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Having accurate statistics also makes you able to calculate how much you earn from knocking on a single door. Venkatachalam: Do people let you inside the house, or do you show your products at the door? If I was only closing 80 sales from 1000 doors, Id really need to decide either to stop being a salesman because I was rubbish, or find a product that I can convince people to take. I just started a power Washing and window Washing buisness and I have been doing a lot of door to door sales.. I work for a dry cleaner and go door to door signing people up for our free pickup and delivery service. I cant find any forum or anything for door to door salespeople, so I hope its okey that I use the comment field here. I have been in sales since I was 7 hustling my first business, The biggest tip any salesman can have is assumption of the close. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Productie fotografica profesionala specializata pentru:   Prezentari firme, produse, industrie, pagini web, tipografie, publicatii, CD-uri interactive multimedia, cataloage, pliante, brosuri etc. In order to meet your goal you have to visit 250 prospects (12,5 * 20) throughout the week.
If you for example sell alarm systems and earn 100 dollars from each signature, you know that each “hard knock” in-fact makes you 8 dollars!
Write up everybody you havent talked to yet, in this way you dont burn your territory to fast.

If its ok for the owner of this site, maybe we could use this thread to share tips and hints for this kind of saleswork?
If you are selling roofs or vacuum cleaners – and make 80 sales after knocking on 1000 doors – you make tons of cash!
Even if you haven’t still say I spoke to you the last time in the street regarding whatever it is your selling. When you go for the close, you will either gain the business or the customer will tell you why they do not want it “yet”! Talk about the affordability of the product to grab A’s attention because A wants to save money. Relate to the customer on a fellow human level even if it means deviating from the pitch because solid rapport will beat slick flashy words every time.
When I knock, I pitch and then ask them as soon as I am done, DOES X oclock this evening work for you? My best tip is to try to give the same good presentation at the last door of the day as the one you gave on the first – after getting 50 doors slammed in your face that day.
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If you make 80 sales from speaking to 1000 prospects, you know that you make a sale for approximately every 12,5 door you knock on. Find out as early as possible who are in control of that relationship (very important) and talk mostly to that person. If your success or failure is based on your effort instead of amount of sales, you can keep a much better attitude and sell much better.

You will be surprised how many people “on the fence”, will buy because they like you!
Talk about how eco-friendly your product is to grab B’s attention because B wants to preserve the environment. Try to be clear of the environment, people will be put off if you disturb their little world.
Some say statistics never lie, but in order to make them reliable you must visit at least 1000 prospects.
You don’t know if they have a wild sex set up inside or a zen garden they meditate in, either way understand what their frame of mind is and speak to that instead of the words they say. As mentioned above, listen to the objection carefully and precisely overcome it with the proper rebuttal…then ASK FOR THE BUSINESS AGAIN!!! Come up with different angles and, if your customer doesn’t like one, switch to the other. For all you know, the house owner could have lost his job 10 minutes before you arrived there. When people ask me to let them think about it, I stand firm and go over the benefits of the service.

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