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Question: What made you want to be a part of the television version of this, after starring in the film version? JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: We had joked around, when we were doing the movie, about how fun it would be to turn this into a series and really get in deeper with the lives of the women in the spa and everything. Have you ever done anything in your life, where you had to keep a big secret from your loved ones, like your character does?
Being from Texas and having the show set there, is there anything that you drew on from your personal experiences to create the character or the setting?
How do you feel about women, like Riley, who are caught between conventional work and perhaps compromising their morals to get ahead? Given the double life that Riley leads, what’s the biggest challenge for you in playing her? Do you think your stint on Ghost Whisperer really helped you, in terms of getting ready for this role?

HEWITT: It took some thought, but after meeting everyone at Lifetime and knowing that this was the part I was going to jump into, it was pretty easy. Are there any characteristics of Riley Parks that were so complex that you had to adjust to them?
There has apparently been some backlash from massage therapists over the fact that this show portrays that happy ending element.
As one of the executive producers, Do you ever get involved with the writing of the show, or the direction it’s going to go? HEWITT: I do, probably more than the writers like because I have lots of storyline ideas swirl around in my head, and lots of opinions on things. What were you really looking forward to exploring more, in the series, that you didn’t necessarily get to do with the film?
HEWITT: Just more of her being a mom, more of the double life, and more of the odd friendships that she would make with the people either in the spa or outside of the spa.

What do you think it says about the economy that a woman like Riley would find herself in a position where she has to do something like this to make a living? How did you decide on the slight differences that were made in the show, from what was in the movie? If it had aired on something like HBO or Showtime instead, and the role actually required nudity, would you still have done it?
Clifford shoots himself and Mark is found at the scene, and both the FBI and the Mafia quickly realize that Mark probably knows more than he says. She’s somebody who, emotionally, has to carry all of these secrets and all of this loneliness, and all of the stuff that she struggles with in the series.

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the secret circle season 2 kickass

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