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Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
When I began as a film critic, Jean-Luc Godard was widely thought to have reinvented the cinema with "Breathless" (1960).
A collaboration between fledgling Reel FX Creative Studios and 20th Century Fox, “The Book of Life” is a rare cartoon feature that doesn’t just deserve to be seen in 3-D, but practically demands it. To an outsider looking in, the Mexican holiday a€?Dia de Los Muertos,a€? or a€?Day of the Deada€? may seem like a macabre tradition. For Jorge Gutierrez, Guillermo del Toro, Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, Ron Perlman, Ice Cube, and Kate del Castillo the a€?Day of the Dead,a€? is all about life, much like their new film.
Saldana: Ita€™s amazing what you discover that you are able to do once you really put your body and your soul into a skill and you try nothing but to master it.
Saldana: I play Maria, and Maria is this doting daughter that really wants to make her father proud but also wants to find her true voice and is a very confident and feisty individual who believes in the power of her convictions and also believes in the virtue of her friends. Gutierrez: Yeah, just so you guys know, I am obsessed with churros, in all my work, and Ia€™m guilty to admit this, but my favorite churros are in Disneyland. Be right back, headed to Disneyland for some of those famous churrosa€¦ on our way to catch a screening of The Book of Life, of course a€” in theaters October 17. But instead of being gaga for ghoulishness, this Mexican fiesta of animated splendor is packed with visual delights far more sunny than sinister as they burst forth as if flung from an over-packed pinata.
Complementing the eye candy is a quirkily eclectic soundtrack, including catchy new songs by award-winning score writer Gustavo Santaolalla and Paul Williams of “The Rainbow Connection” fame, and a wide-ranging voice cast.

You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie. Ruminating on those lost, hanging out in cemeteries, equipped with foods favored by deceased loved ones, foods never to be eaten a€” these customs may seem like an odd foundation for a family film. Check out some of the most intriguing (and hilarious) highlights of their conversation on their upcoming animated feature, The Book of Life.
I met Sandra, my wife who designed all the girls in the movie, I met Sandra when I was in high school and wea€™ve been together ever since. Ita€™s such a magical world that in the beginning there was a little bit of a fear that ita€™s just too magical from the start.
I realized Ia€™m not as tone deaf as I thought I was, and that some people would appreciate my shower singing. Despite protestations when online quizzes fail to read Chandler, she's a total Monica, and when she isn't recapping the latest episode of New Girl or discussing the most recent atrocity on The Walking Dead, you can find her challenging her baking skills in the kitchen or sheepishly attempting to make one complete journey without the aid of her GPS.
Our main hero, the tender-hearted Manola (Diego Luna, whose boyish vocals are a constant source of plaintive pleasure), comes from a long line of legendary bullfighters and is skilled in the ring himself.
For example, just to give you guys a nerdy detail, the male characters in the film have a pupil, but a triangle missing from the pupil. The boastful Joaquin (Channing Tatum, who taps into his abundant reserve of amusing swagger) is a man of action, a mucho-macho mustachioed bandit-rustler with a broad chest crammed with medals.They both pursue Maria, the smart and headstrong daughter of the general who runs their village of San Angel. She has all the usual attributes of the typical empowered animated female lead – a bookworm with martial-arts fighting skills and all that -- but is lucky enough to be blessed with the vivacious vocal spark of Avatar’s Zoe Saladana.The Book of Life’s multi-tiered plot also involves dueling married deities who reign over separate domains in the afterlife and decide to make a wager.

And so the idea in the film is that the male characters are missing something, and theya€™re trying to find themselves and the female characters are complete. La Muerte (well-known telenovela star Kate del Castillo), who oversees the cheery Land of the Remembered and believes in the decency of mortals, bets that sensitive soul Manolo will win Maria’s hand.
Xiabalba (Ron Perlman, a pet actor of the film’s producer, Guillermo del Toro), a devious sort who rules the dour Land of the Forgotten, backs the vain Joaquin.Xiabalba fools Manolo into entering The Land of the Remembered to seek Maria, when it turns out she has only fallen into a “Sleeping Beauty”-style slumber. In order to return to The Land of the Living himself, Manolo must undergo a series of challenges involving his colorful ancestors. Meanwhile, San Angel is being threatened by the fearsome bandit Chakal (whose metallic monster form feels like a del Toro invention) and his gang of nasty thieves.A three-way romance, multiple worlds, numerous feats, combative gods, a monstrous foe – all these layers make for a rather dense confection. From a chorus of angelic singing nuns and hirsute town elders whose protruding snouts recall the hippie era’s Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers to pigs-gone-wild mayhem and a tipsy mariachi trio who slur their way through Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” and Biz Markie’s “I’m Just a Friend,” “The Book of Life” isn’t afraid to catch us off guard. When a forlorn Manolo, abandoned by the townsfolk after refusing to kill a bull in the ring, starts to wail Radiohead’s “Creep,” you could hear teen girls at my screening yelp in joyful recognition. But Guiterrez even goes a step beyond, as “The Book of Life” personifies the philosophy that drives The Day of the Dead and encourages a healthy way to celebrate those who are gone. As he puts it, “As long as you remember those who came before you, and as long as you tell their stories, cook their dishes, and sing their songs  … they’re with you.
They live inside your heart.”And this filmmaker’s heart definitely beats inside this impressive debut.

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