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There is no doubt to this fact that mass communication is a field which is changing with an incredible pace. Communication technology has changed a lot in the last few years and it is still witnessing a consistent shift in the way it is perceived and implemented. Now, with the advent of television and more recently Internet, this response time has been reduced to seconds. To know that if you are made for a career in this field or not, you need to do a lot of self-evaluation. There are various specialized courses for aspirants who want to make a career in this field. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and events happening in your field of interest. Print Journalist: The most common and preferred choices amongst all partly because getting an entry level job as print journalist is not that tough and requires nothing more than a fairly satisfying passing marks in mass communication final exams. Photojournalist: If you have a thing for capturing moments in your camera’s lenses then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Content Writer: With new media or Internet becoming a major marketing force, assuming proportions greater than print media in some aspects, there is a great spurt in demand for creative writers who can create succinct yet effective marketing collaterals, articles, blog posts, ad banners and other forms of written marketing material.
Author Bio– Saurabh Tyagi is a professional writer who likes to write about various topics on education. IIMM, counted among the Top Mass Communication colleges in India was set up in the Year 1999 by a body of practicing media professionals and education minded pragmatic thought leaders who came together with a shared vision of providing a platform for the youth of the country. We are guiding in Assignments and Handwritten AIOU Assignments of Classes Matric to Master Degree. In your view how does the new technology of communication influence mass communication theory and practice?
The new technologies are introducing many changes to mass communication, and communication theories must be developed or revised to keep up with the changes. One of the ways the new technology is affecting mass communication in general is by giving the user more control over the communication process. The trend toward greater control and activity on the part of the user means communication theorists are going to have to shift to models and theories that recognize the interactivity of the new media (Rogers & Chaffee, 1983). The coming of cable television and, to a lesser extent, VCRs also means mass communication theorists should change the way they think about the audience, particularly the audience of television.
Tehranian (1990) argues that the new technologies, like the old, should be viewed neither as technologies of freedom nor of tyranny, but basically as technologies of power that lock into existing or emerging technostructures of power. In a related sense, Stevenson, Burkett and Myint (1993) argue that the new communication and information technologies can strengthen the centralised industrial, command economy or decentralise empowerment for finding creative solutions to local and global problems through new social technologies. The link between technological growth and socioeconomic development is hinged on various arguments. Some researchers have also indicated the need for the new ICTs to address problems of human needs. Although many governments may be giving top priority to acquisition of the new technologies because they are perceived as pivotal to overall development, there is however a growing anxiety or unease among these governments to curtail the use of the technologies by groups engaging in unauthorized conduct or groups which challenge the authority of various regimes. Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, the German political scientist contributes the famous model called “Spiral of Silence”. The one view dominated the public scene and others disappeared from the public awareness as it adherents became silent. In this sense, the theory is extremely scientific.  Spiral of Silence believes that there is fate- opinions are dependent on the  majority opinion of the group. The Spiral of Silence is useful to apply in situations when trying to explain why people cover up or change their opinions when in a group setting especially when they think they are alone in their opinions. In a company, the managing director decides to increase their working hour from 8 to 10 and send e-mail to all employees. 3.   “Fear of Rejection” By rejecting their personal opinion from the public will help to avoid fight.

1.    Spiral of silence theory describe as a dynamic process, the predication about public opinion in mass media which gives more coverage for the majorities in the society and gives very less coverage for minorities.
2.    In this social environment, People have fear of rejection to express their opinion or views and they known well what behaviors will make a better likelihood.
4.    Sometimes the minorities withdraw their expressed opinion from public debates to secure themselves from the majority. 5.    Maximum numbers get more vocal space in the society and lesser number become less vocal space or become silent.
3.    Spiral of silence theory – which helps to raise question about considering the role and responsibility of media in the society. Yesteryears were the time when the communication was more dependent on either newspapers and other published journals or radio technology. This phenomenal change in the way communication works demands a new breed of professionals who can be as swift and adaptive as the changing time demands. A graduate in mass communication is considered as a stepping stone to be a part of the media industry. A career as print journalist involves writing for a print publication, covering new stories, events, doing reviews and more.  Print journalists are expected to seek out new and interesting stories, work to tight editorial deadlines, attend press conferences, ask questions and upload the content on news site. A degree in mass communication opens up career path as photojournalists, which includes creating or clicking images that contribute to a news story. The information given in the articles and blogs are useful for students to get required knowledge about Mass communication courses and career options in the same.
We began by outlining our thoughts on a series of topics, then we recorded them to share with the world.
Equipped with a state of art infrastructure and strong industry affiliations, it has come to be known as the Top Mass Communication Institute in Delhi. Cable television channels and videotapes give the audience member access to specialized programs and material, far beyond what is available on the three commercial television networks and public television. Once a program has been videotaped from a commercial network broadcast, it becomes possible to skip the commercials by pushing the fast-forward button on the remote control of the VCR. One consequence is that we probably should have theories that give less emphasis to the effects of mass communication and more emphasis to the ways audience members are using mass communication.
It is no longer possible to think of television as a uniform or monolithic system, transmitting essentially the same message to everyone. Increasing globalisation, facilitated by the new technologies, has brought about changes which flow through to local communities. In 1947 Neumann and her husband found “Public Opinion Organization” in German and also she was a President of “World Association for Public Opinion Research” in 1978 to 1980. In other words, the people fear of separation or isolation those around them, they tend to keep their attitudes to themselves when they think they are in the minority.  This process is called “Spiral of Silence”. Majority of them accept this time changes and few employees are not satisfied with his decision. People loss their confidence and silent or mute to express their views because of the fear of isolation or they feel alone or unsupported.
In some cases the person may feel the majority’s ideas or opinion is much better than his own view. However, with digitization, all boundaries have been transcended and now communication starts from newspapers and encompasses Television, Magazines, Radio as well as New Media. You should know how to play with words as well as how to express yourself clearly to the other person. However, due to addition of various technologies, an additional degree or diploma in technical training is also sometimes desirable.
Begin with freelancing for a local publication of your interest or become a member of any of the big online freelancer network. From the feedback we received, we were informed about the needs of the student caring community.

Videotext and Teletext offer the user a wide selection of news stories or other information. In a sense, this heightened selectivity due to the new technology could create a kind of balance that has been lacking in mass communication, with the audience and the message producers being more equal in power. This shift might give increased importance to the uses and gratifications approach to the study of mass communication.
This realization has consequences for a number of theories of mass communication that assume to some extent a uniform television message, or a uniform media message (Webster, 1989).
On one hand, they open up opportunities for centralisation of authority, control and communication typical of the modern industrial state, and on the other hand, they supply alternative channels of cultural resistance and ideological mobilization for opposition forces.
Paradoxically, however, these local communities are forced to make international connections in order to solve local problems.
Through this Spiral of Silence theory Neumann indirectly explains the Jews status during World War II under Nazi’s control.
This is a decade old concept which has now changed as mass media now extends to touch all aspects of human life.
Further, a postgraduate diploma or degree will be given more preference and respect in the industry.
This way you will not only get a peek into the industry but also will help you earn some extra cash. We need your feedback so we may continue to fulfill our mission statement and help students, the world over. CompuServe, a computer information service that can be accessed through home computers, has 550,000 subscribers (Couzens, 1989). The decentralization of communication due to the new technology can be seen taking place in the U.S. Here, Adolf Hitler dominated the whole society and the minority Jews became silent due to the fear of isolation or separation.
Earlier an even that took place on a day would get reported to the mass at least with an interval of 8-10 hours. Making a career in this field is not that difficult when compared to other branches such as engineering and medical science.
Government Printing Office, which plans over the next 10 years to shift to much heavier dissemination of information by individual agencies and through electronic mail, on-line data bases, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and CD-ROMs (U.S. Essentially, it appears that the fragmented or segmented audience that is characteristic of the new media probably leads to a lessening of the impact of the mass media suggested by cultivation theory, the spiral of silence, and the agenda-setting function. On this basis, one can argue that the new communication technologies serve the interests of both the privileged and the underprivileged classes in society. At issue here is the challenge posed to individual freedom to communicate as against the desire of various governments to control the moral content or `political correctness’ of what is communicated.
However, carving your own niche in the industry is what demands utmost dedication and hard work with loads of talent. These special interest groups allow people who are interested in the same topic—science fiction, poetry writing, an arcane computer programming language such as FORTH—to communicate with one another. This is a big change from the way communication through media has largely taken place in the past.
In a SIG on CompuServe, messages are not being chosen for the audience by someone else and imposed on them, but are being shared by people who are more or less equal but have a common interest in a topic.

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