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Craft of Communication’s theatre-based techniques have proved to be popular and highly effective in helping Managers and Executives to develop their Communication Skills.
His approach to voice work is based on the view that the voice is a product of muscular activity and movement within the body. Colin uses this work in actor training at various theatre schools in the UK and abroad including, Central School of Speech and Drama, East 15, The Musical Theatre Academy, Gloucestershire University and the Schauspielschule-Sachers, in Innsbruck, Austria. AOS Studley, British Heart Foundation, L’Oreal, Office of Rail Regulation and the Environment Agency. Little High, Little Low {The Trials of a Sugar Addict}The following post is a flashback, written shortly after I was diagnosed with Lyme and put on a restricted diet. Homeschool Art Project: Soap CarvingThe Butterfly and I have been reading the Little House series for a long time now and I wanted to expand a bit on what she was learning.

There are many things about people and projects that we can’t fully explain – and yet our observation is that they are true.  This chart is one of those examples. The mood bottoms out.  This is when we tend to get more insights, and identify a way forward. Set up in 2002 by John Abulafia, the international theatre and opera director,Craft of Communication now has over 150 clients in 54 sectors. He now works as a Voice, Text and Acting Coach as well as being a certified Elaine Petrone Body Works Practitioner. As such, effective communication and voice work should include work which focuses on freeing, developing and fine tuning the whole physical body. He has also taught it in the corporate sector for HULT International Business School, Ingeus and CENTA Business Services and regularly works with Central School of Speech and Drama’s Knowledge Transfer program.

So first,  I bought the Prairie Primer,  an amazing, enormous, literature based unit study based on the series. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The disciplines of Performance, the Voice, and a deep understanding of the psychology of Audiences, Leaders and Teams, provide the bedrock of the training - whether working with groups or one-to-one.
Colin has developed a system of work which utilizes therapy balls to re-align the body and breath, remove excess muscular tension and release an individual’s vocal potential enabling the client to communicate more effectively.

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team craft communication & coaching kg

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