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The malicious software that unknown thieves used to steal credit and debit card numbers in the data breach at Home Depot this year was installed mainly on payment systems in the self-checkout lanes at retail stores, according to sources close to the investigation.
But so far, banking sources say Visa and MasterCard have been reporting far fewer compromised cards than expected given the length of the Home Depot exposure. MasterCard also reportedly relayed that the investigation to date found evidence of compromise at approximately 1,700 of the nearly 2,200 U.S.
This entry was posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 2:27 pmand is filed under Data Breaches. If you are able to plant malware within the network it really does not matter what OS is on the POS terminals.
There’s the one printed on the back of the card (front for AMEX), mostly used for card not present transactions (such as telephone and internet orders). Bottom line though, to speak directly to your question, even if your card has a chip, if the magstripe’s been read, the data from it can be cloned onto another card and used in other magstripe transactions.

Merchants are deploying EMV _capable_ pinpads quite rapidly right now, although the only retailer I know of that currently accepts EMV in the US is Walmart.
Read previous post:Medical Records For Sale in Underground Stolen From Texas Life Insurance FirmHow much are your medical records worth in the cybercrime underground? The finding could mean thieves stole far fewer cards during the almost five-month breach than they might have otherwise. 2, this publication has been in constant contact with multiple financial institutions that are closely monitoring daily alerts from Visa and MasterCard for reports about new batches of accounts that the card associations believe were compromised in the break-in. The card brand reportedly told banks that at this time it is believed that only self-checkout terminals were impacted in the breach, but stressed that the investigation is far from complete. Banks then have the option of rejecting or flagging transactions where authorisations are attempted using the CVVs obtained from the chip out of order (Eg. Some setups involve the PIN pad having independent encryption between itself and the bank, such that the outside of the PIN pad, the POS equipment never receives the full card number – in some cases, the PIN pad is leased by the bank to the retailer.

If all the transaction data is encrypted during the the swipe in the payment terminal and transported for authorization, then none of your personal data is stored in clear text and thus not available. Many banks have been bracing for a financial hit that is much bigger than the exposure caused by the breach at Target, which lasted only three weeks and exposed 40 million cards. If someone polled the card multiple time for CVVs, but then you went and used the card later on for another transaction, the CVVs pulled before that final transaction could be flagged if used out of sequence). Alessandra wears cute babydolls, lace trimmed panties, robes, slips, chemise and animal prints from the label’s latest collection.

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