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What happens when a cargo ship sinks in the Pacific Ocean, leaving only one lifeboat of survivors? Scholastic ELT Secondary Readers are a series of contemporary film and TV adaptations, original teenage fiction, classic literature and biographies. Bursting with romance, history, art, style and flavour, it seduces and delights at every cobbled-stoned corner. And what happens if those survivors are a hyena, a zebra (with a broken leg), a female orang-utan and a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker? Specifically targeted at teenagers learning English, they are published at five levels following a carefully graded syllabus.

He was struggling to stay at the surface of the water.“Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you, Richard Parker! Kick!”He stirred in the water and made to swim.“And what of my extended family—birds, beasts and reptiles?
Something in me didnot want to give up on life, was unwilling to let go, wanted to fight to the very end.Where that part of me got the heart, I don’t know.“Isn’t it ironic, Richard Parker?
I dropped it in an oarlock and pulled as hard as I could, meaning to move the lifeboat away. All I accomplished wasto turn the lifeboat a little, bringing one end closer to Richard Parker.

I had a wet, trembling, half-drowned, heaving and coughing three-year-old adult Bengal tiger in my lifeboat.
Richard Parker rose unsteadily to his feet on the tarpaulin, eyes blazing as they met mine, ears laid tight to his head, all weapons drawn.

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the life of pi book cost

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