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It is like they have a blindfold on going through the motions of life and not seeing what is right in front of them. This blind fold keeps them stuck in the rut of their current existence and struggling to move forward into the life of their dreams. Well if the miracles and blessings that will take you to where you want to be and desire in your life, then what will it take to through off the blind fold, reach out your hand, and experience them for yourself? Unfortunately for most people, they are living in a state of wanting more and worrying about what they don’t have and even what little they do have in their life going away. These things drive them and creates the results that their life is on the outside that you see of them.

I have met many people like this on my journey of life, and as I reflect back, I can even see times in my life where I was blind to the miracles and blessings that surrounded me.
What you create on the inside always determines what you be and do on the outside as well as what you see around you.
But what you can do is believe that there is something greater than what you see for yourself.
For all the people and things around you that are there to support you on your journey towards your dreams and desires in your life.
At the start of each day, right when you wake up, think of three things that you are grateful for, and write them down.

It’s there for the taking… Are you willing to stick out your hand and receive it?
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the miracles live 2013

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