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Our leadership team recognizes that we are simply leaders who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
Dan has worked at ACC for almost seven years, serving as the Youth Pastor and now as Executive Pastor.
Greg is passionate about planning and facilitating life transforming worship experiences for the people of God in creative ways that brings honor to the Lord. On July 1, 2009 Jim joined the Faculty of Northland International University’s Graduate School where he served as Chair of Biblical Counseling. Cernis focuses on developing authentic leaders and capable managers, adding value to the structures that support service improvement and quality assurance. When developing teams, whether newly founded or long established, we devise an integrated programme of instruction and activity that addresses personal growth, group functioning and processes or procedures that support the achievement of the team’s goals.

With a clear brief and careful preparation, we have achieved impressive results from intensive one-day workshops with follow-up and review.
In an NHS organisation the service management team was made up of heads of department and the service manager.
Cernis worked with the management team to review and challenge its purpose, structure and functioning.
The result was better motivation and involvement of team members, more efficient use of time and a greater impetus to get the work done. Achieve goals or objectives with teamwork leadership and strategy in a given organization, concept render on 3d gears. Bill graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1994 with a degree in journalism.

Greg is a professional violinist and classical guitarist, with advanced degrees in both music performance and choral conducting. While at Central he served as Chair of Biblical Counseling, Director of Central’s Biblical Counseling Center, Director of Student Affairs, and Chair of the Seminary’s Strategic Planning Council.
As the management task grew, so resources were becoming more scarce and the team needed to be sure it was functioning at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Diagnostic techniques revealed that members had to manage a tension between departmental loyalties and the need to hold the whole service in its purview in order to meet higher organisational objectives.

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team leadership goals and objectives

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