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ME_rlin, I was literally about to make a post about a similar thought process I was having.
When we sleep, mediate or even daydream our conscious mind switches off, but our subconscious or deeper mind continues to run whether we are aware of it or not.
Researchers have found that subconscious thoughts, which are often imbedded so deep in our psyche, can be tied to chronic stress and mental illness but also, success. When our brain is at rest, our subconscious mind becomes the strongest and this internal dialogue that we sometimes unknowingly carry around begins to present it self. Raichle believes that when we daydream, or turn off our conscious thoughts, we are tapping into our stream of consciousness or the Default Network. Many scientists agree that subconscious thoughts can be seen as automatic survival systems as often our behaviour is conditioned by our subconscious. He also determined that those who were able to effectively tune into their subconscious thoughts and channel positive messages were more successful and happier in life.

Maybe it isn’t negative chatter in our subconscious that leads to disease, maybe it is that negative chatter that is telling us someway or somehow that the brain and body knows something is wrong and is warning of disease.
It is through meditation, creativity and listening to our intuition that we begin to understand what our subconscious mind is saying.
I have tried listening to recordings while asleep, hypnosis tapes ( when I tried them to lose weight I gain instead), I have tries two different systems to learn how to drop into different levels of brain waves- and on and on.
I managed to cultivate a linguistic connection to my right brain to integrate language, imagination, visions and perceptions. And by the way, I did try two pointing my grand daughters scolious and nothing happened, so I thought maybe you were talking to me and you didn't know it on a conscious level. You follow me?Now Quantum Physics seems to point that the mass of the atom which is mostly empty, comes from our own consciousness (!!!) and if that wasn't weird enough for ya, they say that these atoms are spread around like a cloud until a human consciousness looks at a specific point in space and then this cloud collapse (they call it the collapse of the wave function) and the atom becomes a particle located at a specifc point in space.
In other words, they say that it's our consciousness that creates our own universe and material world around us.Yeah I know this is weird stuff but that's not me saying it that's Einstein and his crazy Quantum Physicist friends.

When I heard that, the flash that I had was that it's not at the Conscious Mind level that this "collapse of the wave function" is taking place because you can look at your brown eyes in the mirror and try all day long using your Conscious Mind to turn them blue or green, it won't change a thing. Even skeptics can allow for instant healing Sub-consiously and animals generally do not have all the emotional baggage that we have that prevents such miracles. There were no bull dogs guarding our Subconscious, because trauma breaks down Mr Bulldog, into a pulp actually. The homeopathic remedy for folks like this is Phosphorus.I am not saying people who have undergone multiple trauma are mini shamans, but getting into the dreamworlds happens.

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the power of the subconscious mind on youtube

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