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When the people are right, and the process is wrong. Teamwork and collaboration is dependent on established processes that facilitate communication within and beyond the teams in an organization. The survey revealed a clear and demonstrable lack of efficiency in most document management processes that collaboration relies on at present in business organizations.
It doesn’t matter if you like it or hate it, but a true part of collaboration is revision of working documents.
Wrong. An overwhelming majority (79%) of the respondents find it difficult to work with teams on document drafts. The survey discovered a multitude of methods used by business organizations to facilitate collaboration and feedback on documents, with email as the preferred choice more often than not.

In order for it to be successful, the process needs to be clear and simple and you need to use the right tools to ensure it’s a process that your team can follow. He has written extensively on Business and Tech related issues across the globe and has written columns for various leading publications like The Business Insider, Venturebeat, Readwriteweb etc.
The study involved 1400 customers spread across six continents.  The results imply that the current emphasis on collaboration and teamwork to generate and finalize business documents are handicapped from the outset by the processes involved. It takes more than one person to generate the kind of content that modern businesses demand. At 61%, email is the most used vehicle for circulating draft documents AND it is also the least effective.

Frustration levels are inordinately high when it comes to dealing with feedback from within the organization.
This is especially the case when it comes to generating proposals, contracts and other business documents, where teams are involved 94% of the time, according to the survey.

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