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Power Discs are discs that are placed on the Disney Infinity Base in order to give a character special abilities and upgrades, or to place certain toys or customizations in the Toy Box. For Disney INFINITY, Toys "R" Us sold ten exclusive rare power discs, which were all sold in exclusive blind packs released one at a time at certain events at Toys "R" Us over the course of several months. Round or circular power discs are power discs that are placed under a figure on the Disney Infinity Base to give them special abilities.
There are currently several different kinds of round power discs, but only one type of round disc appeared in Disney Infinity: the ability disc. Team-Up discs allow players to temporarily spawn another character to fight alongside them in battle. Event discs are similar to team-up discs, but rather than summoning a character, they trigger an event in the world that harms enemies.
Hexagonal power discs are power discs that are placed on the hexagonal slot at the back of the Disney Infinity Base, where a Play Set piece would normally go.
Toy discs are hexagonal discs that summon a toy for use in the Toy Box, and are represented by an orange color and a ball at the bottom of the disc. Customization discs are hexagonal discs that change the environment of the Toy Box, and are represented by a purple color and a paintbrush at the bottom of the disc. Rare discs are certain power discs that are more difficult to obtain than most normal discs. In Disney Infinity 2.0, the discs were still sold in blind packs of two discs each, but the packs' design was changed. Series 1 of the Disney Infinity power discs consisted of twenty discs: four ability discs, eight toy discs, and eight customization discs. Saban Brands strengthens its Power Rangers costume business through licensing renewals with Disguise Inc., Rubie’s Costume Company, and Morphsuits.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Each of these special packs contained one exclusive power disc and one other random, nonexclusive power disc. Costume change discs possess dual function: they enhance characters' abilities in the exact same way that the ability discs from the first game do, but they are also equipped with the added bonus that they change the entire outfit and appearance of one specific character when in use.
For example, Zeus' Thunderbolts triggers a thunderstorm that attacks enemies with thunder and lightning. Unlike round power discs, they can only be used in the Toy Box, and not in play sets or Toy Box Games. This toy always comes in the form of a Vehicle (such as Mickey's Car), a Mount (such as Abu the Elephant), a Pack (such as Carl Fredricksen's Cane), or a Tool (such as the Dragon Firework Cannon).

There are two types of customization discs: Skydome discs, which change the toy box's sky, and Texture Set discs, which change the design of the Terrain and Plants in the toy box.
Most of them are marked by the transparent orange (on hexagonal discs) or red (on round discs) color of the disc's border, which on discs of normal rarity is clear.
The discs' packaging is light blue in color, and includes a picture of the Disney INFINITY logo and some of the game's Playable Characters.
The blind packs were done away with and replaced with transparent theme packs, each of which contains four discs that all share something in common, so far coming from the same franchise.
Of these, seventeen were ability discs, twenty-six were toy discs, and the remaining twenty were customization discs. Power Rangers costumes from Disguise will be available throughout North America, and Rubie’s will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Circular discs go under a figure to provide stat boosts to your character, change their costume, summon another character to fight with your character, or trigger an event that will deal damage to enemies.
For example, Bolt's Super Strength increases the damage inflicted by the character's attacks by 10%. For example, Cursed Pirate Gold decreases the damage taken by any character who uses it, but it also changes Captain Jack Sparrow's appearance to his cursed form from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. After use, a team-up power disc must be allowed to recharge, meaning a player must wait until the yellow power meter surrounding the disc's icon on the left side of the screen has filled up before the disc can be used again. There are two types of hexagonal power discs: toy discs (which place toys in the toy box) and customization discs (which change the Terrain Themes and Skydome of the toy box). Each skydome disc has a corresponding texture set disc, meaning that customization discs always come in pairs.
Each of the three series of power discs in this game were sold in separate waves, which means they were packaged at different times and thus were all added to different batches of packs that were made. The packs this time were divided into two classes: those containing Marvel Comics discs and those containing Disney Originals discs.
These packs are rectangular in shape, and the packaging is colored either purple (for Disney Originals packs) or red (for Star Wars packs). Hexagonal disks are placed on the hexagonal spot at the back of the base, where a Play Set piece would normally go, and provide either texture customizations (Skydomes and Texture Sets) or new toys for your Toy Box. Many of these discs have the exact same function, for example, Bolt's Super Strength and Ralph's Power of Destruction. Often, the reason for these discs' rarity is that they are only sold in certain specific places.
For this reason, each pack of discs has a red banner in the upper left-hand corner that denotes which series the pack is from (series 1, series 2, or series 3), and thus which discs the pack contains.

The Marvel discs had an image of most of the game's Marvel Figures and the Marvel Comics logo, while the Disney Originals discs featured an image of most of the game's Disney Originals figures and the game's "Disney Originals" logo.
They also showcase the logo of either Disney or Star Wars, as well as the name of the pack. Out of those, ten were exclusively sold at Toys "R" Us, although four of those were also sold in the Target-exclusive series 2 power disc pack. Only two of this type of disc can be placed on the base at the same time, or the Infinity Base will not be able to read the figure. If two of the same disc (or two discs with identical function) are added, the disc's individual effect is doubled. Placing a customization disc on the Disney Infinity Base will allow the player to continue to use the disc's customization for as long as the game is powered on, whether the power disc is removed or not; however, if the game is turned off and then powered back on, the discs must be placed back onto the base in order for the player to use them.
The Toys "R" Us-exclusive packs have a very similar design, but is gold rather than light blue, and the red banner in the corner does not have a series denoted on it, but instead simply says "2 Power Discs". Ability discs can be used both in the Toy Box and all Play Sets in their compatible games, with the exception that Disney Original event power discs cannot enter into Marvel Comics-themed play sets in Disney Infinity 2.0.
Additionally, there are certain combinations of ability discs that, when placed on the Infinity Base together, give the player a third additional ability as well, an effect known as Power Disc Alchemy.
When an ability disc's effect takes place, a circle appears on the ground beneath the character using it.
If the answer is no, the player still can theme objects they are placing in the toy box to its theme.
The only rare power discs that do not have the rare design are the two Aladdin customization discs, which are exclusively available in the Aladdin Toy Box Pack, making them harder to obtain than most discs, making them rare. If more than one customization disc is placed on the base, the game chooses one to apply at random, again giving players the option to theme the entire toy box (to the random theme) in the case of the texture set discs.
Often, these discs are depicted with a question mark at the bottom, where the disc's identification symbol should be; however, this mark is not present on the actual disc.
No new circular power discs that only affected abilities were added to Disney Infinity 2.0 (except in the mobile version of the game), as the addition of costume change discs rendered them obsolete.

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