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If you click through an Amazon link on this blog and subsequently make a purchase, I will receive a small credit from Amazon. For the next few weeks, children can dictate or write the stories told in the Mother Goose rhymes. The gentle Queen Meadowsweet read from the red book and knelt to pray a Hail Mary with Michael and Mrs. Find lots of ideas for encouraging devotion to the Queen of All Saints in this book: Marian Devotions in the Domestic Church. Do take advantage of the wonderful ideas available at First Heralds for cultivating devotion to Our Queen in the littlet hearts.

I will be very grateful for this credit and will use it purchase still more books and such to share with you. Applebee waved a cheery goodbye and walked down Alphabet Path towards the next flower fairy. That is, instead of reciting the rhyme, they can tell what happened in prose.All children should illustrate their stories.
Applebee pointing to a fairy dressed in white.  Sitting across from her was Kingcup, The K fairy! In Stephen's example shown here, he included words that are signed in the Signing Time Alphabet Song, which is the alphabet song he hears at home.

If you are just beginning, you might consider letting your child paint the consonants green and the vowels gold (or yellow) to match the stems of the flowers in the story. If several children are making saints, consider adding saints from the liturgical calendar to your collection, as well. The written narrations are used by all the children in our families for Lively Language Lessons.

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the miracles of jesus tomie depaola

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