, job description, and main interests. Explain that each language activity can be achieved by using the tactics described for each one.
The study concluded the addition of the SFBT training module was a useful approach to training nurses in communication skills.
Having access to this learning community provides an opportunity to enhance your communication and people skills in a practical, uniquely supportive environment. Regular online tutorials will expand your knowledge of the topic and answer any questions you have as you study. It also illustrates specific skills—embedded within the standards—that students are cultivating in the classroom and how students will use those skills in the future. The other members of the group should give feedback by marking out of ten (total) for clarity of information, liveliness of delivery, appropriate body language.
Teachers can use the evidence sheet to provide examples of how they use the standards in their own practice and answer parents' questions about how the standards impact their children's learning. Ask them to look at the items and plan and execute a short role play for one of the language activities of their choice.

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