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Most kids loved My Little Ponies when they were little – they were pastel and they were ponies so, really, it was inevitable. A Brony Tale follows Ashleigh Ball, the voice of characters Rainbow Dash and Applejack, as she meets her devoted male followers. And US Army veteran Brian who says the little ponies helped him through hard times when he returned home from fighting in Iraq.

They enjoy watching episodes of the cartoon, collecting MLP memorabilia and attending Brony conventions like the BronyCon, which attracts over 8000 enthusiastic fans. A new documentary, which was shown at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, shines a light on the slightly unsettling subculture that is Bronies – grown men obsessed with the toy-turned-cartoon My Little Pony.
He asks what’s wrong with preferring a child’s cartoon show to chugging beer and riding motorcycles?

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the power of now youtube audio

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