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Entering the chamber looking upward, you can see the corbelled ceiling with the modern scaffolding. CAIRO (AFP) — Arqueologos que trabajaban  en una oasis egipcio  encontraron una necropolis  conteniendo numerosas momias  de hace mas de 4.000 anos . La necropolis se desscubrio cerca de la piramide de  Ilahun , en el oasis del Fayum , al sur de El Cairo. Abdel-Rahman el-Ayedi, que dirige la mision, dijo que tambine se ha encontrado una capilla funeraria del Imperio Medio con una mesa de ofrendas , y que es probable que se usase en epoca romana  hasta al menos el  337 d.C.
Tambien se han encontrado  15 mascaras pintadas , amuletos y vasos de arcilla, declaro Hawass . Se abriran a la visita las habitaciones interiores de la Piramide de Bent de 4.500 anos en Egipto.
En el marco de un nuevo plan preparado para el desarrollo de la zona al sur de El Cairo, las habitaciones interiores de la Piramide de Bent se abriran por primera vez a la visita, afirmo el arqueologo general egipcio, Zahi Hawas.
Se podra visitar en uno o dos meses la piramide del faraon Sneferu del periodo de cuarta dinastia que esta conocido con su perfil inclinado, preciso Hawas.

La piramide de 100 metros de altitud esta situada en el desierto a 80 kilometros al sur de El Cairo.
Para la proteccion de la region y el desarrollo de los pueblos alrededores, se ejecutara un proyecto de un ano con la colaboracion de la Naciones Unidas, declaro Hawas. M?s?r Piramitleri Gizemi ve 3D Gezinti M?s?r Piramitleri Hakk?nda Her Sey Piramitlerin baz? odalar?n?n icinde ne olduguna hakk?nda bir bilgi yoktur.
It has been suggested that due to the steepness of the original angle of inclination the structure may have begun to show signs of instability during construction, forcing the builders to adopt a shallower angle to avert the structure's collapse. This theory appears to be borne out by the fact that the adjacent Red Pyramid, built immediately afterwards by the same Pharaoh, was constructed at an angle of 43 degrees from its base.The Bent Pyramid has a small satellite pyramid of unknown purpose immediately to its south, and an early form of offering temple on its eastern side. This first picture shows the uppermost portion of the descending passageway just beyond the door.
In the foreground are leather buckets which are used to excavate and carry away sand and debris.
You can see displacement of some of the blocks which line that passageway.At the bottom of the descending passageway is a short section that levels off into a shallow depression.

This passageway is very interesting in that it contains two portcullis blocking systems which were built to seal the main chamber after the burial of the king.
Carsamba, May?s 2, 2007 · Turkce Bilgi Sitesi Turkce Genel Basvuru ve Bilgi Sitesi M?s?r Piramitleri hakk?nda ansiklopedik bilgi . These blocking systems are unique because they utilize a system where the blocks slide down diagonally, as opposed to vertically as seen in other pyramids. The walls also appear undressed in places suggesting that this passage may have been unfinished. You can see how the closer section of the corbelling is rougher and the portion further back is more finely finished.
A ladder, almost 50 foot in length, leads to a connecting passage between this set of chambers and the passageway and chambers that are accessed from the western entrance.

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the journey guardians of gahoole book 2

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