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Renowned speaker Michael Youssef shows how one person can become a dynamic and far-reaching force for good in the world.
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A post on Russia has brought to a conclusion the beyondbrics series on the 11 key questions for emerging markets investors in 2011. The Russian stock market finished 2010 on a stronger note than many expected in the middle of the year.
But in spite of this outperformance, the Russian stock market remains at an abnormally wide discount to EM equities at large.
In 2008, the Federal Executive Council approved a radical blueprint for the overhaul of Nigeria’s oil industry. Indonesian stocks suffered a dramatic 4 per cent tumble on Monday amid rising concern over inflation, but that should not distract attention from the underlying strength of southeast Asia’s largest economy.
Since the world financial crisis, Indonesia has become a mainstream destination for more and more investors – and its improved profile is reflected in discussions over the country’s possible return to investment grade. We expect Chinese growth to slow marginally to a more sustainable rate of 8 per cent by 2013-15, following the remarkable 10 per cent average over the past 30 years.
This post by Marios Maratheftis of Standard Chartered Bank is part of a beyondbrics series on the big questions in emerging markets in 2011. Last year was a relatively good one for Dubai – especially when compared to the volatile 2009. One of South Africa’s biggest problems, identified by former president Thabo Mbeki, is that its economy is divided between a developed world component and an emerging market component. Bangladesh remains a paradox among frontier markets: its GDP growth trend is one of the most stable in the region, but it has high levels of asset price volatility.
While this was a source of some comfort and relief to policymakers, it also helped to inflate an asset price bubble. The recent performance of Brazil’s outgoing government, led by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, does not suggest that his chosen successor, Dilma Rousseff, will tighten fiscal policy. Ignoring the highly distorted fiscal surplus figures, and looking at spending, we see that the central government’s expenditures in the last twelve months came to R$616bn, a huge 44 per cent increase from 2008. The portion Shemot, which means "Names," begins, "These are the names of the sons of Israel who went to Egypt with Jacob, each with his family," and then names the 12 sons of Jacob that came down into Egypt. In the Torah, there is not usually a repetition of something that has already been shared or revealed.
So, why is there both a repetition in the beginning of Shemot, and why is it not in chronological order?
For instance, Reuben, the name of the first son, awakens the pain that the Creator sees, and awakens the Light of Redemption.
The Midrash is telling us that the mentioning of the names of the 12 tribes here is not simply a recounting of the story; it is actually a unique awakening of Light.

The kabbalists teach, and we have spoken about this before, that a person’s name is his or her channel to the Light of the Creator; that for the entirety of a person’s life, his name is the channel through which the Light of the Creator comes into his life. Therefore, we have to remember that every action we do influences the combination of our name. In fact, this Shabbat begins a process of weeks, which are called Shovavim - the acronyms for this and the next portions we read - Shemot, Va’era, Bo, Beshalach, Yitro, Mishpatim. Por ser el primero en traducir los 23 volumenes del Zohar del arameo al ingles, Michael Berg esta calificado de manera unica para transmitir su READ MORESecrets of the Bible The book by Michael BergThe Secret of the Bible is a lifelong pursuit and there are many teachings within its veiled text. In this simple and eloquent compilation of Bible teachings, Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg imparts wisdom from decades of research and sources unique READ MOREWhat God Meant, Vol. Every month has distinct opportunities for growth as well as unique pitfalls for getting stuck.
A national best-seller (The Wall Street Journal, USA Today), The Way delivers a practical and profound insight into the sacred wisdom of Kabbalah.
It already seems clear that the Bangladesh market may be over-valued as Ifty Islam suggested two weeks ago.
Having trailed the broader EM universe in the wake of a May-June sell-off, the benchmark indices managed to scale fresh post-2008 highs toward the end of the year. Everyone knows the oil and gas sector, the cornerstone of sub-Saharan Africa’s second largest economy, has underperformed for a generation. This became the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) presented to the National Assembly in January 2009 – and there it has remained, growing ever longer and more complex, despite repeated assurances from ministers and senior officials that its passage is imminent. It used to be a matter of ‘if’ the credit rating agencies would put the country back in the top league. Over the next two years, as long as we are spared another global financial crisis, India should start matching China’s economic growth of around 9 per cent. Meanwhile India’s growth will accelerate to a sustainable 9-10 per cent, after an average of 7.3 per cent over the past 10 years.
The economy began to recover and, more importantly, Dubai World reached an agreement with its lenders to restructure part of its debt. Not only does it raise living costs for ordinary people, it can also leave them earning negative returns on the very high level of savings (about 30 per cent of disposable income) in deposit accounts.
Yes, China will have to become accustomed to a slightly higher level of structural inflation in the coming years. While the rest of Africa is likely to see its 2011 GDP grow at 7 per cent, South Africa will probably expand by just 3.5 per cent.
And the awakening of Light represents not only the global removal of pain, suffering, and death, but also the awakening of Light to take away each individual’s pain. However, if the name of a person is the channel by which the Light of the Creator comes to them, it seems like it would mean that people who have the same name - and in the world there are millions of people who have the same name - should have the same life. For example, in the Hebrew name David, there are three letters, Dalet, Vav, and Dalet (???). In fact, the kabbalists say that the only reason a person has lack, difficulty, or pain in their lives is because through their actions they have messed up the order of their name; yet, if we have a way to reorganize our name in its proper form, any lack or pain would be removed. But on this Shabbat, no matter what we have done until now, our name can be restarted and set again in its perfected state.

Just like the names of the 12 tribes are reordered in their perfected way, so too are our names reordered in the perfected way. During these weeks we have the ability to take back any Light that we have given over or wasted through our actions of selfishness, of Desire to Receive for the Self-Alone. At the READ MOREZohar - Vol 1-23 The book by Michael BergZohar is a Hebrew word that means splendor. This put the MSCI Russia index’s gains for the year at about 15 per cent in US dollar terms, better than the three other Bric countries and a 13 per cent rise in the MSCI EM index.
But while there is much common ground among most stakeholders on the severity of the illness, there is no such consensus on the cure. What’s more, we expect India’s per capita income to reach China’s 2009 levels of $3,750 over the next 10-11 years.
The Midrash tells us that the secret behind these 12 names of the sons of Jacob is actually the secret of the Final Redemption; each one of the 12 names represents an aspect of the Final Redemption.
The name Benjamin represents the aspect of the strength of the Light of the Creator to bring about the Redemption… and so on. And when a person named David is completely connected to the Light of the Creator and has his life focused on his spiritual work, the name is spelled in the correct order, Dalet-Vav-Dalet. Therefore, the reason why this portion repeated what was mentioned in last week’s portion - the name of the tribes – is because the names, as they were mentioned in last week’s portion, were organized and ordered in the way of exile.
And when you perfect your name, you can not only remove any lack that you have in your life, but you also have the power to raise up and take back any Light that you have squandered, any Light that you have given over to the Negative Side. The story of Jacob and his 12 sons and other 69 members of his family was already told previously, before the end of the book of Beresheet. What changes in the individual’s life that makes it so that even two people who have the same name have different lives, blessings, and connections? However, when a person acts selfishly, when a person acts in a way of Desire to Receive for the Self-Alone, he messes up his spiritual name, so that for instance, instead of it being Dalet, Vav, Dalet (???) it is now Vav, Dalet, Dalet (???). The Israelites, the sons of Jacob, were going down into Egypt, were going down into exile, and therefore the names, as they were ordered at that time, were connecting to the Light of darkness, into the force of exile. Additionally, the story that we read in the beginning of this week’s portion is one that occurred many, many years before last week’s portion, Vayechi, with the passing of Jacob, the 12 tribes, and Joseph. Through his negative actions, he has changed the combination of his name, which means that now the Light coming down to him will be more constricted, it will be more judgment.
But in this week’s portion they are mentioned again, and this time, as the Midrash tells us, they are reordered in the way of Redemption. And when we have a perfected name not only can we remove any lack or darkness that exists in our life, but we can also then have the power to gather any of the Light that we have wasted and given over to the Negative Side.

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