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Michael Douglas is The Sentinel, a career Secret Service agent protecting the first lady and quietly breaking protocol. First, it's an awful lot like Clint Eastwood's In the Line of Fire, not so much in the plot line, which is about an inside man plotting against the president, but in the setup. No giveaway, but I'll take a moment here to mention my Kiefer Sutherland Rule: always bet against Kiefer Sutherland.

Douglas also gets support from Kim Basinger, David Rasche (who, I'm sorry, I just can't stop from thinking of as Sledge Hammer), and Martin Donovan, all fine actors who do fine jobs here looking serious and kind of sad. The story differs from In the Line of Fire when Douglas is contacted by an old counterfeiting informant with information that someone inside the Secret Service is plotting to kill the president. How does Douglas, who has worked bodyguard duty since the mid-80s, know how to tap someone's phone from a telephone pole?
The screenplay was written by George Nolfi, who gave the world his adaptations of Timeline and Ocean's Twelve. Still, the direction from Johnson is crisp and well-paced, and Kiefer Sutherland keeps the tension up by being angry most of the time.
Douglas looks good for his 90+ years (or whatever), but this movie is a heavy load to carry for an old man. Douglas is haunted by his role in the detail protecting Reagan during Hinckley's barely-failed attempt (Eastwood was haunted by the JFK assassination). Director Clark Johnson appears in cameo as another agent who wants to talk to Douglas about something important enough to get him killed, but hey it can wait until after work. It's adapted from a novel by Gerald Petievitch, which, I have to imagine, held together better than the film.

Longoria is strictly along for the ride, tho, and the finale degrades into a fairly silly super-drama manhunt, with Douglas, who can't make supervisor, outwitting everyone who is after him and even winning them over. He debuted in 2006 with "Secret Campus" and continued to star in "Mackerel Run", "Our School E.T" and more but didn't get any attention.
However, once we learn more about this guy, he seems to be the least likely man in DC who might know about an assassination plot. He isn't paired with a pretty young rookie to help him keep up as Eastwood was, but rest assured that there is a pretty young rookie in the form of Eva Longoria. Nothing about them makes any sense: not who they are, not how they have an inside man, not why they kill ancillary characters, nothing.

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