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Forty years and his fame is undiminished, his fans’ adoration unabated and his record unequalled.  Of the 11 champions who have won the Triple Crown since 1919, only the mighty Secretariat broke all three track records. As legions of fans know and appreciate, Penny did not retire from the scene after Secretariat retired from racing. At the TCA dinner, Julie Cauthen, club president said, “Through all of these years, Penny Chenery has remained the epitome of a grand lady of racing, always representing the highest ambitions and standards of those to whom the Thoroughbred is an important part of life. In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Penny, with deep gratitude for your magnificent champions and your inspiring career!  We will see you soon! Later, he would walk seven miles from his house in Ashland to exercise the Thoroughbreds owned by his cousin Bernard Doswell at his farm at Bullfield, once a legendary racing stable. The horse-crazy boy grew up to become an accomplished horseman, teaching equitation for the U.S. Once he rebuilt the farm, he set about building up his foundation stock.  Known to have “an eye for a mare,” Chenery purchased well-bred but affordable broodmares.
Not until 1972 did Chris Chenery’s dream of breeding a Kentucky Derby winner finally come true.  Riva Ridge, by First Landing, avenged his sire’s defeat and brought home the roses for Meadow Stable. Penny had taken over management of Meadow Stable when her father fell ill in the late 1960s. And so we celebrate Chris Chenery, the  “Virginia gentleman” as sportswriters called him, whose dream turned into an American legend! NOTE:  Look for our upcoming post on Penny Chenery, who celebrates her 91st birthday later this month and has kept the legacy of her father and Secretariat alive for over 40 years. Foaled at the Aga Khan’s Sheshoon Stud in Ireland in 1940, Nasrullah earned an impressive reputation as a champion racehorse in Europe.
This was a horse with an attitude, as this blog post by John Sparkman of “The Pedigree Curmudgeon” colorfully illustrates.
Nasrullah’s difficult behavior convinced the Aga Khan to sell him instead of standing him at stud. Hancock tried twice to purchase Nasrullah with no success. Finally, in what Bill Nack called “a masterstroke in American breeding,” Hancock put together a syndicate in 1949 which purchased the Irish stallion for $340,000. His star status had soared after his son Noor defeated the great Triple Crown winner Citation in four stakes races.  Noor was named champion older male horse, as well as top money winner that year.
In his book on Secretariat, Nack related how the stallion grooms heard Nasrullah nickering in his paddock just before he died.  Knowing that the bay stallion never nickered, they realized something was wrong and rushed to him. We’ll start with Nearco, Secretariat’s paternal great grandsire, since this photo of him sparked a surge of interest when we posted it. That the stallion merited his own bomb shelter speaks to his enormous importance in the world of Thoroughbred breeding. Some of his most famous progeny include Nasrullah (sire of Bold Ruler and grandsire of Secretariat), Nearctic and Royal Charger. Thus, the influence of Nearco was surely felt at Meadow Stable and far beyond.  Secretariat, who sired 653 foals, and Riva Ridge, who sired 359 foals, continued to perpetuate his remarkable bloodline. In the meantime, here is a great photo of Penny with Charlie Davis at the Secretariat Festival. And here is a photo of Penny with Ron Turcotte at the Thoroughbred Club dinner held in her honor on Sept.
On August 10, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga will induct Planet into the Hall of Fame in the historical category.  Not only did this great champion and Bullfield Stable symbolize an era known as “the golden age of Virginia horse racing,” but they were an early influence on a horse-crazy boy named Christopher T. Planet and Bullfield influenced not only Thoroughbred history but also the history of  Meadow Stable in neighboring Caroline County. Of course other great bloodlines are present in these Derby contenders such as Seattle Slew, Mr. No Le Hace also tried to make a run at Riva, but the bay colt sailed across the finish line under a hand ride by Ron. The Kentucky sun shone brightly on Virginia’s Meadow Stable that day as Granddaddy’s Derby jinx finally lifted.

Megan & Liz take a break from their promo tour to talk with Tommy2 about their new single and first headlining tour. Today we’ve got a new interview with Sean Michael Cunningham from the upcoming film, Secretariat. Things are still up in the air in regards to BG5 finalizing a record deal, but things are definitely moving forward. The trailer for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie – Avalon High starring Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson is now online. On November 6th, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation will be hosting the Kids For Kids Family Carnival in New York!
The book series Pretty Little Liars has been slowly crawling back up the Amazon 100 list since the TV series started airing.
Big things were happening in sports in the early 1970’s, and Secretariat was an important part of the story. Today, there are whole cable networks devoted exclusively to sports, and the major networks spend millions (even billions!) for the rights to broadcast the big events of the major sports. Corporations have advertised forever at sporting events, but it was in the 1970’s that they began to absolutely lavish money on sports.
Landry dreamed up a $250,000 Marlboro Cup match race pitting Secretariat against Riva Ridge, the stablemate of Secretariat. There were problems with the concept, including rules in New York that prohibited pari-mutuel betting on races in which the only entrants were owned by the same owner. Secretariat did lose to a horse with the ignominious name of Onion, but Landry survived. Heading into the far turn, Riva Ridge pounced on Onion, and Secretariat commenced his move, too.
Interestingly, the previous world record had been set in the last meeting of Kentucky Derby winners. They will be joined by some of the original grooms and riders who assisted with Secretariat when he was a colt at the Virginia farm. Perhaps it began in 1888 when his father Jimmy Chenery lifted him aboard a horse as a toddler at The Meadow, the family’s ancestral homeplace owned by their cousin, Mary Ann Morris. Several of them, such as Hildene, Iberia, Imperatrice and her daughter,  Somethingroyal, became some of the most influential broodmares of the 20th century.
Over the protests of her family, she vowed to keep racing the horses and to keep her father’s dream alive.  “At least he knew,” she has said about Riva winning the Derby. Sir Gaylord, after his pre-Derby injury, distinguished himself as a sire of international importance through his best son, Sir Ivor. Though he would not duplicate Nearco’s unbeaten record, he won five of ten stakes races and placed in three others. As Nasrullah settled into his paddock at Claiborne Farm, the stallion in the adjoining paddock was also having a very good year.
Nearco (1935-1957) stamped his place in history as one of the most prepotent and influential sires of the 20th century. Those were the days when horses raced in heats ranging from one to four miles, sometimes running as much as 12 miles in one afternoon. According to John Hervey, this talent landed him in trouble at the New York track in 1860 where he was being worked at a flying trot before a meet.
Alexander of Woodburn Farm in Kentucky, where he lived until his death in 1875 at the age of 20. Prospector and Northern Dancer for example.   But for the legions of Secretariat fans, the Big Red flame is still burning bright. Later, he would rescue the same farm as it was sinking into debt and preserve it as the launching pad of its greatest champion. She was sitting with Bull Hancock’s family and literally beating on Clay Hancock as she shouted “We’re winning!

Breeding for both speed and stamina, he had sent three strong Derby contenders to the post (including Riva’s sire First Landing)  as well as many notable stakes winners. Click here to listen in as he talks about how he got his big break, his thoughts on the horse Secretariat, working with Amanda Michalka, and more! The show will be taped on October 13th and if you’re in NYC on that day you can request free tickets.
Over the weekend Savvy received a favorable approval for their song Dance With Me Now on the Radio Disney Music Mailbag. Attendees will be able to sample food, enjoy fun games and mingles with entertainers and artists. It was the dawning of the age of corporate sponsorship of sports, and the sponsors were especially interested in television. There’s the Winston Cup, the Rolaids Relief Man Award, Bank One Ballpark, Toyota Blue Grass, Visa Triple Crown, and on and on. He saw in the amazing popularity of Secretariat the chance to expand corporate sponsorship into new territories, reaching millions of Americans through television. The press had fun with it, suggesting that instead of Secretariat and Riva Ridge, the Marlboro Cup should match Wichita Oil and Onion, or the Marlboro Man versus a camel.
They abandoned the match race idea and created an invitational event that would pit all the top horses in the Marlboro Cup. As they turned for home, it was just Secretariat and Riva Ridge, and suddenly a match race, after all. It marked the beginning of increased television interest in racing’s big events, and more corporate sponsorship in other major sports. Such races would be unthinkable today, as would the practice of racing the horse again after only a three-day layoff, as Planet’s schedule occasionally dictated. A race official ordered Planet and his rider off the track, declaring that trotters were not allowed.
This is also a source of great pride to us Virginians, as Secretariat was born and first trained at Chris Chenery’s Meadow Stable in Doswell, VA. This allowed the colt to sprint to the front where the field of fifteen couldn’t block him.
Now my mother too had defied all the skeptics and fulfilled her father’s lifelong ambition.  Her unshakable determination and perseverance, along with a solid belief in the homely bay horse who could run like a deer, had brought her far from those first tentative days of running a racing stable.
Today, they’re in Howell, MI for the final day of taping the second season of The Wannabes starring Savvy. That idea fizzled when the Buick Open was played in Pontiac, Michigan, which meant the Buick Open became the Pontiac Open.
In 1983, she was elected to membership in The Jockey Club,  one of its first women members. A leading advocate for the health and welfare of retired Thoroughbreds, Penny was instrumental in creating the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. His son, Hill Prince, out of Chris Chenery’s Meadow Stable mare, Hildene, had won the 1950 Preakness and beaten Noor in the two-mile Jockey Club Gold Cup that year. His most famous grandson, of course, was Secretariat, who was also the grandson of Princequillo on his dam’s side.
Racehorses of the 20th Century includes several Nearco descendants:  Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Bold Ruler, Nashua, Ruffian, Northern Dancer, Riva Ridge and Fort Marcy. Other horsemen jumped to Planet’s defense, finally convincing the official to rescind his order against the champion Thoroughbred. The chancy, last-minute tactic of widening the blinker slits had helped Riva keep his challengers in sight.
One wag wondered what the paper would do when Dove soap sponsored a women’s golf tournament.

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