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About the BookTen laws of simplicity for business, technology, and design teach readers howto need less but get more. Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
And then a lot of discussion circles around understanding b2b versus traditional consumer marketing (which usually drives me slightly nuts until we get past that discussion). Even ‘glamor’ brands struggle with differentiation (or not dropping into a functional commodity status) in the b2b market (see Kodak, IBM, etc. Unless you have worked on a glamor brand where people line up to show your logo somewhere on their body you have had to become an expert in the decommoditization business. Nowadays with the advent of the internet and an endless depth of available information almost everyone is in a commodity like category.
But I haven’t been in the branding business or the marketing business or whatever strategy business someone wants to call it … I have been in the decommoditization business. And, in fact, (beyond me) anyone who has the kahones to say something like that in an interview? In today’s world the moment you stop and rest on the thought you are a ‘brand’ and have added value in someone’s mind (b2b or consumer) is the moment you start creeping back into commodityland (which is not nearly as fun as Disneyland). If you own a business or selling anything to anyone life isn’t top down (brand to product).
It doesn’t mean you aren’t on the offensive and building value and thinking long term it simply means you have a practical objective. I guess while I talk the talk in interviews and with businesses and whomever will listen to me … I am also in a way walking the walk by building a blog (two of them in fact) and maybe I can become my own global microbrand. I had a friend who wanted to open an ad agency with me and our credo would be ‘uncommon common sense’.
I am a visual communication designer, graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

Design in the software context has been in the public eye lately with last year's release of Microsoft Windows 8 and this year's release of Apple iOS 7.
Web design, too, has trended toward flatter, cleaner looking sites, even as browsers become more powerful and feature-laden. The Vice President of Software Development, Gary Wood leads the team that developed Envision, EA’s powerful online micromarketing tool.
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Think banking, grocery stores, department stores, pest control, motor oil, eye drops, pretty much any P&G product you can think of, healthcare, cellular. And this is actually true for all those brand consultant and brand experts and anyone who has ever claimed to know anything about brands and branding. It takes work (inside a company and outside a company – marketing stuff) but it can be done. With all the buzzword bullshit floating around in business and life these days our thought was that if you use strong common sense and communicate with simple clarity you will be so far ahead of the curve the rest of the road will be empty. I am interested in experimenting with the role of communication in tangible and 3D products,beyond the realm of print and web.
According to the modernist graphic designer Paul Rand, it’s the art of putting form and content together.
Both of the new operating systems present a simpler, flatter, lighter and brighter interface to their users.
With less flash (and less Adobe Flash), popular sites now load faster and are easier to navigate. Thoughtfulness is required because too much reduction will render the final product unusable. Things can be managed at an aggregate level much more efficiently than at the individual level.
The human visual system is extremely complex, but much of its basic functioning is now well-understood.

In a future article, I will explore visual thinking in depth, describing the underlying psychology and using it to make choices about effective data visualization. Maeda offers ten laws for balancing simplicity and complexity in business, technology and design. Maeda expanded Rand’s definition to say that design is a mixture of message, tone and format. The format, too, remained unchanged: both are digital products which are delivered to the enduser directly over the Internet or installed from digital storage media. His first three laws are especially applicable to software design, where simplicity equates with usability.
But when processes can’t be speeded up, the wait can made more tolerable through feedback. Ware delves into the psychology and physiology of the human visual system and its implications for design. You can get someone to pay more money for some software program written in code Albert Einstein couldn’t understand. Screen placement, typography and a colour palette are chosen to help you focus on what needs your attention, while providing a broader context for your actions.
By using colour, position, form and motion, designers can make certain features pop out for rapid perception. To some people it may look too sparse, but I view my job as the designer of ENVISION to inform, not to entertain.

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