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The information given in the Qur'an about ancient Egypt reveals many historical facts that had remained undisclosed until recent times.
Surprisingly the name of Haman is never mentioned in those sections of the Torah pertaining to the life of Moses. Before these discoveries, the writings and inscriptions of ancient Egypt could not be understood. Moses was not the only prophet who lived in the lands of Egypt in the history of ancient Egypt. Historical records available today show us the reason for the different nomenclature of these rulers. There is no doubt that one has to have a knowledge of the history of Egypt in order to make such a distinction. These facts also indicate to us that every word in the Qur'an has been revealed by sure wisdom.

He is recorded in six different places of the Qur'an as one of the closest men to the Pharaoh. However, the mention of Haman can be found in the last chapters of the Old Testament as the helper of a Babylonian king who inflicted many cruelties on the Israelites approximately 1,100 years after Moses. The importance of this inscription was that it was written in three different forms of writing: Hieroglyphics, demotic (a simplified form of ancient Egyptian hieratic writing) and Greek.
In a miraculous way, the Qur'an conveys to us historical information that could not have been possessed or understood at the time of the Prophet.
However, the history of Ancient Egypt was completely forgotten by the 4th century, as hieroglyphics could no longer be understood, and was not rediscovered until the 19th century. However, with the spread of Christianity and other cultural influences in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, Egypt forsook its ancient beliefs as well as hieroglyphic writing.
Therefore, there was no in-depth knowledge of Egyptian history available when the Qur'an was revealed.

The really important point here is that Haman is mentioned in the Qur'an as the person who directed construction work under the command of the Pharaoh.
The translation of the inscription was completed by a Frenchman named Jean-FranA§oise Champollion. This fact is yet another one of countless pieces of evidence proving that the Qur'an is the word of God. This means that information that could not have been known by anybody else at that time was given by the Qur'an. In this way, a great deal of knowledge about the civilization, religion and social life of ancient Egypt became available.

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the miracles of quran and science facts

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