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Based on the descriptions below, how would others describe your default leadership patterns? I loosely monitor what’s happening in the ministry and step in only if things go really bad. I set clear goals and standards and closely monitor the staff and step in when things begin to get off track.
Find a few trusted friends and ask them to share with you where they’d place you on this scale.
COACHINGIf you recognize the need for an outside voice with fresh eyes to spur on your personal development, consider a coaching relationship to help you see your way out. SPEAKINGI've been speaking professionally for over 30 years on Leadership, Character Formation, Generosity, and Family & Parenting.

Effective teamwork is one of the most important characteristics of a business, charity organization, volunteer group or congregation.  Team members should be comfortable working with each others in order to give their best skills to whatever they do. Almost every team member would like to become a leader, but there are few who possess the character of a team leader.
For example, we set a ministry or organizational goal and when a staffer helps that goal get met, a reward comes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Charles StoneABOUT MEI help pastors, churches & ministries get UNSTUCK by applying neuroscience insight to spiritual leadership.
Team success lies on the shoulders of the entire team, however the team leader bears most of the responsibility.

He’s authored many books on the subject and has consulted with such organizations as the Willow Creek Assocation, Zondervan, and Wycliffe. In contrast, however, we should seek to grow our leadership so that we lead more often as transformational leaders.

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team leader skills qualities

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