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Experience a little bit of the drive and determination of the Tennessee Volunteers Foot Ball team. I’ve done rankings of NCAAFB in the past (waaaaaay back in I think 2010 or 2011 with Jim Vilk), and I had thought about revisiting the topic myself, until I saw Clint had already gotten underway with his rankings. I had always planned for the latter of the two, but Phil ultimately offered up the opportunity to write a piece for Uni Watch continuing and expanding the series on a bigger platform. Be sure to check out my website as I have posts about many of the different Auburn athletic teams and their uniforms, with even more coming this fall. The traveling Swordfish are going with their standard mono-white road unis, in which they went 3-1 in their four road games in, albeit this week they have a new cleaned-up UWFFL D-League patch, while the home team Navigators, who have mixed-and-matched their helmets, jerseys and pants all season long are wearing their white-blue-white combo in which they went 1-1 with a win over Jacksonville and their only loss, to Greenville. There are four more tiebreaker games, two to decide 3rd place group finishers, and two to decide 6th place finishers. In the battle of The Ocean State, the home of gaggers, bubblers, johnnycakes and stone-enders, (see the Wikipedia page for Rhode Island – and yes, there will be a quiz), the Providence Steamroller and the Rhode Island Hot Rods both finished 5-2-1 in Group A, with away team Rhode Island winning the first meeting 9-3 on April 26.
In the game to decide 3rd place in Group E, the Angle North Stars and the Pontiac Prowlers face off in an unlikely matchup.
This week Angle chooses to stick with their good luck charm white-over-navy road alts, in which they’ve gone 2-0-1 so far this season, going white-at-home as they host Pontiac. As I noted last weekend, soon Paul will be beginning his annual (and well-deserved) sabbatical, and as such, he’ll be leaving me in charge of the weekday Uni Watch postings.
As in the past, I’m always looking for readers for their help in suggesting topics and working with me to bring them about.
I am working on a future Uni Watch article and could use some assistance from the UW community. This guy, apparently a fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteers, shows his love of the team his own special way. Tennessee linebacker Jacques Smith and punter Derrick Brodus both posted these photos of helmets that could be the Vols new look for next season. Tennessee Football Helmet over "VOLS" decal is a great way to show your Vols spirit in the car or anywhere! Watch this inspiring video of game highlights, locker room speeches and crowd participation during critical UT games. So, rather than repeat myself on two different websites, I’ve come to you guys today with a Top 25 Uniforms in College Football Ranking. Many people didn’t understand this on my site because I presume they didn’t read this part and just jumped to the rankings when they read the title.
As far as criteria goes, I don’t really have one other than what looks good in my eyes versus what doesn’t. Oregon State – I know many of you guys will completely disagree with me here, but I LOVE the Beavers recent rebrand! Navy’s alternates – Like I said before, I’m not into ranking certain aspects of the uniform. Alabama – I had Alabama ranked #2 in my SEC rankings on my site, and a few people replied saying they would have had them ranked lower. Arizona State – I never thought Arizona State had an awful look before their recent rebrand, but it wasn’t a wonderful one either. Michigan State – The Spartans of East Lansing have had their great, simple, clean look for a few years now, and I’ve always enjoyed watching them. Penn State – Like I’ve said before, I enjoy and understand tradition as well as anyone else.
Northwestern – When UnderArmour originally revealed these uniforms last year, I was on the fence. Georgia – Georgia would easily have been a top 10 team if it weren’t for the rounded number font that they and Nike switched to last year.

Tennessee – Here’s a prime example of a team looking great but the manufacturer all but completely ruining it. Utah State – I’ll be honest, I never really knew a lot knew nothing about Utah State until they came to Auburn in 2011 for the season opener and almost put out the win. Oklahoma – Going along the lines of UCLA, I always thought Oklahoma has had a wonderful uniform.
Oklahoma State – I sometimes see Okie State as the tamer southern version of Oregon, as Nike likes to send a good bit of different uniform aspects down south and allow the Cowboys to mix and match to their pleasing. Vanderbilt – Here’s a team that never had a wonderful look in the past that cleaned up their look and now looks great. I know many of you will disagree with my listing here, so please leave a comment below with your own rankings.
I’m also working on individual conference rankings over the next few weeks prior to the season.
This time Providence is the road team and is wearing their white road jersey over the orange pants, a look that they went 1-0-1 in, with a win over Ontario and a tie against group champion St.
If you know of any pitchers who have a visible marking on their cap (from rosin, pine tar, etc.) please let me know. The real story is that Brodus was able to get the tape to go down the middle of the helmet.
This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. I don’t claim for my opinion to be correct, of the law, or the go-to list for uniform rankings. I’m not sure if that is just because they hated Alabama so much or just thought different teams had a better look.
Not sure exactly what it is, but Michigan State has just looked so great on the field lately. The UT orange looks great on a green playing surface and also pairs well with many other SEC teams. I’m not sure what got into these guys or Nike and think “Ya know, we NEED one of those different alternate uniforms!” Really, c’mon guys. I’m interested to see what you would place up there that I didn’t and what you’d leave off that I included. Yea, I kinda asked for that when I started an Auburn uniform site, so I can’t complain too much.
This makes it easier for teams like Oregon State, for which I think look wonderful in all three uniforms they wore last year, but also makes it tougher for great looking teams like Tennessee, who wore that awful “Smokey” grey alt last year.
I loved when they recently added the helmet numbers for a few games (or the whole year, I forget) which made the whole look that much better.
I’m not anti-change either, and I actually hope that Penn State adds the numbers or the great lion-head logo to the helmet. And I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed some of the alternates they wore a few years ago. And just two years later, Nike gave the Aggies some new uniforms, which I like, being very clean. The UCLA uniforms are always a classic look, and the blue and gold have always looked great paired together.
The Hot Rods are wearing gold pants for the first time, paring them with their home red jerseys in which they went 2-0-1 in. Recently on my site, I started a new series in which I rank the uniforms by conference, obviously starting with the SEC.
I love it so much that I just recently finished customizing my own version of the white lid!

And I always love to watch the Iron Bowl (especially in Jordan-Hare Stadium) and see the navy blue versus the crimson red on the luscious green field. I think the over-sized pitchfork is cool, but it’s something that gets old for me pretty quickly, sadly.
And then the “Smokey” grey alts last year looked awful, especially paired with the typical white helmet.
Sadly the “tire tread” template and the LA Steel alternates have really hurt their look in my eyes.
The UCLA stripes look a lot better than the piping on the old uniforms, and somehow SDSU still made those look good. I’ve always enjoyed the all white or white-green-white look, and have actually enjoyed the green pants. My Auburn bias (lifelong fan, current Auburn U student, AU uni blogger – yea, I’m pretty biased, not going to deny that) stirred up some controversy with a few readers for having Auburn ranked number one in the SEC. With the Army-Navy game being the one time many people actually see Navy play, I think it fits pretty well. But I enjoyed seeing a smaller tiered school get something a bit off the wall and it actually work. Why not go all out and give them a new helmet if you’re going to change a program like Tennessee’s uniforms, even for one game?
Sadly, the all-green “Pea Pods” uniforms are no longer available (according to the Herd Equipment Team last year). I really did like the uniforms that they wore the past two years to go along with the helmet. Despite the whole “they don’t wear true school colors” debate, I’m actually fine with that with the Ducks.
Thankfully they only have another year to go with adidas and then we’ll see if Nike can do them justice. I was soon asked by a reader if I was going to compile a Top 25 Uniform ranking or just continue with the conference-by-conference rankings. I think one of the best things a uniform has going for it is when there isn’t much that can be done to upgrade them. The Gators have always looked great, but a few minor changes over the past year or two haven’t worked well for me.
On my SEC rankings I placed UT down low because of the template and alternate, but here I’m just going to throw those out and go solely on the traditional uniform designs.
I enjoy hearing their reasoning behind whether or not they like or dislike a certain uniform. I’ve seen so many Auburn concepts over the years, and very few, if any, I actually think would look good, let alone be plausible to hit the field any time soon.
It’s probably that and their performance on the field as well that have knocked them a little lower than they probably should be. And that’s possibly just that they always wear their white uniforms, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m really not worried about being attacked by guys on here like in the twitterverse, but just thought I’d make that clear beforehand.

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