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Teamwork means not only doing a work in a form of team but also doing it by being united and driving a mutual goal towards the success.
And once that Facebook death spiral is in full swing, it’s very hard to pull out of it.
How about creating a strategic partnership with another brand who shares your target audience, pooling resources and marketing efforts to attract new and engaged fans for both of you? It’s a great idea and thank you for the tips, I see that the race in Newport this weekend will be giving away prints to the winners..
This is a very creative way for two brands with the same target audience, but yet do not compete, to help each other build and grow.

As a matter of fact, you could team up with any business anywhere in the world and offer any one of your gorgeous prints as a prize!
I could see this working with many different types of brands, and as an example, a limo company and hair studio (both working towards wedding clients). I really love this idea and now I am thinking of who would be a good fit for a photographer? Although this teams should have some different roles and responsibility based on the qualifications of the team members e.g.
People perceive things differently and you have more perspectives and point of views for a single thing.

But it is an attractive characteristic of a teamwork that It does not matter what your roles is, but the thing which matters is to work hard with devotion and keep going towards the goal.
It covers from simple matters to complicated stuffs, from constructive and destructive points.

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teamwork quotes at workplace

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