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Last night’s SA Lotto and Lotto Plus draws were a huge disappointment to SA lottery players, as nobody took home either jackpot. Last night’s Lotto results leave a lot to be desired, especially the disappointing results of the Powerball Plus. The South African Lottery Event-of-the-Year is once again upon us, and just three months after the last SUPERDRAW. From Miranda Kerr's secret rooftop haven to Kim Kardashian's white roses: Celebrity gardens REVEALED!

Mrs McDonagh, also from Swindon, bought the winning ticket from the Co-operative supermarket in October last year.
After yesterday's ruling, Mrs McDonagh said: 'It's jolly decent of them all to let me have a half share of my win. But as she pocketed A?30,000 of prize money, Amanda Stacey knew she hadn't quite played by the rules. It's either an incredible coincidence or this lady can see into the future." He said he had phoned his 30-year-old daughter in a bid to get in touch with the mysterious psychic but had so far heard nothing.

Under the impression that finders are keepers, the 34-year-old and her husband decided to make the most of it and quickly spent A?15,000. This lady who comes in the shop tells us this and my dad wins the lottery.A  "I dona€™t even know her name.

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the most winning lottery numbers yesterday

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