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Die Regeln des Spiels - Rules of Attraction: Handwerklich brillante Verfilmung des satirischen Bestsellers von Bret Easton Ellis uber uberprivilegierte College-Kids im Sex -, Drogen- und Partyrausch. Am renommierten Camden College in New England treffen sich die reichen und gelangweilten Kinder der Wohlstandsgesellschaft: der misanthropische Kokser Sean, der intelligente und schwule Zyniker Paul und die zerbrechliche und jungfrauliche Lauren. Am edlen Camden College in New England tummelt sich eine illustre Horde gelangweilter, notgeiler und dauer-bedrohnter Kids, die den Bezug zum Dasein und zu sich selbst vollig verloren haben.
On the outside Brittany was bubbly, loyal, and some might say "perfect", though inside she was just a normal person who was tired of putting on a fake front. In Rules of Attraction, Brittany helps Carlos with something Alex can't, so she can also be very sisterly as also shown how she cares for her disabled sister Shelley. Seans einzige Ziele: Drogen konsumieren und willige Kommilitoninnen von ihrer Jungfernschaft befreien.
Als die Drei aufeinanderprallen, ergeben sich ungeahnte Moglichkeiten fur sexuelle Misskommunikation, Drogenkonsum und Gefuhlschaos. Darunter Ladykiller Sean, der in der traumerischen (Jungfrau!) Lauren plotzlich unerwartet seine Traumfrau entdeckt.
A great number of my friends were disappointed because they attended this film expecting exactly the above. Her mother was very concerned with looks and appearances which led her to control Brittany's image and how she should dress and be. She takes on a very protective mother bear role like not wanting her son to hear swear words. She has white skin, large breasts, sexy legs, a plump upper lip (to which Brittany thinks is ugly but her best friend Sierra says otherwise), blonde hair, and is said to be wearing expensive designer clothes.
Die meisten seiner Freunde, darunter der ewig in den Falschen verliebte Paul (Ian Somerhalder) und die zarte Lauren (Shannyn Sossamon), denken ahnlich.

Die aber bewegt sich im falschen Freundeskreis und droht jeden Augenblick, selbst abzusturzen.
However, apart from some instantly recognisable screenwriting from director Roger Avary, The Rules Of Attraction bears little resemblance to his work with Tarantino. It is also shown she can be sassy, like when Alex is trying to flirt with her she always has a comeback. Dritter im Bunde ist der zynische, bisexuelle Paul, Laurens Ex, der sich dummerweise in Beau Sean verguckt. Similarly, anyone familiar with the writings of Bret Easton Ellis will already know the great differences between this and the author's later work. Shadow detail is excellent, as is evident in the many night-time sequences and dimly lit parties. Brittany has a good heart and has hope for people even if they dont have it for themeselves. Poms Dancer Brittany Ellis lives on the north side of Fairfield with her workaholic dad, superficial mom, and disabled sister Shelley. Some digital grading was used in a number of scenes to accentuate moods and the change of seasons.
At first she despised typical bad boy, Alex Fuentes, but when assigned as lab partners she feels an attraction towards him which threatens her reputation.
Lauren herself is pining after the unassuming Vincent (Kip Pardue), whom she believes to be her boyfriend. This is most evident in the fifth scene (21:08), with Rupert and Sean's dialogue noticeably behind the video.
Each character is living under some kind of romantic illusion directed at their ideal love interest, and all the while engaging in unfulfilling, casual sexual encounters with ultimately uninterested partners.

What begins as an exploration of the desires of youth becomes a roller coaster ride of emotions from the hilarious to the disturbingly uncomfortable. Aliasing was barely noticeable, and although some film artefacts were visible around scene transitions in the form of small black and white specks (40:00), they were not overly distracting. As with all their contributions to film soundtracks, the sounds blend in almost unnoticeably and provide a consistent parallel with the on-screen emotion, ranging from eerie and disturbing to all-out party music. All the key scenes are present, particularly one in which (SPOILER ALERT: highlight with mouse to read) a college friend is hilariously thought to be overdosing and is rushed to hospital, only to recover to the voice of a doctor pronouncing him dead. The layer change (67:37) is well placed in a silent, black scene transition and is barely noticeable.
The only time I noticed surround usage was during a particularly disturbing scene (70:40) which slowly distorts the accompanying music into an all-consuming screeching noise, enveloping the listener from all directions. Much of the novel's ambiguity is also intact, with many sequences clearly left open to interpretation.
I do believe a Dolby Digital 2.0 surround encoded track could have achieved this just as effectively.
The resulting film is surprisingly solid, and Van Der Beek's convincing performance changed my opinion of him entirely. Also, an hour long documentary is reportedly in the works from Avary, covering a trip to Europe which involved shooting key scenes with Kip Pardue that yielded more than 45 hours of footage! Many deleted scenes are also mentioned, which leads me to suspect that a two disc special edition may be somewhere in the works, hopefully with a script-to-screen function.

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