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Whether you are thinking about something happening now, or something that happened in your past, or something you would like to have happen in your future - you are doing the thinking now, and it is this present-thought vibration that the Law of Attraction is responding to.
You are powerful, powerful creators, here with tremendous intent - but the intent cannot be measured by physical terms. No one can create in your experience, for no one can control where you direct your thoughts. If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of it - and therefore attracting that which is like it. What you are living today is as a result of the thoughts and feelings that you have felt before this. As you think, you feel, and as you feel, you ooze or radiate and All-That-Is, physical and non-physical, is affected by your offering. When you no longer split your flow of energy with contradictory thoughts, you will know your power.
The creative life force, or energy of the Universe, flows through you and literally connects you to All-That -Is. When you start adding the 'why's" to what you want, then you really begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, and when you begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, oceans part and mountains move, and people come out of the woodwork to accommodate you.
Each of us gets to have our own perspective from which we desire or prefer, and Source Energy answers every single one of us. When you know that you want something, and you give your attention to that which you are wanting, and you vibrate with it - it always comes to you. Asking your relationship with any other to be the basis of buoying you up is never a good idea, because the Law of Attraction cannot bring to you something different from the way you feel. Just love everybody that interacts with you no matter how personally, or how peripherally, involved with you they are. Your world is abundant with all that you consider to be good, and you have easy access to that abundance. Nothing is more exhilarating than to dance through life recognizing that the Universe is there to yield to you whatever you want whenever you want it.
You do not have to justify your physical existence, your existence is justification enough.
So your reason for being here is to be physically focused and connected to your Source for the purpose of taking the Source of pure, positive energy beyond that which it has been before. You are physical beings in this physical dimension - because you have intended it to be that way.
Every time a baby is born, that baby is the pure essence of Non-Physical Energy, and is another funnel through which pure Energy comes forth. What is it about your physical creatures that makes you believe that you must justify your existence?
You did not come here as teachers in this time to teach everyone, because everyone isn't seeking what you are. Most of you are creating by default rather than by conscious and deliberate intent, and it is our desire that we may stimulate your thoughts, to the point of understanding how it is that this creating is occurring. You wanted the opportunity to experience this delicious contrast in time and space, and with great anticipation you came to co-create with other joy seeking beings, to fine tune the process of deliberate thought.
We will state the Law of Creation in simple terms here: want it, and allow it to be - and it is. The creative life fore, or energy of the Universe, flows through you and literally connects you to All-That-Is. As many of you may already know, I recently finished with a fascinating law of attraction experiment.I tried to manifest 15 desires one after the other using only the law of attraction.
I noticed during this experiment that whenever my intention was so pure that I actually got lost in thinking about my desire, the manifestation was PERFECT.
This was one of the most intriguing lessons I learnt from the experiment.Whenever I thought too much about what I had intended, the intention either didna€™t come true or only partially came true. So what I learnt was that we must not think or ponder too much about what wea€™re asking the universe for.
About a year and a half ago I became pretty excited about the law of attraction and set an intention to manifest $1 million.
So that was about what I learnt from the Abraham law of attraction experiment.Based on what I've learnt, I've drawn a small little flow chart about how to actually set an intention and manifest somethiung. Manifesting $500 in 21 days!How to attract money without the law of attraction?Law of attraction techniques: How to attract anything in 17 seconds? Gloom & doom forecasts: “Freedom from negative emotion does not mean depriving yourself of exposure to experience. In this Abraham Hicks Review, we learn the secret about the SECRET within The Law of Attraction.
So if you are reading this post and thinking that the Law of Attraction is going to help you get rich sorry but that is not what it is about. Even I once thought of this definition because of all the confusion and controversial books and videos that market the SECRET and The Law of Attraction as a tool to get rich and achieve success but that isn't the case.
Not many people understand who or how Abraham Hicks came to be as a spiritual guide and teacher of the Law of Attraction.
The criticism is most people believe that the Secret is a marketing tactic to get people to learn about the Law of Attraction and nothing can be further from the truth.
There is no secret it is called this because philosophers couldn't learn and receive the information about the Law of Attraction if you called it Law of Attraction. But most people feel weird talking about the controversial topic of the Law of Attraction because they themselves don't understand it and misinterprets how other spiritual beliefs are categorized.
At first I didn't know who was Abraham Hicks was because I thought it was a man who has this knowledge about the secrets of the Universe as some kind of spiritual leader.
But that wasn't the case when Rich Guzman my partner and business coach shared with with me his CD and I listened to his journey in the "Hot Seat" with Abraham Hicks.
In a future post I will write out more about Rich and his meeting with Abraham Hicks but for now let's learn more about who is Abraham Hicks and what is the true secret behind the teachings. Before becoming a huge inspiration to everyone around the world about the teachings of the Law of Attraction this couple was already living a comfortable wealthy lifestyle. Jerry was already successful and just was trying to find ways to inspire people because that is how he was as a person, he wanted to help uplift people and been doing that type of research way before he was in a relationship with Esther. Esther on the other hand is Jerry's wife and she spent most of her time dining out and shopping with him before everything changed to what life is like now for them. There are two versions of the movie The SECRET by Rhonda Byrne and there is so much controversy about the main reason the producers edited out Esther Hicks as Abraham was speaking.

I actually have seen the version of the movie with Abraham Hicks in it and talking about vibrational energy but the edited version of it did not show her so it really created lots of questions. Here is what really happened because everyone should know before we go further into sharing with you the background of Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks.
Rhonda Byrnes originally came to Jerry and Esther Hicks while on a cruise together where they were teaching Law of Attraction through their seminars. They came on board and video taped Esther and Jerry during their seminar and ended up setting a interview with a green screen of Abraham Hicks. Here is Abraham answering a guest's questions as to what happened and why did it happen that she wasn't in the movie? Rhonda Byrne said to Jerry one day that she had been listening to all the recordings and that he should put the teachings into a book which is how the book The Law of Attraction came about and they thank Rhonda Byrne for inspiring them to do this. Esther's husband Jerry Hicks one day found a book at his library written by the author Jane Roberts called "Seth Speaks".
Later on during that time Jerry was only sharing bits and pieces of information from the book with his wife and she started to understand a little about the messages the book was stating.
Esther became more and interested now and didn't focus on the book's image but more about the message from the books. On her way to meeting Jane and Robert the people who are behind the written work of "Seth" Esther and Jerry stopped by a coffee shop for a bite to eat. Suddenly the person next to them started a conversation and asked if they read any of the "Seth" books and it just got even more weird. See Jerry and Esther never told anyone that they were reading those books so it happened that the person told them that Jane Roberts is dead. So needless to say Esther and Jerry figured out since Jane Roberts is dead there was no point is searching for her but began looking for others with similar experience. During her search and networking with other people who were just like Jane Roberts they met someone similar to Seth by the name of "Theo".
Esther and Jerry had now even more questions about success and life and make another appointment to speak with "Theo" to find out how they can get closer to their own goals. In 1984, Theo spoke to Esther and said to her to meditate in a quiet place and say certain affirmations. Clairaudience means 'Clear Hearing', and it is the psychic ability to hear voice in your mind. Esther believes we are all extensions of source energy and she knows how strange everyone feels about how this happened to her.
Esther and Jerry suddenly wanted to find out if this was going to get them closer to finding out who is their spirit guides and so they put on their bathrobes and sat in their chairs with no sound in the room while focusing on their breathing. What happened next is incredible because of the feeling Esther was experiencing was making her feel closer and closer to finding out who is her spiritual guide. After 45 minutes she felt like something was breathing through her and she felt like her head was moving and her nose was spelling the alphabet. Jerry saw this going on and wanted to find out what was being said through Esther and so he reached for a notebook and started writing notes documenting what was happening to his wife.
At an unconscious level these guides were speaking through vibration into Esther Hicks not Jerry and called themselves "Abraham".
Abraham is the name they called themselves because humans can relate to how all religions can relate to that name. The emphasis on the teachings of the Law of Attraction has been drawing in lots of people to the book The SECRET. In their book The Law of Attraction "Abraham" said that the information in the book is not meant to alter your beliefs. I want to share with you an excerpt from what Abraham says about who we are and why things are happening to us in this world. You are source energy everyone of you and you make the decision to come forth into these physical bodies because you know that this leading edge experience on planet earth is the leading edge experience. Not just for man but for that which man calls GOD, so as you express yourself forward into these physical bodies, the environment that surrounds you and the contrast of it helps you individually and uniquely to define what you desire. And as that desire is born within you even before you can put words to it, it radiates from you like a rocket and the source that was you before you were born follows that rocket and literally becomes the vibrational equivalent of every hope, desire and dream that everyone of you dream. But most physical beings even though life is causing them to become this, they stand looking at what they have rather than looking at who they have become. They effect a separation between who they have now become and who they are letting themself be but the source within them always calls them toward it. If you are in despair if something bad has happened when you witnessed something and someone is saying you should follow your bliss even though source is calling you can't hear it because the vibration of where you are and the vibration of source is different enough that you can't hear it. If you are in appreciation the call of source sounds like elation, if you are in despair, if you feel powerless the call of source feels like rage. There are so many people on the internet spreading false information through their audios, videos, and books about the Law of Attraction as a way to make money and getting rich.
The truth behind the SECRET and the Law of Attraction is really for humans to experience more joy in their life, joy in everything you already have and joy in everything that you do. The secret that is not being told to you is that you are source energy in physical bodies and this knowledge of the SECRET is suppressed by those people because they think you are not ready to hear it.
It doesn’t matter what you call that Source we all came from, Source, the Universe, or God. Read previous post:24 Facts You NEVER Knew About Stuart Ross Six Figure MentorsWho is this Stuart Ross of SFM you keep hearing about? For if you should choose a thought not in harmony with your broader intentions, you will feel the discord; and then you can redirect your thought to something that feels, and therefore serves you, better. And so, if I want something different than what I've been getting, I have to, somehow, generate different feelings. You have come here because you saw physical life experience as delicious and you wanted the experience. The law of Attraction cannot bring you a well-balanced, happy person if you are not yourself already that. Early on, there were others who were a lot more interested in you satisfying what made them feel good than in satisfying what made you feel good. As you are experiencing this life experience, you are fulfilling that decision that you have set forth prior to your physical birth. You came forth in absolute vibrational response to those upon your planet who are seeking that which you are knowing. Many of you have long lists of unfulfilled wants, and although there is always room for improvement in clarifying precisely what it is that you are intending, as more of you begin to allow yourself the receipt of that which you want, there will be much more deliberate creating occurring, and as a result, there will be much more joy and contentment experienced.

Perhaps even a better term than 'want' would be, 'intend.' For in the intending, there is wanting, certainly, and also expectation for the receiving. All things create - and the more emotion that is present at the time that a thought is set in motion, the faster the creation is being received - and as frequent thought is given in any direction, without the hindrance of negative thought, there is certain creation, eventually. And the freaking truth is that 13 out of those 15 desires actually manifested in some way or the other!
So you sit down close your eyes and think about a laptop for 17 seconds (the law of attraction states that whatever you think about purely for 17 seconds manifests). For example - when I thought about rose petals floating on water, I only thought about them and thought about nothing else during those 17 seconds. Once, when I intended that I manifest a certain book ,I kept thinking about this book for the next 2 days. So what went wrong that time?I think my $ 1 million intention didn't manifest because it was so far fetched for me that I didn't believe it would manifest. Jerry began reading these Seth books and to his wife Esther was scared of them because they just seemed weird to her.
When I went hunting for this book I can totally feel what Esther was feeling because as soon as you look at the photo it makes you feel creepy inside. Esther and Jerry made a decision to go and find the people from the books and meet with them because they had so many questions they wanted to ask. The voice is an aspect of your soul known as "Spirit Guides" who is exists into another reality. So when people get excited after reading the SECRET then what happens is people want to know what to do next and that is where Esther and Jerry comes in with their book The Law of Attraction to help you during your next steps in your journey to understanding it.
That was coming from the spirit guides and somehow it's like they know how we think as humans and how we are afraid of thinking out of the box so they are really helping us in our new awareness.
This information was taken from the book The Law of Attraction as well as many interviews Esther has appeared on radio in answering this common question.
We like to refer to that expanded version of YOU as your vibrational escrow, it's who life has caused you to become. Joseph Campbell said once follow your bliss and we think those are the best words that have ever been offered but sometimes you can't get a whiff of bliss. If you are in rage or anger the call of source then feels like frustration, it's a slight improvement from where you are is the call of source and what it feels like. Together they share their passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills. The Secret opened my eyes, for the first time to the fact that we, as beings, we have the power to change this society for the better, with our thinking. And so, we would say that - although everyone wants this information - everyone is not necessarily ready for it. You wanted the environment, you wanted the data, you wanted the process, you wanted the sensualness, you wanted the physicalness of thought, you wanted the combination of that which you are from inner perspective that that which you are physical perspective. You are not willing to let yourself outrageously want because when you outrageously want something that you haven't found a way of getting, it is too uncomfortable, and the risk feels too great. Their greatest value is no the food that they offer you - while that is the way man would look at it. There were so many things that you felt inclined to go this way, that you were forced to go that way, that at an early age, you made a conscious decision that if it felt good, it was wrong. Somebody like you from broader, Non-Physical perspective imagined a delicious physical experience, and in that pure flow of Energy it has come to be.
So, as you focus upon your connection first, and you understand that those who will benefit from it will gravitate towards you, then you will get together in gatherings - usually it is one on one - with others who feel uplifted by their interaction with you. What we want will then happen automatically.My theory of why you must not think about stuff after intending is that when you think about your intention again and again, you are actually setting more and more intentions with those thoughts! When I was thinking about the $1 million, I was also thinking - "This just cant happen!" Similarly, I must have thought thoughts contradictory to my intention all day after having set my intention.The problem with setting big intentions right away is that we will think so much about them all day that we'll definitely end up setting contradictory intentions all day. At that time during the meeting Esther's time was up and there was another woman in the room who asked Esther if she wanted to know who her spiritual guide is. They both share a common interest in beaches, fine dining, shopping, electronic trance music, romance and comedy.
In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. And so, we are wanting to remind you, you did not come forth with one path - you are too broad for that. Their greatest value is that they emanate predominantly (it is not always true but it is usually true) they emanate positive Energy.
Of course I saw rose petals floating on water in reality the next day.On the other hand, when I thought about manifesting pineapple pieces - but also thought - a€?I must get this over quickly before someone else enters the room" parallely, NOTHING manifested. And since we generally tend to think negatively about what we want - we actually end up setting contradictory and negative intentions.
For example, if I am broke and set an intention to manifest a lot of money, I will still set contradictory intentions all day when I keep thinking "Oh God, I am broke!" or "My finances are so messed up".The fact that 13 out of 15 intentions came true in this experiment taught me that intending small is an amazing way to get to know exactly how the law of attraction works. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Click HERE To Checkout An Exclusive Free Video , Where You’ll Discover… The SINGLE TRUTH About Making REAL Money Online… And The Simple 4 Step Formula That Unlocks 9 RED HOT Income Streams And Reveals How You Can Make Up $2,621.17 In The Next 7 Days, All On Complete Autopilot! In simple terms, if you are not happy with yourself, or with your life, the attraction of a partner will only exaggerate the discord, because any action taken from a place of lack is always counterproductive. The reality gives birth to the dream - but the dream is where you are wanting to put your attention. Action is on e of the predominant reasons that you have decided to come forth and be in a physical body.
So therea€™s the thing I learnt - intend purely thinking ONLY about what you want for 17 seconds (and nothing else). They are eternally looking for the positive aspects and they are gloriously oozing positive emotion, which adds to the balance of your Universe.

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