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A 1992 study by John Kotter and James Heskett revealed that over a ten-year period, companies that intentionally “managed their cultures well” outperformed similar organizations that didn’t.
My life has improved greatly through working with my life coach, years of therapy have not got me to the point I am at now. If you want to cause real and meaningful change for yourself or your organization, you've come to the right place. With over ten years of coaching and training, Meredith Haberfeld is co-founder of IFC Coaching, and prior to that Meredith was a Senior Vice President of Paradigm Direct, a $200 Million Dollar marketing services firm, managing a team of over 60 employees. MaryAnn Gonzalez serves as a consultant to executive teams, sales forces and individual professionals throughout a variety of industries and corporations. Merideth Mehlberg, Executive Coach and Career Strategist, helps professionals transform their work from blah to bliss.
Deborah is a Certified Professional Coach, Master Energy Leadership Practitioner and a professional public speaker. Jay Feldman has worked in the financial services field for over 30 years, training, coaching and consulting with the industries firms and advisors.
Rachel Karu, MS, ACC is described by her clients as "a gifted coach and facilitator who is both intuitive and pragmatic." Rachel's 19 years of HR, coaching, training, and speaking experience includes being Manager of Training and Organizational Development at Easton Sports, and HR Manager at EMI Music Distribution. As an executive leadership development coach, Valia propels business leaders to reach their full potential across a wide array of business challenges and opportunities. Nancy Ancowitz is a business communication coach and author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®, a Publisher's Weekly "Best Book" selection.
Lillian is a personal development "life" coach who partners with her clients in creating meaningful, balanced, and fulfilling lives. With over 20 years experience as a consultant, coach, public speaker, and national sales trainer, Mickey has consulted, designed and delivered workshops nationally. Courtney Webster is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and creator of Your Recovered Life Series, featuring exciting conversations with those who have found their calling in recovery and are living lives beyond their wildest dreams.
Teri Goetz, AAC, MS, L.AC is fiercely committed to revolutionizing what women believe is possible for themselves – in their careers, lives and relationships. Nick's strengths in performance consulting, leadership development and coaching are designed to align leadership teams, clarify strategies and create high-functioning work environments where teams are engaged in a spirit of collaboration. The founder of Ferris & Associates and primary consultant with over 20 years’ experience, Patrick (Pat) Ferris is considered a coach’s coach. The result is that Ferris & Associates becomes full partners, trusted advisors, working directly with leaders for optimal personal, professional, team and organizational growth. We grow leaders, teams, and organizations, facilitating collaborative learning, skilled natural leadership, and sustainable high performance results. 1 Corporate Coaching & Learning - Team Coaching - Executive Coaching - Training Institute - Aligned Leadership - Workshops - Wellness Coaching Opleiding.
Investering +Opvraging - Beleefdheid Beloftes naleven Eerlijkheid Zijn excuses aanbieden Strokes Gebrek aan beleefdheid Aan beloftes verzaken Oneerlijkheid Zich niet verontschuldigen Negeren, arrogantie.. De realiteit STIMULUS RESPONS ? Bij reactieve mensen is het de omgeving die bepalend is voor hun humeur, emoties en reactie.

Coach) : Het is de reactivatie van affecten (liefde, haat, … ) uit het verleden die we in de kindertijd hebben ontwikkeld tegenover bepaalde figuren (ouders of anderen) en die we nu eenzijdig beleven in een bepaalde relatie.
Noties Psychologie ? De projectie : Is de neiging bij de andere negatieve of positieve aspecten van zichzelf te zien.
Would you rather be dependent on brilliant people working around broken processesa€¦ OR World Class processes that allow everyone in the organization to succeed?
These are process improvement methodologies that have changed the way organizations do business. LEAN puts a laser-sharp focus on Customer Value and waste elimination, but places little or no emphasis on sustainment. So each of these methodologies have areas of unique efficiency, and they each have their own shortcomings or blind spots. My Life Coach knew exactly the questions to ask and aspect to deal with in order to open up my eyes to things about myself I had never seen before. Her business background makes her especially effective in working with entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. She earned her certification as a Professional Coach through the International Coach Academy.
During his 40-year career he coached and guided approximately 100 executives, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and take significant strides in their career paths. A fierce believer in human progress and the ability of individuals, teams and organizations to evolve functionally and culturally, MaryAnn's talent lies in her ability to quickly pinpoint and resolve personal development and business issues that stifle performance and creativity. She specializes in guiding corporate managers, executives and successful entrepreneurs to build joy and innovation into their life and work. Jay has built branch offices from inception and used his business development skills to enhance advisors skill sets in areas such as client acquisition, marketing and other branding initiatives. She holds an MS in Counseling for Business and Coaching Credential through the International Coach Federation. She works with leaders, followers and teams to facilitate all-in engagement with themselves, others, and their environment. From developing processes and strategy to enhancing personal balance and power, Valia guides her clients to transformational, meaningful, and long-lasting change. She helps clients – introverts and extroverts alike – with vital career-building and leadership skills: influencing audiences in front of a room as well as one on one. She works with her clients to form clear visions for the areas of their lives where they seek results, and then projects are devised with set goals to achieve those results. She works with a wide range of leaders and executives producing business value through creative and actionable strategy in turn bringing about lasting change that adds to the quality of their lives and personal well-being. Courtney's a dynamic and compassionate coach, known for helping clients make bold and courageous changes. Teri is a wise, grounded expert who helps you reconnect with that passion and purpose deep inside of you, push aside your fears and find what's been missing in your life.
Nick brings extensive experience in integrating and improving multiple business channels as well as helping clients formulate and align on strategies to drive higher revenues and greater results.

Throughout his career, Mark has gravitated to those roles that have allowed him to refine his analytical thinking and strategic positioning skills, as well as his communication, leadership, and negotiation skills.
Om het te downloaden, raad, alsjeblieft, deze presentatie aan je vrienden in de sociale netwerken. POWER ? Zichzelf en de anderen vertrouwen, weten dat ieder het potentieel in zich heeft om te groeien en problemen op te lossen.
De realiteit STIMULUS RESPONS ? Proactieve mensen gebruiken de vrije ruimte tussen de stimulus en de geconditioneerde reactie om keuzes te maken die kaderen in de zin van hun waarden. But ita€™s 100% internally focused, with an extremely limited concern for the customera€™s voice and zero focus on continued improvement.
At X-Stream Leadership Group, wea€™ve discovered a way to combine the 3 so that they are mutually supportive and eliminate each of their respective weaknesses!
Once incapable of speaking up for myself and being a independent, strong person, I am so impressed with my progress.
We are working together in a more productive way, our results are up and work is more satisfying to both me and my employees. She combines a diverse and successful business background with extensive coaching, communication, and facilitation experience. In addition, he has been a presenter and moderator for several Leadership courses at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Center for Creative Leadership. Her effortless dance between expert career advice and compassionate curiosity is based on years spent recruiting and managing teams, in-depth coaching training and on-the-ground experience guiding hundreds of professionals through the career transformation process. Her passion lies in rehumanizing the workplace in service of healthy, happy, and engaged communities.
Together Lillian and her clients create and implement structures as a way of hitting set milestones and achievements toward the client's goal.
Mark draws on his years of business experience as a salesperson, manager, and C-level leader to help others grow professionally and achieve their goals.
Corporate Coaching & Learning - Team Coaching - Executive Coaching - Training Institute - Aligned Leadership - Workshops - Wellness Naar C. She respects and acknowledges the many vital aspects that make up our lives and takes a "whole you" approach to her work. Deborah also provides training in areas including Leadership Development, Team Building and Conflict Management.
PROTECTION ? Zichzelf en de anderen beschermen door redelijke grenzen te stellen om de voorwaarden te stellen voor materiele en psychologische veiligheid.
Randi brings a unique combination of skills, experience, and "know how" to coaching, providing clients with a thought-provoking, substantive, and practical process to maximize their personal and professional potential. PERMISSION ? Zichzelf en de anderen de toelating geven om te ZIJN en te DOEN, ttz het leven te leiden op een AUTONOME manier, bewust van eigen VERANTWOORDELIJKHEID om verandering te brengen in DOEN, DENKEN, VOELEN.

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