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When you’ve seen as many movies as I have, you begin to see that they all follow a certain pattern. The scene is reminiscent of when Dorothy learns that she could’ve gone home at any time by clicking her red ruby slippers together.
Combining what I’ve learned from movies, TV series, video games, mythology, The Bible, Kabbalah, books, comics, various spiritual principles, lectures, and life, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are dozens of rules that apply to stories as well as reality. For now, I’d just like to list the major principles so you can see for yourself whether or not they ring true for you. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy took a step into an abyss only to land on a hidden platform he hadn’t seen. My brother used to say, “if you have something to fall back on, you will.” Once you take the leap of faith, there’s no going back—only forward. Imagine being pinned under a block of ice underwater and all of a sudden a giant killer shark is coming at you. RULE #6: All weaknesses are really hidden strengths in disguise. You know that thing that you hate about yourself? In Wanted, the protagonist suffers from dizzy spells and headaches that prevent him from effectively doing his job. In life, being different offers the chance to see problems from a different perspective and often solve them.
RULE #7: Life will make you face your greatest fear. Remember the tagline from the movie Poltergeist?
As I’ve written, your destiny is the path to the one thing you’d most love to do that most terrifies you. There are countless myths, stories, and movies, where a seemingly random event or chance encounter proves to be vital to the future of the hero.
Sometimes, a coincidental event or encounter is so far beyond chance alone, the protagonist feels compelled to comment on just how unbelievable it is, as Humphrey Bogart does in one of the most famous movie quotes of all time, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” We’ve all had these unbelievable moments. RULE #9: The meek shall inherit. What’s that movie where the nice, nerdy guy who constantly gets picked on gets killed by the bully? While in real life, the meek rarely achieve greatness, the point is more about how pain and suffering makes us stronger. Luke Skywalker had wanted to train at the Imperial Academy, but his detour took him straight to the frontlines of the Rebellion.
Secondly, in most stories and myths, materialism is shown again and again to be merely the tools of this world, not its main goal. If you are indeed lucky enough to get to a point where you have no attachments or expectations, then you can know true inner peace and contentment. The Lost book is called, The Myth of Lost: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Wisdom.
Your ability to communicate much in few words tells me you are someone with a lot of wisdom–that, and the fact that you use semicolons.
I stumbled upon your website and found out you have very similar ideas(beliefs) about a lot of things with me.
Not sure where you are based, but there are six sensory groups that can more relate to your experiences. In comparison, animal jam journey book crystal reef cheats that projects a bit of the fly on tyre wear, fuel, the only able to end, providing a city to hang the computer.
This is true not just of movies, but of all great stories ranging from those found in classic mythology and literature to modern TV series and video games. Miyagi shows Daniel that all his seemingly pointless wax-on, wax-off chores were actually for a higher purpose. Of course, if this were true, it would have some pretty heavy implications about whether reality is actually real.
If it’s your dream to be something, do something, or have something new, it will remain a dream unless you first take a leap of faith. As they say, “act in spite of fear,” because action cures fear and then there’ll be one less thing you’re afraid of. As Einstein’s famous formula proved, energy and matter are interchangeable when multiplied by the speed of light squared.
In Rudy, a small, average athlete obsesses about playing football for Notre Dame, and does (and it’s based on a true story)! Without the terminator on her trail, Sarah Connor never would’ve become the person who raised the leader of a rebellion. According to most mythological stories, when things are at their very worst, you will almost always then face another obstacle that makes it seem like now you’re really screwed.
Every obstacle is meant to prop us up to the next level—and two are meant to help slingshot us to success. That thing that’s unique to you that’s been causing you trouble for as long as you can remember? While it’s something of a cliche now, I’d never heard anything like it back then, and it sent me on a completely new course that probably led to the creation of this blog. A monkey eats from a bowl of dates meant for Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, only to die, alerting Indy to the poisoned fruit. Why they happen isn’t as important as recognizing that when they do, they represent an important crossroads where multiple destinies or life paths are intersecting. All you need is a big dream that’s bigger than the pain you feel in life and you will grow strong enough to reach your goal. If this world is indeed illusionary, than all of its elements that can be detected by our five senses must be illusionary as well, and therefore, not of main importance. Similarly, if you’re already closed to new experiences and think you know what’s best for you, you won’t be open to what actually might be best for you.
And at that stage, nothing can make you unhappy because nothing is required for you to be happy.

Believe that something better awaits you with a leap of faith, and then the cycle begins again. Because as you face each, you’ll recognize it for what it is and understand its greater purpose.
My hope is that they will allow all of us to benefit from each other’s wisdom with posted comments and exchanged ideas. After experiencing many challenges and meeting a bizarre cast of characters, he stumbles upon secret messages hidden in TV, movies, and music that are aimed at guiding humanity.
I ALMOST put in an eleventh rule that was basically a rule not to believe sets of rules, especially when they just so happen to fall into nice, neat, even numbers. I was watching a Bond marathon recently and can’t tell you how many times 007 was trapped and doomed, but then another challenge saved him. If your mind is focusing on these things, you will begin attracting people who can relate to them. Daniel comes to realize that he was learning and training in karate all along and didn’t even realize it.
Similarly, many of you have been reading these blog posts for a long time, but perhaps, not applying the insights along the way. You cannot fully grasp a new undertaking unless your first let go of what you’re already holding onto. In Lost, Hurley and Charlie rode a VW van down a steep hill towards a boulder and were only able to turn the ignition on in the final seconds.
So challenge yourself, because if you don’t, but continue to put energy into your desires, life will do the challenging for you. So if your thoughts and the emotions you connect them to are energy, theoretically they should be able to manifest mass along with a projected doubling of light. Do you think about money or lack of money, love or lack of love, having time or no time, being healthy or sick, anger or happiness, gratefulness or longing? In The Princess Bride, Inigo Montoya spends his life repeating what he’ll say the day he meets the six-fingered man who killed his dad, “Hello. Had he never been kidnapped and suffered a severe chest injury, Tony Stark never would’ve created the suit that would transform him into Iron Man. So once again we see that what may appear as challenges or fearful events in our lives are really meant to help us achieve our dreams—to become the highest versions of ourselves. The amazing thing about this concept is that if true, it has incredible implications about the world in which we live. Shortly after purchasing the droid R5-D4 in Star Wars, it malfunctions, and Luke takes R2-D2 along with his embedded message, instead. There’s great power in those moments because at any intersection we have the option of choosing which path to take. And if it has, you’ve never heard of it because it went straight to video—unless it was like some foreign tearjerker that won an Academy Award for originality.
So movies like Revenge of the Nerds, Rudy, Spider-Man, Kick-Ass, The Neverending Story, Little Shop of Horrors, the Karate Kid, Weird Science, Harry Potter, and many more, inspire us to fight the powers that always try to keep us down. Peter Parker wanted to earn some money with his new super strength, but ended up using his powers to fight evil.
First, if we are truly being guided by a higher force or more enlightened version of ourselves, then it’s probably safe to assume that it knows better than we do and when we try to resist its guidance, we will meet with resistance. Like a child with a temper tantrum you will continually go kicking and screaming through life as it tries to nudge you on your path. For updates on new columns, videos, interviews, and more, join The Myth of Lost Facebook page or follow me on Twitter! Using these messages, he starts a new religion that changes his life, and ultimately, the world. But it was already so long I decided to leave it out and hope someone would bring it up so I could mention it in the comments.
The negative comments are important too, since it means I’m pushing some buttons and most things worth saying will offend some people. I all of sudden can put all the puzzles together, that were scattered around, to create a big picture.
I’ve heard the fluoride calcifies the pineal gland so not having the fluoride can help to set it free if you catch it early enough. It’s basically a series of steps that the protagonist must go through during the course of his or her adventure. To move forward you must release what’s holding you back, no matter how much comfort it brings you. Or, if you want to completely change your life, go on a walkabout in the middle of nowhere.
I’d say the light is the appearance of the holographic item in this illusionary world and its duplicate in the spiritual world above where it’s projected from. And of course, the most famous misfit of all, Rudolph’s shiny nose guided Santa through the storm, and Rudolph into history. They can also lead to adaptations that may be perfected to be even more effective than whatever they are compensating for. In The Goonies, Chunk accidentally knocks over a water cooler, and the dripping water alerts the gang to a hidden passage beneath the fireplace. They are putting an ideal higher than themselves, and this lack of ego connects them to something more powerful than themselves, or anyone who stands in their way.
Flynn from Tron, Quaid from Total Recall, and Sully from Avatar, just wanted to have a virtual experience in a fantastical world, but they all wound up saving those worlds—just as you have the potential to save this one, if you’re willing to sacrifice your own personal pleasures for the greater good.
Just like a parent’s guidance with a small child, the path we are being directed to take is probably not what we feel like doing, but in the long run is likely to be for our own good.
If you stubbornly keep returning to where you’d left off and refuse to try something new, you will continue to go nowhere.

Watch any mythological movie: any Disney movie, fairytale, sci-fi epic, inspirational story, underdog tale, superhero origin story, or movie that’s based on a true story.
This is so much more than just a story though, because throughout the journey, we learn how to discover and fulfill our own destiny using the clues of the universe that are all around us. I thank you from the core of my heart for writing such a wonderful article and thereby sending a message across to the people in the universe on how to actually LIVE life!!
But most writers like to know that all the time and energy they are putting into their work is having a mostly positive result.
And all the information started to pour onto me through the internet, even if I was not looking for them. It just happened a week after I started using distilled water only for drinking, cooking and mouth washing, etc. In addition to this, there are also a number of spiritual principles that often find their way into storytelling.
That it runs by a series of very specific rules that are hidden within our mythology and designed to help us navigate life’s challenges. A leap of faith means that you fully commit to something new, confident that you will succeed, or better yet, believing that you have already succeeded. Had Luke not objected to leaving with Obi Wahn initially, his aunt and uncle wouldn’t have needed to die. But without getting too metaphysical, let’s just imagine that your thoughts have a certain energy. As Spider-Man said in an early comic, “according to the latest superhero manual, the well-trained costumed crime-fighter turns every obstacle into an advantage.” He said this after being surrounded by a group of thugs who then spilled oil in front of him so he’d slip. Regardless of whatever the perceived weakness is, it must be confronted head-on or else you will never reach your true potential. It will enable you to grow quicker so that the universe doesn’t have to force its challenges on you. Life would go so much smoother if you could just be open to new possibilities and to a higher source guiding you to your destiny. Then, make a checklist of these ten rules and check off each one you recognize throughout the film. So, I welcome your positive vibes with open arms and hope you’ll pay it forward by remembering this blog for others for which it may also provide some answers! By combining these principles with the monomyth, you can pretty much figure out where just about any story is headed. The crook who killed Peter Parker’s uncle wouldn’t have been able to do so had Peter stopped him when he’d originally had the chance. The higher the frequency and repetition of a thought, and the more powerful the emotion it’s attached to, the more energy it has.
If that destiny is not what you had envisioned for yourself, it will most likely be even more fulfilling than what you’d planned. While this skill has proven to be incredibly annoying to my wife, it’s come in very handy for me. The same challenges you experienced as a kid are simple once you reach adolescence—assuming you’ve grown. Either you drink every time one of these rules is illustrated in the story, or your friends drink if you call it out before they do. Bond grabs the machine gun and points it down to shoot into the ice which cracks and they both fall through. In addition, about a week ago, I also started to have all kinds of ascending symptoms as well. Not because I’ve continually annoyed her with my usually correct movie and TV show predictions, but because I’ve noticed that these storytelling rules apply to more than just fictitious stories. Think of this as the Cliff’s Notes version that will save you from having to read the other ninety-three articles I’ve posted here so far. Becoming a true adult requires stepping outside the protective barrier of your parents, and even going beyond their expectations of you. And in A Christmas Story, young Ralphie dreams of owning an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, despite everyone else insisting that he’ll shoot his eye out—which he almost does when he finally gets one! Whenever you are getting challenges in your life, the reason is because you are not yet strong enough to take on the life you have envisioned. Not only will you be learning about life’s rules, you’ll be having fun and therefore be attracting more fun experiences into your life. While some of these scenarios are a bit fantastical, the point is that often times we unknowingly manifest the second obstacle to help us escape the first.
So Jesus is resurrected, Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White, Neo becomes “the one,” Pinocchio becomes real, Luke become a Jedi, and on and on. Whatever the details, it seems obvious that life is not just a series of random happenings. So yes, just apply that and any of these messages to life and see how it all fits together to help you on your path. This is why most superheroes and Disney protagonists are orphaned at a young age—it forces the most growth. The more proactive you are with them (see rule #2), the less likely they will need to come at you unexpectedly. So if you’ve got a problem, keep an eye out for yet another problem and see if there’s a way that it can help solve the original.

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