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That “perfect fit” made him feel as if he were on a “spiritual journey.” One that revealed faith and ultimate fulfillment “…are not found in circumstances, achievements, material possessions, or bank accounts like many think.
Since much of what makes us happy is something we do or don’t do that means our behavior, thoughts and everyday practices are factors in our happiness or unhappiness.
This little book, while a quick read, carries a big message that reveals “…how faith integrates with life…” to produce happiness. For countless people, happiness is an illusion—just out of reach and way beyond their control. Cloud reveals that true happiness is not about circumstances, physical health, financial success, or even the people in your life. Finally, you can discover a new way of living that will transform your relationships, your career, and your inner self and give you the joy you’ve been seeking. Gail WelbornWashington Christian Book Review ExaminerGail's articles and book reviews appear in MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS among other national and local publications on the Internet and in print media.

Summer fairs: 12 ways to keep kids safe around animalsSummer fairs and recreational festivals often offer opportunities for children and adults to interact with animals.
Home selling: 10 simple tips for boosting curb appealHow can a home seller attract potential buyers to explore the property and consider purchasing it? Cloud mixes scientific research with Scripture to define what happiness is and how it can be found. Instead, happiness has more to do with choices, decisions and what we choose to invest ourselves in, which the Bible has a lot to say about. Readers learn about thirteen behaviors God and science agree upon, from setting limits and goals to connecting, giving, forgiving, comparing, calling, faith and change.
The truth of the matter—confirmed by science and the Bible—is that happiness is not what happens to you; it is who you are. She loves to read, and believes God teaches and instructs her in which way to go, according to Jeremiah 29:11.

He was surprised to find while reading the new research on “positive psychology,” it felt like he was reading the Bible. The “if only’s” keep the focus on why we aren’t happy and ignores what we could realistically do to make ourselves happy. These tools reveal “…how spiritual wisdom and modern science can change your life,” which is the subtitle of Dr.
It was like someone took the research data “…laid the Bible on top…” and they fit together almost like a hand in a glove.

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the law of happiness dr henry cloud 2014

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