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Teamwork skills are a crucial element of conducting modern business today, and business schools are increasingly placing a major emphasis on identifying applicants with these skills. Much of your work in business school and beyond will involve completing deliverables with others. Think back on your undergraduate experience and identify examples from your academic career that show you as a team player.
Your extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom and the workplace are a great place to pull examples from.
You should not only pull examples from your undergraduate experience but also pull them from your professional career.
Showcasing a strong track record of engagement is one of the best ways to signal to admissions that you will be equally engaged once you return to campus as a grad student. Want to craft a strong application? Call us at 1-800-925-7737 and speak with an MBA admissions expert today.
Dozie A. is a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
One thing that often characterizes web designers is the fact that we tend to enjoy working alone, sometimes it is just better to do things by yourself, that way you know there is only one person to blame if things to wrong. In essence you can apply most of these suggestions to any form of teamwork, not only when working with other web designers but any group. The first thing everyone in the team needs to know is what is the end goal, in other words what is the team working towards? The second and sometimes most important thing that needs to be discussed is what is expected from each member of the team.

It is really important that everyone in your team feel like they belong to the team, people need to feel that they are an important part of the group. Although this skill can be an area of development for an applicant prior to starting business school, it is important to highlight past examples of teamwork in order to stand out from the masses.
The more clearly you can showcase a track record of skill development here the better your chances of admission into your target school. When thinking purely academically, group projects and case competitions are some of the more obvious places to pull anecdotes from.
These experiences tend to be very interesting and also help to highlight a multitude of other interpersonal skills like leadership, creativity, and determination.
Sharing your reasoning for why you are involved in each activity may also open opportunities to show your passion for a particular topic like health, nature, or the environment. Remember you are applying to business school to further your career so schools love to know how you have developed teamwork skills in your pre-MBA professional career.
Sometimes however there is just no way around working in a team, perhaps the project is so big that you need to work in a team or the client has decided to hire several designers, whatever the reason working in a team can either be a joy or it can be like having teeth pulled out. We will look at things such as expectations, communication and a feeling of belonging and importance.
This can be the final completion of a project and handing it over to the client, or it can be finishing your part of a project before passing it on to another department. Without communication there can be no team, every member of the team need to feel that they can express their thoughts and opinions without being ridiculed. The problem is that if people don’t feel like they are important to the group then they will quickly feel that their work is unnecessary and their motivation will decline. She has a Masters degree in International Business Management, but her passion is anything related to web design.

The focus here should be on what you uniquely contributed to the team as well as how your interaction within the team helped drive success for the group as a whole.
Academic examples can sometimes be a bit less interesting so make sure you are painting a complete picture of why this experience was impactful for you. Categories to parse anecdotes from include greek life, athletics, volunteer activities, and student clubs. Whatever your end goal is everyone on the team needs to be aware of the direction they need to be headed.
This also includes making sure everyone on the team know why they are working together as a team in the first place, so why is this project a team project instead of a solo act.
It is also important that members feel they can ask questions if there is something they don’t understand. Keep in mind all readers may not be familiar with the extra-curricular activities in your life, so provide enough background to inform the narrative. Without proper communication you quickly run the risk of your final outcome being of a lesser quality. Information like size, participants, and money involved help to add context to these examples.
Think of the context of the situation and the overall business impact and select the situations where you have delivered meaningful contributions that paint you in the best light as a candidate.

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