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There is a Science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic.
It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects; and, therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich. Knowledge is the key to success in almost every profession, and real estate investing is no exception.
There’s quite a lot of books that people say will change your life; however, this time-proven masterpiece is one of few that will probably do so. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the most controversial financial advice books ever. Kiyosaki stresses the importance and value of financial intelligence and redefines the term “asset.” Most people consider an asset to be something that has value, but Kiyosaki says that an asset is something that generates income, while a liability is anything that has costs. The basic idea of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is that you should try hard to save money and draw together as many assets as possible that can eventually replace the income you earn from your job. Gary Keller, author of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, is an experienced real estate investor who has been in the business for more than 25 years. This collection of knowledge, experience, and opinions of successful real estate investors is written in a very easy-to-read style that immediately captures the reader’s attention. Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich is the result of many years of analyzing and examining the principles of success based on the works of the world’s great philosophers. Frank Gallinelli does a great job explaining how the application of financial calculations increases the possibility of making a favourable property buying decision. One of the main ideas of What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow is that favourable real estate investments provide four important benefits to property owners: cash flow, appreciation, loan amortization, and tax shelter. Awaken the Giant Within is a motivational classic written by Anthony Robbins, who is considered to be one of the top 50 business intellectuals in the world. Robbins writes in a very exciting and interesting way, and Awaken the Giant Within is not an exception. Malcolm Gladwell, a successful journalist, analyzes the elements that contribute to achieving success. In this brilliant book, Gladwell reveals the secrets behind successful carriers of many well known people. Mary Funiga: I am a Canadian whom last October purchased a home in Phoenix , AZ for close to $135,000. There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.
When I started reading The Science Of Getting Rich, I was living only slightly above the poverty line.
I was an angry man and I thought that the universe owed me something and that the whole world was against me. My wife and I with her brother bought a house, inspite of the fact that we couldn’t get finance at the time. As to the relationship I have with my wife, we are more in love now than we were when we first got together. Click Here To Register or Login for ideas and opinions on how to make the philosophies in this book work for you. Although the style and cultural references contained in the text are relevant to the period in which it was written, the wisdom contained in this book is timeless. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.

Even though many real estate investors prefer to learn how to invest from their older colleagues, there are lots of books that are more than useful for a real estate investor who wants to develop and expand his business. This motivational and personal development classic explains the philosophy that helps people to succeed in all spheres of their lives.
It’s important to understand that the way you think determines what you’ll become, and Think and Grow Rich teaches you how successful people think. It promotes the concept of financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses, and the use of finance protection tactics. This means that assets are forms of passive income that you control, such as a rental property or intellectual property. Kiyosaki points out that to be wealthy, you should try to own the means of production rather than work for another person. His bestseller is a result of thorough research that consists of the interviews, insights, and opinions of more than 120 millionaire real estate investors.
Keller’s book is the perfect motivator for those who are just beginning to work in real estate investing. The Science of Getting Rich reveals the exact science of getting rich, which doesn’t include competition or cheating but promotes and encourages cooperation.
The author describes the basic concepts of particular mathematical operations and their relation to the assessment of cash flow and other measurements crucial to success in real estate investment. This book provides a deep analysis of cash flow and a number of other crucial real estate concepts for the property investor. This book examines the most effective strategies and techniques for controlling your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. This simple yet very powerful book will have you thinking about your life from a different perspective. Gladwell is a very talented writer who has the great gift of making a complex problem seem simple and finding common sense in the seemingly convoluted details of the issue. Jim Rohn once, “Some people are studying the roots of the tree, whilst others are enjoying the fruit. Through the help of people that just came our way and now are gone, we bought the house basically using other peoples money.
The Science of Getting Rich is the perfect book for anyone who wishes to change their circumstances for the better. Of course, it’s important to be aware of the current market situation and trends, but a solid foundation of knowledge and theory is crucial for making important decisions.
Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937 during the Great Depression, and after more than 70 years, it remains one of the top ten bestsellers. It’s based on Kiyosaki’s life and written from his own perspective, describing two people who influenced Kiyosaki in his childhood: his own father, the symbolic “poor dad” who worked at a steady job to earn his living, and the father of his friend, the “rich dad” who ran a multitude of businesses.
He suggests that wealth is measured as the number of days the income from your assets will sustain you, and that you are financially independent when your monthly income from assets exceeds your monthly expenses. Overall, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a well written guideline for people seeking financial success.
His book is not just another get-rich quick program that promises you money without any real effort. It leads the reader to seek answers to basic question such as what the importance of real estate is or why it’s necessary to seek financial freedom.
As Wattles writes, “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made– A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.” In 17 short chapters, Wattles explains how to deal with mental barriers and how creation, not competition, is the key to wealth attraction. It has been included in personal development scholar Tom Butler-Bowdon’s list of “50 Success Classics” in his 2004 book of the same name.

Gallinelli provides many handy tips for supplementary resources that will teach you how to work more efficiently. It’s interesting that a book filled with numbers and formulas can be written in such an exciting way. It deals with a wide range of issues, from goal-setting to neuro-linguistic programming, personal finance, and relationships. According to Robbins, we should maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain in our life, and this book is a good way to start.
On this journey, he analyzes the reasons why the majority of Canadian hockey players are born in the first months of the year, how Bill Gates achieved his extreme fortune, how The Beatles became one of the most popular bands in human history, how cultural differences play an important role in perceived intelligence and rational decision making, and much more. I was living in what you might call bottom end rental properties and driving cars that were kept on the road, more by good luck than good management. Think and Grow Rich explains the principles of his theory of success on the careers of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor analyzes and explains a lifelong approach to investing in real estate. Eventually, the reader develops the ability to critically asses individual aspects of real estate investing and his or her own career. After more than 100 years, Wattles’ book remains one of the best-selling and most influential motivational books. Awaken the Giant Within is a step-by-step guide that demonstrates the basic principles of self-mastery that will enable you to understand your life and purpose and shape your destiny. Gladwell explains that we focus too much on what successful people are like and pay too little attention to their culture, family, generation, and idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing. All that I have to cite as qualifications is experience, and some of that I am happy to recite here.
The relationship I had with my wife was best described, as one of my very good friends put it, volatile. I got it on finance, even though my credit history should have stopped that from happening. It’s based on Hill’s earlier book, The Law of Success, which is the result of more than twenty years long research based on lives of many successful people who achieved great fortune during their careers. I couldn’t get credit as I had made some poor decisions in the past, and they were still affecting my ability to get finance.
Here’s a list of several interesting books that provide fascinating and valuable information for real estate investors. Hill established 16 laws of success that can be applied to anybody who wants to become a winner.
Keller examines important features of becoming wealthy, such as budgeting personal expenses, living within your means, and tracking your net worth. Keller’s The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a very good read that provides a lot of practical information that should every starting real estate investor be aware of.
Wattles had told me that if I did the best I could do and be bigger than my job, then even if my boss wouldn’t pay me more, a boss would come along that would.
Think and Grow Rich explains and summarizes the philosophy behind the fundamental principles of success. Furthermore, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor studies the stories of 21 successful real estate investors and focuses on the common features of their achievements.

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