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This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 8) Cassie’s grandmother has been gone longer than expected and the teens are all shaken up after getting ambushed at the Halloween party, and decide to try and find her. Last week’s witch hunter surprise at Cassie’s Halloween party has left the circle a little spooked, especially Cassie whose grandmother hasn’t returned or called since leaving to talk to Henry. Faye tells Dawn about the trip to the cabin, and Dawn calls Charles to make sure they won’t find Henry or Cassie’s grandmother, Gale has taken care of it and has drugged Cassie’s grandmother and is driving back to town with her in tow. After storming outside, Faye tries to leave, but sees the same little girl she saw in the house and follows her.
Jake reports back to Isaac that Cassie has stronger magic than he has ever seen in a witch before, and that someone else has killed Henry. Read the Kidzworld recap of “Beneath”, which aired November 3, 2011, to find out what you missed. She invites the circle over, including Jake (but minus Melissa, whose parents have whisked her out of town to get over her Nick-blues) and tells them about the scroll that Calvin left her with her ancestor’s initials on them. But that’s not the only surprise he has for Dawn, he snatched Henry’s crystal as well, and this time he’s decided that he’s in control. She also tells them that she feels as if she set Luke on fire when the witch hunters were going to kill them, but can’t explain how she did it with the circle’s magic nullified.

Jake tells Isaac he’s going up to the cabin to spy on the teens, but Isaac thinks he’s getting too involved with Cassie.
Charles uses the crystal to spell Cassie’s grandmother into obeying his orders, but Cassie knows something is wrong when her Grandmother says she never made it to the cabin since she found her scarf inside. Adam still distrusts Jake, and as Jake’s old girlfriend Faye doesn’t like that Cassie seems to have caught Jake’s eye. As they drive towards the cabin it gets stormier and stormier, and the circle is forced to spend the night in the cabin.
Faye remembers something from her childhood and they go down to the dock, the rest of the circle hears them and shows up to stop Faye from going straight in the water.
Pilot September 15 2011 Cassie turns to Adam when she uncovers a about herself that she needs kept from the rest of. Setting differences aside though, they all agree to drive up to Henry’s cabin to find Cassie’s grandmother. Faye takes a bath and thinks she’s seeing things when the tub fills with mud, especially since no one else can see it. Game of Thrones Star Isaac Hempstead-Wright Returning for 6 14 July 2015PM to invite Cassie to the abandoned house where they meet as the of with Lees feelings to which leads him to sharing a deep with Faye.

But once they all start playing truth or dare and Cassie is dared to kiss Jake, everyone’s true feelings come out, Faye accuses Cassie of stealing people’s boyfriends, and everyone separates.
Hi all this is our new work:) We tried to do something diferent this time:) We know there is not a real 2 of tsc but we hope there will be! Watch: Meet The Red Dragon In Epic New 5-Minute Trailer For Hannibal, Ellen Page Wanted For Clarice Starling 13 July 2015PM, UTC Fox Is Developing a Modernized Peter Pan Series from the Creator of The. A cute jock named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the boathouse, she accepts his offer. Even though The has officially been canceled by the CW, there has been some buzz that ABC Family might pick the witchy drama up for a second. Cassie turns to Adam when she discovers a about herself that she cannot share with the rest of the.

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the secret circle season 2 episodes

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