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We've all heard this before, "All men are created equal." Why then do some become leaders?
By the end of 2006 and into 2007, Mark Gorris was completing his 6th and what would be his final year supporting the team's young leader, Dan Glass, and helping him better guide the business operations of the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals from Mark's arrival in 2001 went through some "galactic" renovations from improving the communication between departments, launching popular marketing campaigns and broadcast initiatives which, in turn, created a regional marketing focus that produced greater revenues, plus winning a game changing public vote on the ultimate in renovation ?

Prior to joining the Royals, Mark served in an all-encompassing mentor type role at MLB's Commissioner's Office in New York as Senior Vice President, Club Relations for four years.
I can imagine Mark has a few pieces of wisdom he's learned and hopes to pass along to his next Jedi leader-in-training.
Measuring money success is not; quality and quantity of relationships with family, friends and business associates success shall be. Mark was responsible for developing a regional television network that ultimately handsomely leveraged the team's future with Fox and oversaw all of the business operations which included strategic planning, marketing, sales, finance, stadium operations and public relations, community relations, and customer service.

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Kevin Uhlich, a highly experienced front office expert in major league baseball, in fact followed Mark.

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teamwork online padres

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