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Love Machine is a song you love because of this group, they are one of the best that ever got together!! Search over 300,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly to print or play in our free apps. I first met Billy Griffin here online seven years ago; the picture was taken 3 years ago when I "snuck into" the state of California and as you can see we had breakfast at the world famous "Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles". He's got a SLAMMIN new album called "LIKE WATER" which we are going to give you all chance to check out from beginning to end so that you can hear for yourself that Billy Griffin in 2006 is a force to be reckoned with.
Billy Griffin is a producer, vocal arranger and singer who, as the lead vocalist of the Miracles in the 1970's gave the group a second unprecedented popularity following the departure of Smokey Robinson. The Miracles, featuring Billy Griffin, scored two instant gold 45's, a platinum single, one gold album and one platinum LP. After leaving the Miracles in the early 1980's Billy went on to record three solo albums for Columbia Records (now Sony Entertainment), establishing himself as an international star in London. This partnership later resulted in Ian & Billy's coming together to produce the "boy band" Take That and score the group's first worldwide hit "I Found Heaven" sung by Superstar, then lead singer, Robbie Williams written by Billy & Ian.
Billy later teamed with jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright for his long awaited debut album, while simultaneously guest-starring on the debut solo project of Japanese jazz drummer Akira Jimbo of Cassiopea.
Today Billy is a part of the RNB Entertainment Group, a new venture created by a collection of experienced music industry executives who believe the business of music begins with the music (wow, profound, huh?). When it comes to Billy Griffin, I am extremely biased (so I may as well tell you that up front). Well now history and popular sentiment have the opportunity to make a long overdue correction with the release of Billy's awesome new album called "LIKE WATER". One of the things that we understand as we get older is that everything happens for a reason and somewhere there is in fact a "master plan" etched in stone for all of us.
Now go back and read those titles again, only this time in your mind take all of the titles and put them together into a single statement and you can clearly see (without even hearing the music) as you move from song to song, that a cohesive story is being told in this album and that the songs are intended to be listened to as an entire suite of music.
The idea of telling a whole story being told in an album is not a new concept in Black music. Oppurtunities:If you or your organization is has a need to reach Soul-Patrol Newsletter readers (Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll fans) on a worldwide basis, then you may be interested in talking with us about doing a targeted email blast. One of the things that he and I discussed when we first met was how the internet could be used by artists to empower themselves. Take a listen to it by clicking on the links contained within this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter and let me know what cha think?

The soul opera "City Of Angels" which contained the world-renowned classic favorite; "Love Machine" was written and performed by lead singer, lyricist and composer Billy Griffin. With the success of the English top twenty hit "Hold Me Tighter In The Rain" Billy earned the English "Silver Record Award" comparable to the coveted Gold Record here in the United States. Both of these records resulted in instant chart-topping success for the two talented rookies.
In my opinion, he is one of the most underrated and under recognized artists in the history of Soul music.
If all was right with the world (and music industry politics) Billy Griffin is a name that should never have left our consciousness. Maybe in Billy Griffin's "master plan" it says that "in 2006 he is supposed to pick up where artists like Luther, Teddy, Peabo, etc. Those fans that are only superficially familiar with Billy's group work with the Miracles are going to be in for a pleasant surprise.
Billy's mentor, Marvin Gaye was a master at it and here on the album "Like Water", Billy Griffin demonstrates that he took his lessons well.
If you were a fan of the R&B Sounds of artists like Luther, Teddy, Peabo, then you will be a fan of "Like Water". If you are young lady who longs to be swept off her feet by an album of "romantic intelligence", then you will be a fan of "Like Water".
If you are a brotha on the make, it's a Friday night and you will be entertaining a young lady that your "just not sure of yet", then "Like Water" may just be what you need to "tilt the odds in your favor". The song "I Love You Secretly" originally appeared on the Miracles debut LP (without Smokey) entitled "Renaissance".
The emergence of the newly tooled group the Miracles (without Smokey Robinson) back in 1973 is a chapter in the history of Motown Records that is often overlooked.
In 1990, Billy co-produced fifty-two Motown artists along with English producer Ian Levine in response to an overwhelming outcry from Motown fans across the globe to revisit the days of their childhood (the 60's and 70's). By all rights, after the commercial demise of the Miracles in the late 70's Billy should have by all rights been one of the top "soul men" of the 1980's right along with names like Luther, Teddy, Peabo and the rest of his peers. Here are two facts about Billy Griffin that most people have forgotten: 1) Billy did one of the first concept albums at Motown ("Love Machine") and 2) Billy Griffin was a protege of Marvin Gaye, who in fact was the producer of the song "I Love You Secretly", which just happens to be one of the most romantic songs ever laid down on wax.
Marvin Gaye was originally slated to be the producer of the Renaissance LP and the song "I Love You Secretly" was the very first song from the LP that was done. Their collaborative work in a "reunion" series of videos, LPs and CDs featuring The Originals, The Fantastic 4, Lamont Dozier, Edwin Starr and The Supremes for the European dance market was a historic event unlikely to ever be repeated again.

The smooth collaboration with Jimbo also resulted in a Gold Album and introduced Akira to the American Smooth jazz market. As I sat here and tried to separate the songs on the album to try and figure out which ones I liked best, I am unable to really do it.
The LP "Renaissance" (long out of print) up till this point in time has been one of the great "lost" albums of the 70's Soul Music Era. Marvin Gaye was working with the Miracles at the same time that he was also working on his own "Let's Get It On", which is the reason why the song sounds like it could just as easily have been on the "Let's Get It on" LP. For example, the song "Love Machine" became the NUMBER ONE RECORD ON THE BILLBOARD TOP 100. Billy's rendition of "Olivia" placed Akira's album at the top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart for four exciting weeks. There are several songs that are great and could easily become "instant classics" ("Like Water", "Forgive Me if You Can, "Like Water", "Oblivion") but honestly in my opinion it almost does a disservice to the album to separate these songs from each other.
We have discussed it many times here on Soul-Patrol since we first started and lamented it's being overlooked for re-release on CD. Billy Griffin has described to me in detail just what went on during the recording of that song and how much it meant to him to be produced by Marvin Gaye, for his very first Motown recording session. Someone will correct me if I am wrong, But I don't think that Smokey Robinson as a solo artist has ever achieved that distinction?
Billy Griffin is one of the best friends that Soul-Patrol has and that is something that means a lot to me. The release of the new CD "Miracles: Love Machine, the 70's collection" finally at long last corrects that oversight. At that time, to me and my teenaged friends it certainly looked like Smokey Robinson had made a huge miscalculation in leaving the Miracles. The picture speaks volumes to that fact, so here it is :-) And that shouldn't be any surprise to anyone who knows just how big a fan I have been of the Miracles over the years. Unfortunately due to what has been described to me as "creative differences in the studio", Marvin Gaye was relived of his duties as producer of the Renaissance LP after the completion of the song, "I Love You Secretly" and Leon Ware was assigned as producer.

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